The global supplier of glass processing technologies has renewed the remote connections to its machinery 

Glaston (NASDAQ: GLA1V), a global supplier of glass processing technologies, has implemented Tosibox solutions in all new glass processing machines. With Tosibox's expertise and solutions, Glaston can easily establish secure remote connections to customer machines. The connection can be set up without deep IT expertise, making implementation easier while enabling simpler providing of customer service throughout the machine's life cycle. Tosibox’s strong security standards also enable the utilization of business critical data.  

"We have been using Tosibox's remote connection technology for some time now and we are convinced. All of our new machines now equipped with Tosibox solutions. The greatest benefit is the ease with which we can set up wireless remote connections. In addition, Tosibox's technology has provided us with several other benefits. For example, high security standards enable business critical data to be used by our new cloud service," says Kimmo Kuusela, Glaston Senior R&D Manager.   

Glaston requires a strong and reliable remote connection to provide support for implementing its machines and customer support. Machines must to work regardless of the customer's network environment and connections. Thanks to Tosibox solutions, Glaston can easily connect machines to its own monitoring center using a wireless remote connection without requiring deep IT expertise. This speeds up machine implementation and customer service over the remote connection. Glaston can remotely monitor its machines from a single point. In addition, the Tosibox high security also enables secure transfer of data between machines and Glaston's new cloud service.   

"Glaston can now forget about temporary cables that were earlier needed for machine setup. The machine can be connected to a wireless network immediately. Remote monitoring is immediately online. Glaston saw the benefits of utilizing our strong security; now Glaston can securely transfer business critical data, such as machine status data, operational data and statistics, to its private cloud. This opens up the whole of Internet of Things scene, which gives them the opportunity to innovate and provide customer service that will revolutionize the entire industry," says Tero Lepistö, Tosibox CEO. 

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Kimmo Kuusela, Senior R&D Manager, Glaston  

kimmo.kuusela (at), Tel. +358 400 940 604 

Tero Lepistö, CEO, Tosibox Oy  

tero.lepisto (at), Tel. +358 50 404 1346  

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