Norway’s Tussa IKT chooses PacketFront’s BECS™ provisioning system

Norway’s Tussa IKT, owned by the energy company Tussa Kraft, a leading telecommunications and IT provider in the Sunnmøre region in northwestern Norway, has chosen PacketFront’s BECS™ control and provisioning system to manage all services in the Tussa network across multiple access technologies.

Tussa offers IPTV and ‘Gigabit to the home’ services under the umbrella of Tussafiber on the fast growing Norwegian fiber market. NetNordic, PacketFront’s partner in Norway, will deliver and implement PacketFront’s automation solution for network control and service provisioning. This broadband network is a further development of the existing DSL network, which encompasses more than 5000 customers. “Tussa has evaluated several alternatives and decided to choose PacketFront’s since PacketFront has an outstanding track record in the Nordic/European FTTH market and has delivered its system to more than 100 operators in Europe and several in Norway. With PacketFront’s solution, we will benefit from the automation of the entire network and we can add all types of services independent from the access technology which the customers have – either today’s DSL or fiber, wireless or CATV”, says Ivar Driveklepp, CEO Tussa IKT. “We are very proud that Tussa IKT has selected our well-established BECS™ provisioning solution which provides measurable automation benefits to a network operator. NetNordic, our Norwegian partner, has the skills and expertise to ensure that the project is deployed successfully”, said Hubert Schanne, CEO of PacketFront. PacketFront’s BECS™ will be used as the control and provisioning system for all services and broadband access types, including FTTH, DSL, Coax and Wireless, in the Tussa network. Along with BECS™, the solution also includes PacketFront’s aggregation router, Service Engine and Advanced Services Router, ASR. This solution provides automated control for the whole access network keeping the running cost to a minimum. At the same time it enables a homogeneous interface for service providers and enables service provisioning regardless of the underlying access technology.