Paf Carnival 2014

The charity initiative was launched in the run up to Paf Carnival, which took place on Åland between 4 and 13 July. Paf Carnival had Brazil and the World Cup as its themes focusing on food, drink, music, song, entertainment and samba. Over 20,000 people visited the 10-day-long event, which was arranged by Paf, IFK Mariehamn and Åland United.

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About Us

Paf (Ålands Penningautomatförening) was founded on Åland in 1966 for raising funds to support public good and is owned and licensed by the regional government of the Åland Islands. Today, Paf is an international gaming operator with over 400 online games including slots, casino, poker, betting, bingo and lotteries. Paf also has physical gaming operations on land and sea, with about 1,500 slot machines and 55 gaming tables aboard ships in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, in Paf Casino on Åland and Casino Sunborn in Gibraltar. Paf is dedicated to developing socially and environmentally sustainable money gaming entertainment for its customers. In 2016, the Paf Group had a total revenue of €113 million and a profit of €15.2 million. The contribution to public good in 2016 was €20 million. The group has over 400 employees, with offices in Mariehamn, Stockholm, Tallinn and Madrid. For more information, please go to