Hyper Island begins working with Paf

Paf believes that growth comes from strong and long lasting customer relationships. A key element is building the company with the help of its customers. This requires a deep understanding of the customers and digital solutions that promote a sense of togetherness and exchange with each other.

To investigate how Paf’s relationships with customers could develop in the future the gaming company is now being helped by Hyper Island, which, among other things, has been involved in digital development at Aftonbladet in Sweden.

During an eight-week period, beginning August 28, six students from Hyper Island will work at Paf's office on Åland. As part of their coursework these students will immerse themselves in Paf's strategy, which is based on the assumption that it is more fun to play together. In other words, their challenge is to take Play Among Friends to the next level.

Paf CEO Anders Ingves is enthusiastic about the new working partnership:

"Hyper Island is interesting because their training methods combine the insights of the new digital economy with design and communication. They are skilled at fast development processes, which is essential in today's economic world. It will be fun and really inspiring to have some students among us and hopefully we can learn from their way of thinking. At the same time, I am convinced that they will gain new insights from us."

And Hyper Island CEO Johanna Frelin is also positive:

"We are very pleased to begin this working partnership. Paf is a company at the cutting edge that is open to innovation and change. While the experience will be challenging and educational for our students, I am convinced that they have a lot to contribute to Paf's continued development. It will be exciting to see what they come up with."

About Hyper Island:

Hyper Island designs lifelong learning experiences for individuals and organisations all over the world. Hyper Island is a school of higher education within the fields of digital communications and leadership, and a strategic partner to companies that want to transform their business or organisational culture. The company was founded in 1996 in a naval prison in Karlskrona, Sweden. Since its inception, Hyper Island has had more than 2500 graduates from around 40 countries. Today, Hyper Island has around 60 employees situated in New York, Singapore, Manchester, Stockholm and Karlskrona.

In 2010, Hyper Island was awarded with the Knowledge Award, issued by the Swedish National Encyclopedia for innovatively and inspiringly managing to bring knowledge to others.

Read more on www.hyperisland.com

About Paf:

Paf was founded in 1966 with the clear purpose of creating profit to support good causes. This purpose is still our principle reason for being. Today Paf.com is an international full-service online gaming site with over 150 games.  We also maintain a large physical gaming operation on land and sea with about 1 300 gaming machines, 40 gaming tables on ships and Paf Casino on Åland. We offer safe and socially responsible money games to give our customers pleasure and entertainment.

In 2012 the Paf Group had a turnover of 117 million euros producing a profit of 24.7 million euros and the contribution to good causes was 19,0 million euros. The group has over 300 employees with offices in Mariehamn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Madrid.

For additional information, please contact:

Andreas Perjus, Head of Consumer Experience, Paf
+358 (0)457 575 91 66

Johanna Backholm, HR Director, Paf
+358 (0)20 791 22 44

Erika Petersson, Relations Manager, Hyper Island
mobile: +46 (0)76 5454 000


About Us

Paf (Ålands Penningautomatförening) was founded on Åland in 1966 for raising funds to support public good and is owned and licensed by the regional government of the Åland Islands. Today, Paf is an international gaming operator with over 400 online games including slots, casino, poker, betting, bingo and lotteries. Paf also has physical gaming operations on land and sea, with about 1,500 slot machines and 55 gaming tables aboard ships in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, in Paf Casino on Åland and Casino Sunborn in Gibraltar. Paf is dedicated to developing socially and environmentally sustainable money gaming entertainment for its customers. In 2016, the Paf Group had a total revenue of €113 million and a profit of €15.2 million. The contribution to public good in 2016 was €20 million. The group has over 400 employees, with offices in Mariehamn, Stockholm, Tallinn and Madrid. For more information, please go to www.paf.com.


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