Millionrun is here – a social lottery for good causes with a big jackpot

Today a brand new type of lottery is born.
The lottery Millionrun has a million euro jackpot and 100,000 euros is guaranteed for good causes from the start.
Millionrun contains a social feature, so that your chances of winning increase when you play together with your friends.

Millionrun is a unique game because it has this built-in social function. You get an extra chance of winning for every friend who takes part in the lottery who you have invited. When your friend wins you get a bonus of 10 % of the winning. For example, if one of your friends wins 100,000 euros, you get 10,000 euros in addition to their win.

“The social aspect of Millionrun makes us believe that it has the potential of becoming a successful worldwide lottery.”
“When people realize the potential of winning big we think that they will gather Millionrun friends from their personal networks,” says Paf´s CEO Anders Ingves.

In Millionrun you win when your friends win, but not when your friend´s friends win. This is an important difference between this lottery and pyramid games.

What are the good causes?
All the beneficiaries are chosen to represent a wide range of interests. A special group within Millionrun itself has carefully chosen them.

“For us it is important to build close relationships with the organisations that get donations from Millionrun. And we think it is important for our customers to see where the money goes, so the organisations will continuously report about their work to the players,” says Paf´s Director of Relations Inger Holmström.

The beneficiaries are approved by Charity Rating, a company that screens charity organizations, and as Millionrun grows more beneficiaries will be added. The first five organizations chosen represent a mixture of areas. But the thing all beneficiaries have in common is that they are doing ongoing work to achieve lasting results aimed at making our world a better place.

From the start we have chosen to cooperate with the following:

  • Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital foundation (Sweden)
  • Hope (Finland)
  • Lifeline Energy (Zambia)
  • Non Violence Project Foundation (International, Mexico)
  • WVP Kenya (Kenya)

Click this link to read more about the beneficiaries.

“Right at the start we are guaranteeing 100,000 euros to good causes and the money then grows for every euro put into the lottery,” says Holmström.

How does it work?
You subscribe to a lottery within Millionrun and you can keep your ticket week after week. You may choose your own numbers if you want to and also select how often you want to be part in draws. It is also possible to buy scratch cards in Millionrun.

“Compared to many other lotteries the chances of winning in Millionrun are big. 75% of the turnover is paid back to the ticket holders,” says Anders Ingves.

Even those who get recruited by a friend get rewarded. They get a scratch card with a chance to win 300,000 euros.

Who is behind it?
Millionrun is created by Paf, a gaming company that operates from the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea. Paf is owned by the government of Åland and the profit that Paf generates goes to good causes.

“Paf has invested big in Millionrun, because we believe strongly in the concept “Sharing, caring, and winning”. We want our customers to feel that they play among friends and in this lottery you play with friends to win for friends that are in need of support.”

“We have a long tradition of giving money to good causes, almost 50 years already, so Millionrun represents what we stand for. We make sure that our customers play in a friendly and safe environment,” says Anders Ingves.

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The web address to Millionrun is and

The lottery is today in Swedish and English, but it will be translated to more languages.

For more information please contact:

Inger Holmström
Director of Communication
+46 (0)73 082 3080

Anders Sims
Head of Press and PR
+358 (0)457 342 2882

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