Paf supports vulnerable women

The Åland gaming company Paf in cooperation with Emmaus and Primera Air is donating 14,000 euros to a support centre in Lithuania.
The centre exists to support young women who have been the victims of people trafficking.

Last year we arranged a series of poker tournaments at that we called Paf Charity Poker. The tournaments were arranged for the benefit of young women in Lithuania who had been the victims of people trafficking.
The poker players’ buy-ins, together with Paf’s contribution, generated 5,419 dollars, the equivalent of about 4,100 euros.

The money has now been sent directly to a support centre in Vilnius in Lithuania, via the Emmaus organisation that supports the centre.

In addition to this, Paf has had the opportunity to contribute a further sum of money. Paf sells scratch cards in cooperation with Primera Air and during 2011 these sales have enabled Paf to give about 10,500 euros to a good cause. We have jointly decided to donate this money to the centre in Lithuania, which means that we can give a total of about 14,600 euros.

”Thanks to the partial funding from Paf and their generous customers and partners the centre can now buy a property for use as a shelter and support centre,” says Robert Jansson, Director of Emmaus Åland.

Robert Jansson explains further:

“In the Baltic countries about 3,000 people are the victims of people trafficking every year, often in the form of sexual slavery. Of those, between 1,000 and 1,200 people are from Lithuania. About 400 of them are aged 14-18 years old.

The support centre for missing persons and their families in Vilnius offers temporary accommodation in the centre’s small shelter. In addition, medicine and psychological and social assistance is offered to the victims so that they can be reintegrated into Lithuanian society.

A second-hand shop connected to the centre is also planned. Those living at the shelter take part in the work of collecting, sorting and selling items. In this way they get work experience that is important in order to be able to get a job on the open market, which is very difficult for people who have been the victims of people trafficking.”

You can read more about the centre in Lithuania here:

And find a link to the organisation that runs the centre here:

“At Paf we are unbelievably happy to be able to be a part of doing good where it needs to be done. I want to send a big thank you to everyone who has helped to improve the chances of a good life for many of those who have been badly affected in Lithuania. And thanks also to Emmaus who have made sure that the money goes in full to where it is needed most,” says Press Officer Anders Sims.

For further information, please contact:

Robert Jansson, Emmaus Åland
+358 40 752 9191

Anders Sims
Head of Press and PR

Tel: 358 (0)457 342 8228
Twitter: @simskrams

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