Several Olympic teams competing in Finland’s first Masters tournament


Twelve teams competing for a prize pot of 18,000 euros


Several of the world’s best curling players will be squaring up at the Paf Masters on 12‒15 October on Åland. The Paf Masters is part of the Curling Champions Tour and for the first time ever the tour has come to Finland. Some of the best female curling teams in the world compete for valuable tour points and a prize pot of 18,000 euros.

“This tournament is an attractive one for the teams because only 12 of them are competing, but the prize pot is just as big as for Masters tournaments for 32 teams,” says the head of Åland Curling, Mari Hansen.

Several Olympic teams at the Paf Masters

The competition has attracted several Olympic teams who could qualify for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. South Korea’s own Team Jung Kim as well as the Japanese Team Fujisawa have already secured their Olympic bid and will be playing on Åland. The Finnish, Canadian, Italian and Latvian teams also have a chance secure their place in the Olympic fold later in the year. Team Norberg from Sweden have previously won two Olympic golds and Team Kleibrink from Canada won Olympic bronze in Turin in 2006.

Olympic qualifier Oona Kauste participating

Finnish skip Oona Kauste has already qualified for the Olympic Games in the mixed doubles where she will play with Tomi Rantamäki. Her ladies team also has a chance to reach the Olympic Games through a qualifier to be held in December, and are now on Åland aiming to win the tournament.

“I think Oona’s chances of winning the Paf Masters are good, because they have such a stable and well-functioning team. They are also playing on home ice as they play for our curling club,” says Mari Hansen.

Canada the favourite to win

According to the odds, Team Kleibrink from Canada are the favorites to win the Paf Masters on Åland. Their closest challengers are Team Norberg from Sweden, the Japanese Team Fujisawa and the South Korean Team Jung Kim. All odds available here

Paf Masters will take place over four days and will be broadcasted live at

More information about the tournament:

Teams at the Paf Masters:

• Team Jung Kim (South Korea)

• Team Fujisawa (Japan)

• Team Ogasawara (Japan)

• Team Matsumura (Japan)

• Team Kleibrink (Canada)

• Team Gaspari (Italy)

• Team Norberg (Sweden)

• Team Hegner (Switzerland)

• Team Rudzite (Latvia)

• Team Gertsch (Switzerland)

• Team Kauste (Finland)

• Team Paulauskaite (Lithuania)

Contact information

Paf Masters coordinator:

Mari Hansen, Head of Åland Curling
Mobile: +358 457 3749 778


Thomas Jonsson, Chairman of Åland Curling r.f.
Mobile: +358 457 5301 185

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