About Us

Palamedes PR was founded in 2009 as a niche PR division of South West News Service. The Group has offices across the UK and in Toronto, and fills more column inches than any other freelance press agency in the UK. Our editorial team comprises ex-national news and features journalists, and some of the brightest, most dynamic, Account Managers in the industry. Our passion for PR, and for conducting affordable but hard-hitting PR campaigns, has secured our place as one of the UK's premier UK agencies. Palamedes PR boasts an enviable client base that comprises some of the UK's biggest brands, while journalists from the Daily Telegraph and Sun work in our HQ in Bristol. As a Group, we have over 100 trained journalists, photographers and feature writers who supply copy to the national newsdesks on a daily basis. Given our skill-set and experience, it's no surprise that many of our campaigns have secured upwards of 1,500 pieces of coverage worldwide. Take a peek at our PR driven news stories page to give you an idea of the type of stories we produce. As a niche public relations specialist, Palamedes PR boasts an unrivalled coverage record. Our enviable client base reflects our extensive media contacts and our commitment to providing an unbeatable service. We've forged a coveted reputation for outstanding PR services to the literary, fashion, finance, music and travel industries.