Alexander Casino pay out almost 2 years' wages to lucky winner

One lucky winner received over 40k from Alexander Casino's premium online games site

One of the UK's most popular online games providers; Alexander Casino have recently celebrated a fantastic win for one lucky player from Somerset. As a premium casino website, Alexander Casino offer clients a range of ways to play and to win, from mobile optimised games to TV Roulette plays and their standard website. As a popular games host, Alexander Casino offer fantastic cash back incentives to regular players.

One such lucky player was a Michael R. from Somerset who scooped over forty grand; a life changing amount of cash through his committed playing of the games. The average wage for a full time worker in Somerset is just under the national average at £26,825, which means the popular gaming site has Michael covered for well over 18 months. Alexander Casino has paid out over £2.5 million to players since it had a major facelift in January 2014.

A spokesperson from the company said "We are delighted to be sending the winning money to Michael from Somerset who proves that anyone can win at our online games." The company specialise in offering up to £500 cash back within a 30 day period, with different levels: 100% on £25 lost, 50% cash-back on the next £275 and 25% cash-back on the next £1350. After  30 days, the cycle starts again.

Recently having launched their TV Roulette facility, Alexander Casino provide fun games to people through a variety of media. With all the tension of a real roulette game, the TV version spins every 90 seconds, meaning it's fast and furious. Being a quality casino website, Alexander Casino offer clients a clean, simple and fun platform to spin the roulette wheel and watch as it settles on screen. Ultimately, this experience allows roulette fans to dip in and out of the hi-octane casino atmosphere from the comfort of their own sofas.


Alexander Casino have been running since January this year. They are 100% committed to an efficient, secure, fair and socially responsible service. Holding true that gaming is a form of entertainment that shouldn't negatively impact customers' lives, they offer a self-exclusion and deposit limit facility to customers.

To check out the optimised mobile site, have a look at on any Smartphone and use your free time wisely!


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