Local entrepreneur inspired by enterprising grandmothers delivers creative business workshop

Tracy Durrant, an entrepreneur from Bristol, passes on her business knowledge to creative businesses in six week course

Prior to the launch of her boutique lingerie company, Edwards and Millers, Tracy Durrant wants to give something back to the Bristol community by hosting workshops to help people in small creative businesses gain exposure. As a Fashion, Social Media and PR expert, Tracy has spent the last seven years gathering information about running a business and wants to pass this on to other creatives.

With just ten spaces available, Tracy's workshop will run at Bristol's Silai Centre on Thursday evenings from September 4th to October 9th and will cover the secrets she has learned over 7 years of dedicated study and training in entrepreneurship and PR. Topics will include using Social Media within business, how to create your own website and how to create an online store as well as many other tips and tricks Tracy has learnt throughout her interesting career.

"Running this six week course is really exciting for me," said Tracy. "I spend a lot of time straddled between here (Bristol) and London. Where London has a great energy, Bristol is where my roots are and I want to give something back to the community that raised me." Tracy has developed the workshops to condense everything she knows about starting up a business into six, two-and-a-half hour sessions. "Many creative people are great at what they do, but don't know so much about the practical side of running a business." said the entrepreneur. Her course is designed to fill those gaps in knowledge; as well as provide a networking space for creative industry people in Bristol.

Growing up with two inspiring and entrepreneurial grandmothers who used their industrious natures to come to Bristol from Jamaica; her history was hewn from having formidable female role models. Both Miss. Edwards and Miss. Miller, whose names Tracy used to create her brand, were keen seamstresses and used their creative skills to run small businesses such as growing produce and making preserves.

Having noticed a gap in the market for comfortable, luxury underwear items for women with big breasts and small backs, Tracy embodied the spirit of her grandmothers and set about learning how to create lingerie designs, whilst gaining a bachelor's degree in PR. Her long awaited own brand is set to launch in November and industrious Tracy has already had her brand featured in press articles and blogs, prior to launch. Having "grown up on" social media sites, Tracy has gained a wealth of insight into how to use these effectively to promote her business and branding before it's actually launched.

The course will run on Thursday nights from 6pm to 8.30pm at Bristol's Silai Centre and costs £72 for all six sessions. To find out more information, call Tracy on 075 3484 9400 or e-mail Tracy@edwardsandmillers.com

Book now (using the below link):


Tracy on 075 3484 9400 or e-mail Tracy@edwardsandmillers.com

Book now (using the below link):


Tracy Durrant is the founder of Edwards and Millers luxury lingerie brand; specifically designed for woman with big breasts and small backs.

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