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Alexander Casino have launched all of their online games completely optimised for mobile

One of the UK's first casino companies to offer 100% cashback on the first £25 lost, Alexander Casino have recently launched optimised mobile versions of all slot games that can be played on their website. As a premium casino website, Alexander Casino offer clients a clean, simple and fun platform on which they can play a variety of games based on favourite characters and TV shows. Ultimately, this experience that delivers the most streamlined version for participants and attendees.

The CEO has made a smart move: at least half of daily browsing is conducted by mobile, which is set to rise as phones get smarter and people get busier. Of the 75% of people who use their phones to access webpages, 61% have enjoyed playing online games, so where owners had previously created a responsively designed website; it will now automatically optimise itself for mobile devices.

“Our site also was created with a responsive design, but recently we decided to take advantage of the mobile market by ensuring all games are optimised for customers using smart phones. It means that participants can access their casino favourites whenever and wherever they want." said a company spokesperson. As mobile internet continues to dominate the technology world, gambling fans have shown a keen response to the streamlined site as hits via mobile.

Just like its web based counterpart, the mobile site offers excellent promotions, such as a cashback initiative; offering up to £500 cashback in 30 days with different levels: 100% on £25 Lost, 50% cash-back on the next £275 and 25% cash-back on the next £1350. After  30 days, the process begins again meaning that fans of the games effectively get paid to play!

The main website for Alexander Casino was designed to be a more robust site; including exclusive content, which will be updated throughout the year. The mobile site now opens with the option to sign in and get started; meaning users are carrying access to the whole casino at their fingertips. Linked to all major credit and debit cards, members can play as normal, making money during short breaks if they are lucky on the machines!

With pages to the take users to the various social media channels such as twitter, and the company's popular digital channel tvroulette; the mobile site prioritises ease of use and security just as the main website does. Going mobile provides easier access for fans of the casino games. Ultimately, rather than fussing over facebook or tussling with twitter, this new move means commuters can have a quick blast on their favourite games to entertain them on the journey, or flip some cards in a virtual casino at lunchtime.

To check out the optimised mobile site, have a look at https://www.alexandercasino.com on any smartphone and use your free time wisely!

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