Do your parcel deliveries reflect your favourite brand?

Fastlane International warns online customers’ deliveries must equal the quality of their in-store experience.

With so many of us buying online today, it is often the case that there is no human contact with our favourite retailer or brand until a parcel is delivered to our door. International courier Fastlane International is warning that the delivery experience has to be as good, or better, than the in-store experience, or many customers will vote with their feet - or mouse - and shop elsewhere.

The Centre for Retail Research’s latest figures indicate that 13.5% of all retail sales this year were online, a figure that has shot up by 15.8% in 2014 alone. ‘Retailers spend millions of pounds perfecting their stores, and leading brands commit huge resources to design and packaging; yet all too often they are happy to trust their customer experience to the cheapest available carrier.’ warns Fastlane International’s David Jinks MILT.

‘With recent cases of deliveries being left in bins or even on people’s roofs (!), customers’ experiences can fall gravely short of the quality of service they experience in a high street store.’ David says.

As customers, we want a good experience. Of course, packaging should be clearly labelled, carefully packed and stoutly boxed, but there needs to be something over and above that. Customers today are looking for better packaging design: opening them should be like receiving a present. And of course the parcel should be delivered on time and courteously.’ he adds.

Fastlane International obtains the best price for its clients from the leading quality carriers: DHL, TNT, UK Mail, ParcelForce and City Link. David says ‘We don’t partner with cut-price organisations because we are as concerned as our clients that their customers have a quality experience that reflects the quality of their brand.

Caption: Fastlane International say that a parcel delivery should be like receiving a present.


For more information please contact David Jinks, Head of PR, on or by phone on 0208 7584962 (07772 055748 out of office hours)

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