Golden Opportunity For Consumers In Luton Indoor Market

, Please find below news story that I hope will be of interest. Golden Opportunity For Consumers In Luton Indoor Market 28th October 2009 The price of gold has risen steeply this year and with the effects of the recession biting, many people are having to find alternative ways of paying for their day-to-day living expenses. You only need to turn on day-time television to see that there’s been a boom in the business of converting gold into cash. Having recognised that consumers are often getting a raw deal, two friends from Hertfordshire have set up a gold buying business inside Luton indoor market — with a simple ethos of giving fair prices in return for old or broken gold jewellery. Peter Newcombe and his business partner James Pateman, who trade as PJ Gold Recycling, have worked together off-and-on for the last 25 years. Peter said: ”We’ve heard of unscrupulous businesses ripping-off unsuspecting and quite often desperate people, giving them a fraction of the real value of their gold.” “We offer a fair price for the jewellery, having weighed the items and taken into account the non-gold parts, such as clasps, etc. “We must be doing something right as we’ve had a few disgruntled local competitors come in and threaten us. We of course don’t want a trouble, but I don’t see why we should bow to this pressure, as the consumers will end up worse off if we do.” Located at the indoor market hall in the Arndale Mall, shoppers can bring along their items for a free valuation. Peter continued: “We’ve been in the market for a couple of months now and we have been delighted by the response that we have had.” “It’s a great place to work and all of the other traders and the market management have made feel us very welcome.” ENDS Notes for News Desk: Town and Country Markets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wellington Market Company Plc, a company whose history can be traced back to its beginnings in 1244 when it was established by a Royal Charter. The company operates 19 markets throughout the UK and in the year ending 31st December 2008, turned over approximately £7m with around 80 employees. Website: Further Press Information For further Press information, please contact: Tim Ward - Parker Ward Limited Telephone +44 (0)1743 851 015 Mobile +44 (0)7966 022 532 Email