PartnerTech and Neoventa Medical: Collaboration on new technology that reduces risk of fetal injury

PartnerTech and Neoventa Medical: Collaboration on new technology that reduces risk of fetal injury PartnerTech and Neoventa Medical have begun collaboration on the development and production of a new medical technology system for fetal monitoring. The system allows obstetricians and midwives to identify and save babies that are in danger of suffering from serious oxygen deficiency during delivery. By providing more accurate information, the system also helps reducing the need for acute cesarean sections and thus healthcare costs. Neoventa Medical, who has developed the clinical method, will market the product, STAN S 21. PartnerTech is in charge of electronic and mechanical development, production processes from prototype to serial production, full-scale manufacture, stock-keeping and distribution. Starting with the Nordic countries and Europe, Neoventa Medical will launch the system throughout the world. The equipment meets the requirements of all markets, including the United States. In the words of Kent Olsson, President of Neoventa Medical AB, "We chose PartnerTech not only for its widely acclaimed expertise when it comes to medical technology equipment, but also because the can live up to our very high quality standards". According to PartnerTech President Mikael Jonson, "One of our three core areas is to contribute with design and manufacture of medical equipment to our customers. Neoventa Medical has been a demanding partner, and I am very pleased that we have succeeded in developing a commercial version of the system for clinical use." Neoventa Medical is a research-based growth company focusing on products and services for perinatal care. Neoventa is owned by the founders and Swedish institutional owners such as HealthCap, 6:e AP-fonden, Atle Företagskapital and SEB Företagsinvest. PartnerTech develops and manufactures electronics products under contract for leading growth companies, primarily in telecommunications, IT, and medical technology. The company, which has some 1,000 employees in Sweden and abroad, is quoted on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For additional information, please contact: Mikael Jonson, President, PartnerTech AB, phone +46 40 102641mobile +46 70 678 1001. Kent Olsson, President, Neoventa Medical AB, phone +46 31 771 2200 mobile +46 733 722201. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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PartnerTech develops and manufactures products under contract for leading companies, primarily in Defense and Maritime, Industry, Information Technology, MedTech and Instrumentation, CleanTech and Point of Sale Applications. With upwards of 1,300 employees at its plants in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the UK, the United States and China, PartnerTech reports annual sales of more than SEK 2 billion. PartnerTech AB (, the parent company, has its head office in Vellinge, Sweden, and is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Exchange.