There is new hope for the millions of people who suffer from magnesium deficiency because they are taking diuretics. MAGNITRIA™  (trimagnesium citrate anhydrous) is a new, powder-form magnesium supplement that is easy to absorb compared to common, over-the-counter magnesium supplements. It is also the first powder-form of magnesium citrate supplement that is available without a prescription in the US.

            According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three adults in the US have high blood pressure, which could lead to heart disease. Diuretics, which are often prescribed in conjunction with high blood pressure medications, may significantly lower the body’s magnesium levels. Doctors recommend that most individuals on diuretics take magnesium supplements. In addition to high blood pressure medications, there are other factors that may cause magnesium deficiency. For example, people who take medicines for acid reflux, individuals with Crohn’s disease, those undergoing chemotherapy, and transplant patients on immunosuppressant drugs may be at risk. Warning signs of magnesium deficiency include poor memory, fatigue and irritability. Some patients may also experience muscle cramps, nausea, numbness or tingling in the fingers or even seizures.  

            MAGNITRIA is easily dissolved in water and provides 60 percent of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, according to executives at M&L Solutions, which is charged with selling the product. It is made with the highest quality ingredients and is manufactured pursuant to guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration.

            It is important that people talk with their doctor about their medicines and their risk for magnesium deficiency. If their doctor recommends magnesium supplements, then patients should consider MAGNITRIA. Studies suggest that typical over-the-counter supplements are not well absorbed and multiple doses would be needed to get the appropriate level of magnesium the body needs. 

            MAGNITRIA is now available at local pharmacies such as Walgreens. If a local pharmacy does not stock the supplement, then it can be purchased online at To learn more about MAGNITRIA, visit or call (855) 425-8467.

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