2016 – A year of renewal and a good result for Paulig

2016 was an eventful and profitable year for Paulig Group. Net sales were EUR 916.9 million. All four of the Group’s divisions achieved or exceeded the targets set for the year.

Paulig Group celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2016. Over the years, Paulig’s operations have been characterised by an ability for renewal. At present, the Group’s brand portfolio includes Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green and Poco Loco. During the year, Paulig Group acquired the majority of the shares of Gold&Green Foods (51 per cent). The company’s innovation, Pulled Oats™, was the most discussed food in Finland in 2016.

“It’s exciting to participate in developing business opportunities for this Finnish innovation,” says Jaana Tuominen , CEO. “In the past six months, the production volume has seven folded, making the products more available in stores. We also see that consumer interest in Pulled Oats continues to increase, proving that the vegetarian trend is not just a passing phenomenon.”

2016 in figures

  • Net sales were EUR 916.9 million (905.2)
  • Operating profit was EUR 76.9 million (63.6), or 8.4 per cent (7.0) of the net sales
  • The result for the year was EUR 55.1 million (84.8).
  • Solidity was 71.6 per cent (73.8)
  • The Group’s average number of personnel were 1 903 (1 890)

The net sales of Paulig Group amounted to EUR 916.9 million (905.2) in 2016, showing an increase of 1.3 per cent over the previous year. If only the divisions that were part of the Group during the past two full financial years are considered, the increase in the net sales was 2.0 per cent.

All divisions performed well

Paulig Group’s business activities are currently divided into four divisions: Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food. All divisions either reached or exceeded their set targets, and the Group’s operating profit increased to EUR 76.9 million (63.6). The operating profit is not directly comparable due to the sale of the Industrial Flavouring division and the acquisition of Risenta AB in 2015, and the acquisition majority of the shares of Gold&Green Foods in 2016.

  • The Coffee division’s net sales were EUR 343.8 million (346.3)
  • The World Foods & Flavouring division’s net sales were EUR 309.4 million (307.8)
  • The Snack Food division’s net sales were EUR 247.4 million (218.9)
  • The Naturally Healthy Foods division’s net sales were EUR 38.1 million (31.1)

140 years of flavours of the world

Today, flavours from all over the world are high up on consumers’ wish lists. Paulig has from the very beginning offered people exotic flavours from different corners of the world. When the company was founded, the selection included coffee, tea, spices, dried fruit and Cognac, for example. 

At present, 59 per cent of Paulig Group’s sales are in the Nordic countries and 41 per cent are in the Group’s other markets. Of the external net sales, the share of Coffee division is 38 per cent, the share of the World Foods & Flavouring division is 33 per cent, the share of the Snack Food division is 25 per cent, and the share of the Naturally Healthy Food division is 4 per cent.

“Our aim is that the international growth will continue within all of our divisions,” says Jaana Tuominen, CEO. “During the past year, I was often asked what is needed for the positive trend to continue. I am convinced that our ability for renewal and the courage to implement changes have an important role in this.”

Paulig Group’s annual report is available in PDF format at www.pauliggroup.com .

Further information:

CEO Jaana Tuominen, tel. +358 9 319 8330, jaana.tuominen@paulig.com

Communications Director Anita Laxén, tel. +358 40 770 0873, anita.laxen@paulig.com

About Paulig
Paulig is a family-owned, international enterprise in the food industry that is noted for its high-quality brands and services. The company’s key divisions are Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food. Our brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green and Poco Loco. Paulig has 1,900 employees in 13 countries and its net sales were EUR 917 million in 2016. Read more at www.pauliggroup.