A phenomenon becomes a staple – Pulled Oats voted Finnish Food of the year

Gold&Green Pulled Oats™ nude was voted the winner of the Finnish Food of the Year 2017 contest by the general public.
Launched in early summer 2016, Pulled Oats™ is now widely available throughout Finland. Its sales have increased in line with its growing production capacity.

Organised annually by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, the Finnish Food of the Year contest rewards the best innovations of the industry while encouraging companies to work on product development.

 “We are overwhelmed and sincerely happy to discover how well Finns have embraced Pulled Oats. Last year it was voted as the Food Phenomenon of the Year, and this year the Finnish Food of the Year,” says Maija Itkonen, Managing Director of Gold&Green Foods.

Sales of Pulled Oats have rocketed since last summer, and the production capacity of the Järvenpää factory now meets the demand of the entire country. Pulled Oats is widely available throughout Finland in the selections of various supermarket chains.
 “Something that was first considered a phenomenon has now become a staple in Finnish diets. This is great news for all those who have not yet been able to find the product in their nearest supermarket. Just ask your supermarket to stock it, if they don't already do so,” Maija Itkonen says.

This spring, Gold&Green Foods also launched a seasonal product, Pulled Oats™ Saaristo, which is ideal for a variety of vegetarian dishes that can be served at every occasion, from picnics to banquets. Delicious recipes are available online on the vegepaiva.fi site (in Finnish) and the Gold&Green Foods website. 
“We are continuously developing the product, and innovations will be launched in future. The next step is to introduce Pulled Oats on the Swedish market,” Maija Itkonen says.



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