Paulig’s Brain Beans campaign: for better office coffee and refreshing coffee breaks

Coffee is essential for occupational well-being: coffee breaks during the working day boost efficiency, positive energy and community spirit. In February, Paulig Professional’s cheerful Brain Beans campaign will encourage workplaces throughout Finland to invest in barista-level office coffee and refreshing, brain-thrilling coffee breaks.

The idea of Paulig’s Brain Beans campaign is to highlight the significance of coffee breaks for occupational well-being. Next week the campaign will be stirring coffee conversation in the city centres of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu, where we will be serving morning coffee with amusing and invigorating coffee break tasks.

“In today’s hectic world, coffee breaks provide refreshing moments and boost community spirit. It is estimated that a million cups of coffee are consumed every day in Finnish workplaces. We wish to encourage these workplaces to invest in high-quality coffee which will make the coffee break even more relished. A cup of delicious coffee makes you feel valued,” says Taina Aittasalo, Channel Marketing Manager at Paulig Professional.

With our cheerful campaign, we also seek to stimulate lively debate on the various themes around occupational well-being in our podcast series Tauolla (My moment). In the series, journalist Anna Perho interviews people about well-being at work. The topics include the significance of an inspiring working environment for well-being, how to find zeal for work and tips for managers to ensure they cope.

Cheerful morning coffee to encourage refreshing breaks 

Next week, Paulig’s Brain Beans coffee campaign will serve delicious morning coffee to commuters in four city centres in Finland. The high-quality Paulig coffee will be served in takeaway mugs with brain training tasks printed on their sides. These tasks provide excellent brain exercise during the working day. Get your own Brain Beans mug in one of the following places between 7 and 10 a.m.:

Monday 6 February in Helsinki Central Railway Station (west side).

Tuesday 7 February in Turku / Yliopistonkatu 25 (in front of Hansa shopping centre)

Wednesday 8 February in Tampere Central Square

Thursday 9 February in Oulu’s Rotuaari Square

Follow the campaign at and in Paulig's social media channels.

Further information:

Taina Aittasalo, Channel Marketing Manager, Paulig Professional, tel. +358 40 755 6952

Pirjo Hästbacka, Communications Manager, Coffee division, Paulig Group, tel. +358 50 356 8359

Paulig Professional is part of Paulig Group’s Coffee Division. It provides coffee moments for offices, shops and Food Service customers. Paulig Professional’s product range includes coffees, coffee equipment, training, financing options and maintenance services. Paulig Professional operates in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway with around 200 employees.