Pulled Oats® was just the beginning: Gold&Green Foods is launching new products and expanding into the international market

Gold&Green Foods, known in Finland from the hype around vegetarian food created by its Pulled Oats® innovation, continues its strong growth and as a forerunner in food technology. In the autumn, new products will be launched in the Finnish market, and the packages will be given a fresh visual appearance which portrays the growth story of the entire company. At the same time, the internationalisation of the Pulled Oats product will begin in Sweden, where Paulig Group is now constructing a new manufacturing plant.  



Gold&Green Foods, initiated by its genuine innovation of a perfect protein, has established its position as one of the strong players in the food industry in Finland.  In Finland, the manufacturing plant in Järvenpää has grown to its full capacity, and is manufacturing Pulled Oats™ products for sale by all supermarket chains in Finland. From the beginning of September, the product will also be available in Sweden through the Ica, Coop and Axfood chains. The manufacturing of Pulled Oats™ will also expand to Sweden, when Paulig Group's new manufacturing plant in Mölnlycke is opened in the spring of 2018 to manufacture products for the Swedish and European market. 

In Finland, Pulled Oats has now been on the market for just over a year. During that time, this single and genuine innovation has expanded into a product series and gone from a hard-to-find trend product to a product that is widely available in supermarkets throughout Finland and thus part of people's everyday cooking. Our aim is now to expand from Finland to other markets, and to support our growth, we will need to strengthen our organisation, production and product portfolio,” says Maija Itkonen a founder member of Gold&Green Foods who recently started maternity leave to look after her twins.  

The development of food technology will continue to be a strong part of Gold&Green Foods. Reetta Kivelä, the Chief Technology Officer of the company, was voted winner of the title of Finnish CTO of the year. 

“In future, we will focus our efforts on creating new technologies, and at the same time apply the existing technology to new products. In the autumn, we will launch new products, which are developed especially to ease everyday home cooking,” says Reetta Kivelä. 

New Managing Director to support internationalisation and growth 

Tina Hansen, M.Sc. (Econ.), has been appointed the new Managing Director of Gold&Green Foods to support the growth story and everyday management of the company.  

“Vegetarian food is rapidly gaining popularity in Paulig's market area. Research indicates that in Sweden as many as 65% of consumers claim to be flexitarians, i.e. persons who eat vegetarian food on a regular basis. It’s great to see that the Finnish super product Pulled Oats with no additives or filling ingredients, is taking a leap into the international market and providing consumers with vegetarian alternatives that are both delicious and rich in protein,” says Tina Hansen, the new CEO of Gold&Green Foods, and she continues: 

“Pulled Oats will bring new energy to many people's everyday lives. In addition to the taste sensation, the success of the product will also introduce new jobs throughout the entire foods chain. At the moment, Gold&Green Foods employs approximately 50 persons in production, sales, marketing and administration in Finland. As part of Paulig Group's operations, we will have excellent opportunities to grow and to expand during the next few years.” 


The Pulled Oats beast seeks new taste sensations and tells the full story of Gold&Green Foods 

In September-October, the new Pulled Oats® Monday flavour and Pulled Oats balls will be introduced as part of the offering of all retailers in Finland. Along with product novelties, Gold&Green Foods also launches a new brand appearance, designed by the Finnish artist Toni Halonen. The Pulled Oats packages will feature a beast looking for a source of perfect protein for itself. The beast will reflect the strengths of Gold&Green Foods: patented technology, consumers' craving for the product and a perfect protein which is even superior to meat as a choice of protein. All of the newly introduced packages are manufactured from recycled PET bottle material. 

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Further information 

Tina Hansen 
Managing Director, Gold&Green Foods
Tel. +358 40 172 2855 

Anita Laxén
Director, Communications Paulig Group
Tel. +358 40 770 0873


About Gold&Green Foods 
Gold&Green Foods was founded by Maija Itkonen, Reetta Kivelä and Zhong-qing Jiang in 2015. Its aim is to develop innovative, ecological and healthy foods from oats and legumes. Its business idea is based on clean Nordic oats and a unique production method. Pulled oats was voted the winner of the Finnish Food of the Year 2017. Read more at www.goldandgreenfoods.com    

About Paulig
Paulig is a family-owned, international enterprise in the food industry that is noted for its high-quality brands and services. The company’s key divisions are Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food. Our brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green and Poco Loco. Paulig has 1,900 employees in 13 countries and its net sales were EUR 917 million in 2016. Read more at www.pauliggroup.com