Nordisk e-handel and Payair enables mobile commerce for 1 000 online stores

Swedish Payair launches co-operation with Nordisk e-handel, a supplier of e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses. Nordisk e-handel has integrated Payair´s solution for mobile commerce on its e-commerce platform. Payair’s mobile commerce solution is now available to over a thousand online stores, with the ability of providing it’s customers within just a matter of days, Payair’s mobile commerce solution, both in it’s online store, as well in the physical retail store.

Payair is a leader within the mobile shopping industry and its solution is widely used in both e-commerce and physical retail shops. Payair launched commercially in 2011.

Nordisk e-handel provides e-commerce solutions for the Nordic market and has offices in Malmö, Stockholm and Oslo. Customers totalling approximately 1 000 online stores consist primarily of small and medium enterprises, but the solution also works for larger organizations.

The integration of Payair’s mobile commerce solution enables both new and existing customers to Nordisk e-handel to easily add mobile commerce to their online stores or physical retail stores.

“Our mobile customised web store is included as standard in all our packages. Therefore, it is important for us to co-operate with experienced partners in mobile commerce. We are approaching 200 mobile customised shops and together with Payair we believe that we can increase that number”, says Runar Wahlgren, CEO at Nordisk e-handel.

For web-shops, the integration of Payair’s mobile commerce provides opportunities for new sales channels and increased spontaneous trade. Merchants can offer quick and easy trading by payment card or invoice, via mobile phones, regardless of sales channel – e-commerce, advertisements, mobile or in-store. Merchants are also able to communicate directly with their customers wherever they are.

”The great thing about this collaboration is that in a very simple way, small and large retailers are able to provide mobile commerce and to take advantage of the benefits it provides, such as smart marketing opportunities and digital receipts”, says Joel Risberg, Partner sales at Payair.

For more information, please contact:
Helena Törnell, Vice president of marketing Payair, phone: +46 72-376 11 25, email:
Runar Wahlgren, CEO Nordisk e-handel, phone: +46 40-692 50 50, email:

About Payair
Payair is the industry leading mobile shopping solution that offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to shop using their smartphones. With the Payair application, consumers can complete their mobile purchase processes in less than ten seconds, on the Internet, as well as in retail shops, advertising and mail order catalogs, mailings, restaurants and other shopping environments. Businesses can speed up and simplify their sales processes, resulting in increased sales by using Payair’s suite of mobile shopping solutions.

The purchase process includes a ‘buy’ button when browsing the web on mobile phones or scanning of QR codes that activates the Payair service on smartphones, authenticates the user, self-checkout and payment by invoice or credit or debit card from MasterCard or Visa. The solution is secured with multiple layers of encryption and no sensitive data is stored in the phone. The solution is free of charge for the customers and easy for the merchants to implement within their existing shopping and payment systems. Payair is a privately held Swedish company with franchise partners in more than 25 countries worldwide. For more information:

About Nordisk e-handel
Nordisk e-handel delivers e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses. The company has delivered over 1 000 online stores. Headquartered in Malmö, but the company also has offices in Stockholm and Oslo.


About Us

Payair is the leading player in mobile commerce and offers an industry-leading platform for mobile commerce and payment solutions for financial institutions. With extensive experience in the development of mobile payment solutions for some of the world's largest banks and financial institutions, Payair is an expert in the development and hosting of digital wallets that make it possible to quickly, easily, and safely pay directly with your smartphone in less than ten seconds online and in physical stores. - Payair was the first company in Europe to develop a digital wallet that converges all bankcards on your smartphone.- Payair was the first certified vendor of Mastercard's MasterPass API wallet in the Nordics.- Payair has been appointed as Mastercard's highest-rated vendor. Payair is a privately-owned Swedish company with international franchise agreements in most markets worldwide.



The great thing about this collaboration is that in a very simple way, small and large retailers are able to provide mobile commerce and to take advantage of the benefits it provides, such as smart marketing opportunities and digital receipts.
Joel Risberg, Partner sales at Payair