TAS and Payair announce partnership to launch an advanced platform for mobile commerce

Rome, Italy, and Geneva, Switzerland, 6 February 2013 - TAS Group and Payair South Europe S.A. signed a partnership agreement to launch a joint solution for mobile commerce.

The new offering integrates the commerce platform designed by Payair, a Swedish company leader in the mobile commerce market, with a customization solution supplied by TAS, supporting complex realities, such as the large-scale retailers, that require advanced automation of their purchase and payment processes. The platform will also adopt the TAS Multi- Acquiring Tool, to allow the management of different acquirers.

The offer is enriched by value-added services such as geo- marketing, advanced CRM and Business Intelligence.

The new solution - based on QRCode reading - supports eCommerce transactions, proximity payments (NFC) and remote payments (i.e. via QRCode).

The operations are handled in a simple and safe way: the user can register his credit card and thanks to the Cloud architecture no sensitive data are saved on his smartphone and exchanged during the transaction. As a proof of the attention paid to the security issue, all Payair procedures and service centers are PCI / DSS certified.

The purchase takes just a few seconds to be completed: through the dedicated App (available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone), the user can scan a QR code specifically related to a product, a Merchant or a transaction, then safely finalize the transaction by entering a proprietary PIN.

"The agreement with Payair will allow us to leverage all the expertise and developments on the Mobile channel achieved through our platform TEMPO and gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with Cloud services," said Andrea Bianchi, TAS Epay Director, "This delivery model, dedicated primarily to corporate customers, enables our companies to access a new market segment, with an offering focused on the most innovative channels."

"The agreement with TAS is crucial for Payair South Europe," adds Pierpaolo Griffa, CEO of the company, "it will enable our customers to take full advantage of our services and their great flexibility when integrated into their IT architectures and businesses. They will enjoy fast and secure payment solutions on any sales channel, and at the same time they will benefit from significant cost reductions and more effective management of the financial circuits and communication with the consumers, throughout the process of evaluation and purchase ".

For more information, please contact:
Helena Törnell
Vice President of Marketing at Payair
Phone: 46 723 761125
Email: helena.tornell@payair.com

About TAS Group
TAS Group, listed on the Italian Stock-Exchange, provides software solutions for cards, payment systems and financial markets. TAS Group is an international Company and serves Central Banks, major banking groups, leading processors and some of the world’s most renowned broker dealers.

About Payair South Europe S.A.
Payair South Europe S.A. , based in Geneva, is a subsidiary of the Swedish company Payair Technologies AB, and is in charge of the business in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. Payair has already been successfully launched in the Scandinavian countries and the United States.


About Us

Payair is the leading player in mobile commerce and offers an industry-leading platform for mobile commerce and payment solutions for financial institutions. With extensive experience in the development of mobile payment solutions for some of the world's largest banks and financial institutions, Payair is an expert in the development and hosting of digital wallets that make it possible to quickly, easily, and safely pay directly with your smartphone in less than ten seconds online and in physical stores. - Payair was the first company in Europe to develop a digital wallet that converges all bankcards on your smartphone.- Payair was the first certified vendor of Mastercard's MasterPass API wallet in the Nordics.- Payair has been appointed as Mastercard's highest-rated vendor. Payair is a privately-owned Swedish company with international franchise agreements in most markets worldwide.



The agreement with Payair will allow us to leverage all the expertise and developments on the Mobile channel achieved through our platform TEMPO and gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with Cloud services.
Andrea Bianchi, TAS Epay Director