Peab builds 165 homes in Trollhättan

Peab has been commissioned to build the city block Gulsparven in Trollhättan. The customer is AB Eidar and the contract is worth SEK 198 million.

The contract entails building new homes in a variety of constructions. City block Gulsparven will consist of a total of 165 homes. Twelve terrace houses will be integrated into the block which will also hold apartments buildings as high as six stories containing one to four room apartments.

Gulsparven will replace the torn down city block Viggen in Trollhättan and become a residential area for both families and senior citizens. In addition to other housing a senior care home will be erected as well as a daycare center, which will also make the area attractive to families with small children.

This is a turnkey project and work on it will begin in June. The project is expected to be completed in August 2019. 

The project will be order registered in the second quarter of 2017.

Architect/illustrator: Studio Ekberg AB / Linus Romberg

For further information, please contact:
Stellan Haraldsson, Region Manager Peab, cell: +46 733 37 35 29

Kajsa Jacobsson, Press Officer, cell: +46 725 33 34 84

Peab is one of the leading Nordic construction and civil engineering companies with more than 14,000 employees and net sales of over SEK 46 billion. The Group has strategically located offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Peab’s registered office is located in Förslöv on Cap Bjäre in south of Sweden. The Peab share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


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Peab is a leading Nordic construction and civil engineering company with about 15,000 employees and SEK 50 billion in net sales. The Group has strategically placed offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Company headquarters are in Förslöv on Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden. The Peab share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.




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