• Kristiina Pispala

    Marketing Manager

    P.O. Box 50 32201 Loimaa Finland
  • Mr. Pekka Heikonen

    Managing Director

    P.O. Box 50 32201 Loimaa Finland
  • Mr. Jukka Rantala

    Director, Sales & Marketing

    P.O. Box 50 32201 Loimaa Finland
  • Quotes

    The next step for Senesco Marine is to produce not only Quality built vessels but at an increased pace to meet the needs of our customers. We currently are in a continuing build program for our current customers and at the same time are looking at new work for potential new customers. To be able to do this we are making the investment with PEMA to increase the throughput thus reducing the timeframe required to complete these vessels, which leaves room for even more opportunities. We are excited about this step of automation for the Shipyard and are looking forward to the relationship with PEMA as we endeavor to build Quality built vessels on time for our customers.
    Mr. Michael J. Foster, Vice President and General Manager of Senesco
    The welding station was purchased to increase our productivity, quality and throughput time – these are the main factors for us.
    Mr. Jaakko Junninen, Production Director of Mantsinen Group
    The deposition rate will decrease when we can optimize the welds and minimize throat thicknesses when doing all automatically. We have a target to split the total welding time into a half.
    Mr. Jaakko Junninen, Production Director of Mantsinen Group
    The effective leverage of over 40 years of experience in welding automation and it's customer-centric strategy has positioned it among the top three participants in the global space.
    Guru Mahesh, Frost & Sullivan Reasearch Analyst
    Seaspan invested in PEMA welding automation because of their solid reputation throughout North America
    Denis Larose, Facilities Interface Manager of Seaspan
    We chose Pema as our partner for their proven technology and ability to deliver the right solutions to meet our needs. Through close collaboration, we have identified ways to significantly increase our productivity, reduce costs in the long run and upgrade our facilities. PEMA are the thought leaders in what they do and we are pleased that they have presented creative new solutions to enhance our operations.
    Mr. NG, Seng Chong, Assistant Shipyard Manager of Keppel FELS
    “If we can maintain a high number of ‘defect free’ welds per shift, we can keep to our production plans. If we do not meet these, we will face problems with other projects which again would affect to our productivity. These were the main reasons for us to choose Pema products.”
    Mr Tore Habrekke, Welding and Site Operation Manager, Technip
    In addition to wind mill foundation fabrication, G & G has been able to utilize PEMA’s effective assembly line in welding of other G & G products, like pressure vessels and extremely heavy jack-up legs used in wind mill foundation.
    CEO Patrick van Melis of G&G International BV
    PEMA Assembly Line is special due to the self-aligning construction and versatile functions with comparison to earlier tested equipment. With PEMA system we can assemble effectively both cylindrical and even 4 degrees of conical constructions that occur in transition pieces in particularly.
    Mr. Dieter Verstraeten, Production Manager of G & G International BV
    - Aker Philadelphia Shipyard decided to invest in PEMA for achieving better productivity and improved schedule at the shipyard with new and modern technology.
    Mr. Sanjay Deshmuk, Vice President of Aker Philadelphia Shipyard
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