NEW: PEMA CM 55 Milling Machine

Advanced PEMA CM 55 milling machine improves welding efficiency and quality, but also reduces defect rates. The machine is an ideal solution for milling circular seams and opening roots in thick walls. 

  • 55% Less welding
  • 15h Save time
  • 70% Reduce in defect rate


PEMA CM 55 is an advanced milling machine for joint preparation of circumferential seams. The new innovation increases welding quality and efficiency significantly, while it provides easy milling process. Additionally, the features included in PEMA CM 55 are specifically designed to reduce defect rate. 

- With the abilities to mill efficiently and precisely, CM 55 guarantees a revolutionary quality for circumferential seams. This new innovation provides statistics that have not been seen before, says Teemu Tolonen, Application Manager, Pemamek Ltd. 

PEMA CM 55 milling machine is equipped with lifting points that enable easy moving. The main frame is supported and levelled with hydraulic legs.

Pemamek's innovative milling ensures precise groove preparation and root opening even in the thick walls. The milling depth can be up to 140mm while providing 55kW spindle power. The depth control is equipped with high accuracy servo slide and sensor feedback. 

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