Treasurer McCord Sees Court Ruling as Victory for Working Poor

He calls on Corbett Administration to support expanded health care coverage

Harrisburg – State Treasurer Rob McCord issued the following statement today regarding Commonwealth Court’s ruling that the transfer of money from the adultBasic program and the Medicaid for Disabled Workers program in 2010 and 2011 was unconstitutional:

"The judge's ruling today that the Corbett Administration acted unconstitutionally when it eliminated the adultBasic program in 2011 is both an important victory for Pennsylvania's working poor as well as a reminder that this administration has repeatedly used poor judgment when it comes to protecting the health of its citizens.

"I believe that this ruling should force Governor Corbett and his administration to reconsider their ill-advised decision to refuse federal support for Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania. It's time for them to get it right for a change and act in the best interests of the people they're supposed to protect."

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