PEPID Launches Nursing Care Plan Tool for Nursing Education

Customizable electronic nursing care plans for nursing faculty, students

PEPID, the world’s leading provider of specialty medical and nursing software, recently introduced PEPID Nursing Care Plan, a new application developed in response to the need for a customizable electronic care plan for nursing faculty and students.

“Built for nurses by nurses,” the PEPID Nursing Care Plan is an all-in-one resource that covers all of the steps in the care-planning process and includes built-in nursing care plan templates for more than 200 common clinical and surgical diagnoses. The application also contains a broad field of nursing topics such as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, oncology, infectious diseases, and surgical procedures.

“PEPID has supported nursing education and practice for more than 20 years,” says John Wagner, president of PEPID, LLC. “I’m pleased that we’re able to create this much-needed resource that will become a core component of nursing schools throughout the country.”

Already, nursing care plans are used frequently in the clinical setting to help nurses evaluate patients based on individual medical needs. Nursing care plans also are utilized in the classroom to educate future nurses on how to integrate nursing information at the point of care.

“Care plans are the essential learning tools for nursing students and provide a roadmap to guide them throughout their nursing education,” said Dr. Farhan Hameed, PEPID’s Director of Editorial and Medical Informatics. “PEPID’s Nursing Care Plan takes the students from the first step of accurate and comprehensive nursing assessment to evidence-based interventions, evaluation of outcomes, and implementation of clinically-oriented and patient-directed goals.”

The PEPID Nursing Care Plan is the only application on the market today that makes it possible to create and assess individualized care plans both online and on mobile devices. “The key to maintaining a truly contemporary curriculum is to focus not only on content, but also on delivery,” explained Wagner. “Our Nursing Care Plan provides access to more than 200 truly interactive and customizable care plans online and on the iPad.”

The company’s Nursing Care Plan also can be integrated with the nursing-specific content from PEPID RN Student. This means students can build their care plans and look up critical information all in one place, with exclusive features such as a disease reference guide, dosing calculators, lab values, nursing diagnoses, nursing considerations and patient education components.

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PEPID’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content is designed to support clinicians through every stage of the decision support process, increasing safety and accuracy through better-informed patient care, and this latest module adds to the robust content and tools available. PEPID contains the most extensive drug database on the market today, along with thousands of disease profiles and medical conditions, medical and dosing calculators, a drug interactions checker, illustrations, laboratory values and a differential diagnosis generator. All PEPID’s clinical decision support data and tools can be integrated into any healthcare information system, EMR, EHR or EDIS to help meet requirements for meaningful use.


PEPID has supported nursing education and practice for more than 20 years. I’m pleased that we’re able to create this much-needed resource that will become a core component of nursing schools throughout the country.
John Wagner, President of PEPID, LLC