Provides Five Tips for Getting Your Pets Adjusted to the Back-to-School Season

Plymouth Meeting, PA – August 26, 2013 – In a recent survey, nearly 20% of pet parents with school-aged children said their pets show signs of anxiety or depression when the back-to-school season approaches. Amidst the craze of sporting events and homework, both pet parents and siblings can unintentionally give less of their time to the family pet. This decrease in attention and often exercise can result in house training issues, separation anxiety and destructive behaviors associated with boredom. To help families get their pets adjusted to the school year schedule, offers the following tips:

1.     Prepare in Advance - An overnight change in the amount of attention a pet receives can result in drastic consequences. To prevent this, in the weeks leading up to the start of the school year, gradually decrease the amount of time your kids and pets spend together. This will help your pet adjust to not being with his or her playmates 24/7.

2.     Invest in Treats & Toys - A rotating supply of treat dispensing toys and long lasting chews is a great way to keep your pet entertained for hours. If you’re concerned about leaving your pet unattended with a treat or chew toy, there are plenty of puzzle toys that will keep him stimulated and busy until the kids come home.

3.     Swap Family Time for Park Time - Just as parents wouldn’t deprive children of play dates with their friends, pet parents shouldn’t deprive their pets either! The school year isn’t time to stop taking your dog to a doggy daycare center or the local dog park. These social outings are a great way for your pooch to get the activity she needs year-round.

4.     Get an Early Start - Mornings can be chaotic, especially in the beginning of the school year, but building an extra hour into your morning routine to spend with your pet can make all the difference.  Four out of ten survey respondents said the best way to keep their pet entertained when no one’s home is to increase his exercise before heading out. Whether this extra hour is spent on an invigorating walk or playing a game of fetch, it’ll be important bonding time for both of you. Bonus tip: including your kids in this morning routine will help strengthen the special bond they share.

5.     Create a Safe Spot – In order to prevent feelings of anxiety or depression, it’s important that your pet feels safe when home alone. Creating a secure, comfortable environment somewhere in your home using beds and pillows is an ideal way to maintain your pet’s sense of security. For some extra reassurance, try leaving your pet with an article of clothing that smells like you or perhaps a SnugglePuppie Dog Toy that has a battery-powered heartbeat and warmer.

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