Fashion bracelet with GPS at Heyerdahl

PFO, the designer bracelet with GPS is now available at Heyerdahl in Oslo. Heyerdahl is one of the major jewellers in Norway, dealing mainly with diamonds, pearls, precious jewellery and Swiss watches.

Since its launch in the summer, the PFO bracelet, which is the first to combine design with personal safety, has had regular presence in the Swedish fashion scene. From the runways, to fashion magazine stories to editorial hot-picks, it is clear that the world is ready for accessories that do more than just look good. 

Heyerdahl CEO Thomas Heyerdahl is himself keen to develop functional jewellery and has done several projects combining technology with precious metals and stones. ‘We are very pleased to promote and sell the PFO bracelet’, says Heyerdahl. ‘Embedding GPS in to fashion jewellery and watches is a new, exciting and growing concept and I think it is only a matter of time until we use such functions, not only for women’s safety but in every day activities such as skiing, kayaking or hunting.’

The bracelet conceals the smallest and most precise GPS and GSM technology known on the market. By pulling the bracelet, the wearer sends an alarm message to three chosen people with a map of her live location. It is not a surveillance device, only the wearer can decide when she wants to be tracked. 

PFO is also currently retailed in Sweden and UK, although it works in over 40 countries. 

Johan Carlsson, VD
46 73 6208610

PFO is the world's first company that combines fashion, function and security. Behind the technology are developers of military robotic surveillance, behind the brand image the Grammy awarded graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, and behind the design the celebrated Swedish designer Oscar Magnuson.

Behind PFO's mission to make the world better and safer are names like football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Australian Open and Davis Cup winner Thomas Johansson, and entrepreneur and mediaman Richard Båge. 


About Us

PFO Tech's mission is to make the world a safer place through innovative technology solutions. We believe that safety is a basic human right and that personal security gives people the freedom and confidence to go about their business, realise their visions and reach their goals. Our personal security solution protects individuals by combining wearable GPS devices with alert function, smart-phone applications and back-end monitoring.



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