A human rights defender from Kenya is the latest to be equipped with the security bracelet developed by PFO Tech for the Natalia Project initiative to protect activists at risk.

The Natalia Project, launched last year, is a tracking bracelet with alarm and GPS technology developed by PFO Tech for the international Civil Rights Defenders organisation. In an emergency, a wearer can trigger the alarm, which sends a live position to the organisation's headquarters, local colleagues and alarm receiving centres.

David Kuria, a human rights activist from Kenya is the latest to be fitted with the Natalia Project alarm and positioning system. According to the Civil Rights Defenders, Kuria has been repeatedly arrested by the authorities and has suffered many personal tragedies due to his struggles for reforms in Kenya. David Kuria’s passion for human rights sees him dealing with wide spectrum of cases in his every day work from murder to police brutality and extra-judicial killings. His drive for justice inspired him to set up another organisation Nakuru County Human Rights Network NGO (Nahurinet), to monitor, promote and defend human rights in his local region as well as educating people about their rights.

“I want people in the villages to know their rights as outlined in the new constitution” says Kuria on Civil Rights Defenders' website.

Johan Carlsson of PFO Tech is pleased to see their GPS bracelet and security solution being applied to more individuals fighting for our rights. "With every person equipped, a new butterfly effect is set in motion. One person's compromised safety is immediately broadcast to the world, so that everyone can get involved, put pressure on oppressive regimes, and realise our mission of a safer and better world," says Carlsson.

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