PFO Technologies' GPS Bracelet shortlisted for Cannes Lions Awards

Presentations were held over the weekend by the shortlisted entrants in the Cannes Lions Awards. Among them was the PFO-powered Natalia Project, an innovative GPS safety bracelet developed and designed by PFO Technologies for Civil Rights Defenders. The GPS bracelet, configured to protect human rights activists at risk, has so far been nominated for the categories Innovation, Mobile, PR, and Promo & Activation.

The Natalia Project, a GPS bracelet developed and designed by PFO Technologies to protect human rights activists at risk, was launched in April by Civil Rights Defenders. The bracelet enables activists to notify the organisation's headquarters, and the world, of an attack through sms and social media platforms, giving people everywhere the chance to get involved and put pressure on an oppressive regime.

PFO is a smart bracelet utilising GSM and GPS with a patented alarm function, as well as specifically developed algorithms to improve location accuracy and speed up communication. It allows for easy integration into an organisation’s own infrastructure through a standardised API. The PFO system has been adopted by companies and organisations globally to increase the safety of associates and employees.

Johan Carlsson, CEO
+46 73 6208610

PFO Technologies is a Stockholm-based technology firm providing companies and organisations with GPS personal security systems, including tracking devices, mobile applications and hosting service.


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PFO Tech's mission is to make the world a safer place through innovative technology solutions. We believe that safety is a basic human right and that personal security gives people the freedom and confidence to go about their business, realise their visions and reach their goals. Our personal security solution protects individuals by combining wearable GPS devices with alert function, smart-phone applications and back-end monitoring.



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