Emergency contraception free in Wales – National Pharmacy Association comments

The National Pharmacy Association today welcomes the decision to provide emergency contraception and sexual health advice free of charge at pharmacies in Wales, and called for it to be provided throughout the UK.

Some reports incorrectly state that the service costs £25 in the rest of the UK. In fact the service is already offered free of charge in Scotland and in many PCTs in England too. Long established pharmacy schemes in London have seen a decline in use of EHC over time as women have switched to using planned contraception instead. Pharmacy has a particularly good track record in reaching groups which are not accessing contraception services elsewhere.

Steve Simmonds, NPA Representation Manager in Wales said:

"The decision in Wales is a clear endorsement of the expertise and unique accessibility of community pharmacy. Although this service is already offered in Scotland and in many parts of England, we'd like to see it everywhere in the UK free of charge."

Sarah White, Press Officer 01727 795 901

The NPA is the UK’s leading trade body for community pharmacy.  Its core purpose is to represent, support and protect the interests of all community pharmacy across the UK.