Pihlajalinna acquires the entire share capital of Röntgentutka Oy

Pihlajalinna Plc               Press Release                              9 January 2018 at 10:00

Pihlajalinna acquires the entire share capital of Röntgentutka Oy

Pihlajalinna has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of the remaining half of the share capital of its joint venture company Röntgentutka Oy. Prior to the acquisition, Pihlajalinna holds 50% of the stocks. After the transaction, Pihlajalinna will hold the entire share capital of Röntgentutka Oy. The transaction will be completed approximately on 15 February 2018.

Röntgentutka operates under the names Koskiröntgen and Koskimagneetti at the same premises with Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka at Koskikeskus in Tampere. The operations will be integrated into those of Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka. The imaging services will continue to include, for instance, high-quality MRI, X-ray, ultrasound and cone beam computed tomography imaging. Pihlajalinna will invest in growing its already extensive customer base as well as in advanced equipment and high-quality customer service.

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Teija Kulmala, Regional Director, +358 50 347 4661

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