Pipetech demonstrates cutting-edge cleaning technologies for the oil and gas sector

Pipetech International, a leading player in the provision of advanced and environmentally friendly water-based cleaning technologies to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, hosted an interactive demo at ONS2014 in Stavanger, Norway.  

Pipetech works with a range of clients operating in the North Sea oil and gas and petrochemical industries, both in Norway and the UK. A large number of industry players who were in Stavanger for the ONS2014 were able to learn more about Pipetech’s revolutionary Aqua Milling system and to see in a live demonstration the technology which allows the removal of scale, cement and various debris from pipes while negotiating several 90 degree bends, using high pressure water technology.

This unique technology helps Pipetech’s clients to reduce shutdown time and, in turn, costs, while maintaining high standards for safety and environmental management. Pipetech prides itself in having zero LTI record as ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system certificate, which it achieved earlier this week. The company has had ISO 9001:2008 for several years.

The demonstration event was hosted by Pipetech’s operation Manager in Norway: Tom Andre Larsen and Pipetech crew, including Tomas Bernhardsson, Torbjørn Dysjaland and Emil Martinsen. After the demonstration, guests had an opportunity to ask the team specific questions about application of the technology and its direct benefits.

Tom Andre Larsen said: “The ONS2014 demo provided a great opportunity to host our long-standing clients and potential future partners who are visiting in Stavanger this week. We are thrilled to be able to show what outstanding results Pipetech’s Aqua Milling and Aqua Sonic systems deliver for the industry. We received extremely positive feedback on the day and were very pleased to have the opportunity to further enhance our message – Cleaner, Faster, Safer!”