Danske Spil, the state lottery of Denmark, is now live on the Danish market with their new online Casino. The new stand-alone Casino is operated under the brand name Vegas.dk. The deal is the first platform agreement delivered by Play’n GO to a state-controlled gaming operator and WLA-member, such as Danske Spil.

The delivery from Play’n GO includes a complete online gaming solution based on the company’s comprehensive e-gaming platform “GAT “(Game Account Toolkit”). Players are able to enjoy the full range of games from Play’n GO as well as games from other 3rd party providers selected by Danske Spil. The solution gives Danske Spil full freedom, flexibility and the independence to shop around for the very best applications and systems. GAT also has full support for responsible gaming and is integrated with local Danish registers like NemID and Rofus.

GAT is a platform designed based on more than 18 years of experience developing for the online gaming industry.  It is built on a modular and open architecture that allows for easy integration of 3rd party products. The platform is delivered with a complete and comprehensive back-office that gives Danske Spil a unique foundation for their new interactive gaming offer and the tools needed to manage its gaming operation on a day-to-day basis. The back office compiles extensive information from game databases and presents it through a secure, user-friendly interface. In addition Play’n GO have developed a special “Achievement engine” as part of the delivery.

Søren Schneider, Head of Games at Danske Licens Spil commented;


“Danske Spil have just launched a casino stand-alone site to ensure further growth in a highly competitive Danish market.

To gain further market shares we need to be able to reach new target groups that we cannot reach with our existing casino today. Our new casino stand-alone site, Vegas.dk, primary goal is to target casual players and is much more into achievements and rewards than bonuses and traditional loyalty programs. The whole casino universe is built around Lis and Lasse Vegas, who are two fictive characters that should contribute to create a cozy, fun and relaxed gaming experience for the players. We think we can create a unique and strong position in the market with this platform and give more value and entertainment to the players than our competitors are capable of. There are 30 casino license holders in Denmark and you need to try and differentiate yourself if you want to be successful in the future gaming business.”

Danske Spil joins a range of successful operators around the world already using GAT as their e-gaming platform.

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About Danske Licens Spil – subsidiary of Danske Spil A/S

Danske Licens Spil was established in 2010 and offers Poker, Casino, Oddset, Tips and Zezam.

Eighty percent of Danske Spil group is owned by the state, while the National Olympic Committee and Sports Federation of Denmark - DIF and the Danske Gymnastik- og Idrætsforeninger - DGI, each own ten percent. Danske Licens Spil holds a license to offer sports gaming, online poker and online casino on the Danish gaming market. The Danish Gaming Authority supervises the security of the games, distribution of jackpots as well as the calculation of the government tax.

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Robert Skogh, Business Development Director at Play’n GO

Phone: +46 709-314 370, or e-mail: sales@playngo.com 

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