See the new character creator from Plotagon, leaders of the fusion between user-generated creativity, animation & social media!

(Stockholm, Sweden) March XX, 2014 – Executives from Plotagon, a user-friendly creative app that allows anyone to tell stories as 3D animated videos, will be at SXSW at booth #1147 from March 11-19 to unveil their exciting new character creator. The free, in-app feature lets users create themselves, their friends, or notable and famous people. Users can immediately insert the characters into their videos. Users—who can upload the Plotagon videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms—also can animate themselves in messages they send.

“The new Plotagon character creator is an exciting innovation that takes creativity and self-expression to new heights,” notes Philip Edner, co-founder and CEO of Plotagon. “Imagine animating yourself and your favorite celebrities in a video that you create with absolute ease. We’re giving complete creative control to users in ways they’ve always wanted.”

SXSW attendees not only will get a sneak peek at Plotagon’s innovative character creator, but also can learn about the company’s unique technology platform. Plotagon’s app, which was released in July 2014 and is available on Mac and PC, uses special phonemes and realistic lip-syncing for excellent text-to-speech capabilities. The app also employs an animation engine built from the industry standard Unity game engine.

On-hand at Plotagon’s SXSW booth will be Karin Wahlstrom, CMO; Michelle Plett, Social Media and Communications Manager; and Daniel Engstrom, Digital Marketing Manager. CEO Philip Edner will be available via Skype.

For more information please contact Michelle Plett, Plotagon at or Jeannine Jacobi of Fresh PR at (323) 903-7063 or

About Plotagon

Plotagon is a user-friendly creative app that allows anyone to tell stories as 3D animated videos. The method is simple: the user chooses the characters and scenes, writes their story in the form of dialogue, and adds sound effects and music all with easy drop down menus and clicks of a button. After the user has finished tweaking the video, it is a matter of pressing play and the app animates the movie automatically - no need for knowledge of animation at all. Behind the scenes, Plotagon takes care of lighting, camera angles, animation, lip-syncing, and editing. Users only need to focus on communicating their stories. For more information, please visit


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Plotagon is a Swedish start-up based in Stockholm. Plotagon is developing an app that lets anyone create and share 3D animated videos within seconds. More information about Plotagon can be found at: