Top 5 Orlando Vacation tips by Policy Store

(Dallas, TX) Summer is just around the corner and that means vacation time isn't far away either.   Here at The Policy Store, we care about the way you spend your summer vacations and that is exactly why we are providing you with the Top Orlando Vacation Tips for this weeks release.

1.) is known for making their customers feel “home” away from home.  There suites are both affordable and specious to fit all of your families needs. There suites feature refrigerators, microwaves, separate dining area, coffee makers, hair dryers, CD players, and flat panel televisions to name a few.   Better yet, if you are feeling stressed, guests can relax in their room and request an in-room massage.  Orlando suites with kitchens are a better way to travel with families. 

2.) understands the importance of a family vacation.  And for some of us, a a family vacation includes our pets.  At Family Suites Orlando, they understand how difficult it can be finding a hotel that allows yours pets.  That is exactly why they offer various suites that will allow you to bring your pet along.  These suites also feature a full kitchen and depending on the number of rooms, your suite can sleep up to 10 people! brings family togetherness at its' best!

3.)  is known for their family oriented suites for cheap prices. Each hotel suite  has the option of coming fully equipped with their very own kitchenette.  A refrigerator, microwave and sink are all included.  Who says you can't enjoy a late night movie with popcorn in your very own room?

4.)  The name says it all!  If you are looking for a hotel with you family and beloved pet, can help!  There is an array  of options when it comes to Orlando pet friendly hotels including: kitchens, suites, and pet friendly options so your stay with be relaxing and stress free.  After all, it is your vacation. 

5.) is known for their great hotels for great prices! offers affordable hotels and suites in the Orlando area.  When choosing their suites, you have the option of picking one, two, or three bedrooms.  A kitchen is also  included in their suites.  Less money spend eating out equals more money to spend on activities! is a better way to travel.  Tip: When looking for a family suites, Orlando visitors should look into reserving a package deal.  For example, Orlando hotels with kitchens may be reserved in conjunction with tickets to theme parks, rental cars, etc. 

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