Ingrid Bonde Chairman of Hoist Finance

Ingrid Bonde is Chief Financial Officer at Vattenfall and has extensive experience in the financial sector, including, among other, leading positions at the Financial Supervisory Authority, AMF and the Swedish National Debt Office. Annika Poutiainen has a background as Nordic Head of market surveillance at Nasdaq and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. "Hoist Finance is an exciting company in a growing market. The implementation of the Basel III regulations means that European banks will continue to have a great need to sell portfolios of non-performing consumer loans. Hoist Finance has made an impressive repositioning in recent years, with strong growth and now has the platform to act on the opportunities available in the market. My task is to use the experience I have to guide and support the company in its future development," says Ingrid Bonde on her new assignment. "The board now has the competence and experience needed to take the next step in its development. The composition and experience of the board in working in a regulated environment is an asset to the company, both from a governance and a market perspective," says Annika Poutiainen. The Board of Directors now consists of Ingrid Bonde, Chairman, and Directors Annika Poutiainen, Gunilla Wikman, Per-Eric Skotthag and Jörgen Olsson. About Hoist Finance Hoist Finance is a trusted debt restructuring partner to global banks and financial institutions, offering a broad spectrum of advanced solutions for acquisition and management of non-performing unsecured consumer loans. The total carrying value of Hoist Finance’s acquired loans is approximately EUR 800 million at 30 September 2014. Hoist Finance is a Pan-European debt purchase company with presence in eight European markets. Hoist Kredit AB (publ) is licensed and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, and is funded by the internet-based savings deposit service HoistSpar in Sweden, with more than 60,000 accounts, and by senior and subordinated unsecured bonds of in total SEK 1.1 billion as well as EUR 100 million in senior unsecured bonds listed on Nasdaq.  The information above has been published pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act (Sw. lag om värdepappersmarknaden) and Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act (Sw. lagen om handel med finansiella instrument). This information was released for publication at 15.00 CET on 16 November 2014. For further information, please contact: Jörgen Olsson, CEO Hoist Finance Jane Niedra, IR Hoist Finance Contact details: Phone +46 (0)8 55 51 77 90; +46 (0) 725 500 013 Email:

The University of Tromsø Expands Use of Asetek’s Liquid Cooling

November 17, 2014 — Asetek®, the world’s leading supplier of computer liquid cooling solutions (http://file///C:/Users/ase/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook/I8VH1SMU/, today announced that it has received an order for five RackCDU™ to expand on the University of Tromsø’s (UiT) existing installation in Norway. The order is of strategic importance to Asetek as it is a repeat order following 12 months of real life pilot testing and builds on UiT’s previously announced ( program to reduce energy consumption in the University’s new HPC (High Performance Computing) facility. In addition, this installation of RackCDU D2C™ is the first to enable waste heat recovery by using the heat from the servers to heat the university campus. “Asetek is particularly pleased with the expansion of the UiT’s Stallo cluster. UiT was our first RackCDU customer and their extensive pilot testing has validated our performance, reliability and waste heat re-use claims (,” said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. “Asetek’s liquid cooling for data centers address key European issues such as high energy costs, the need for “green” technology and the importance of waste energy reuse.” RackCDU D2C is a “free cooling” solution that captures server heat, reduces data center cooling costs by over 50% and allows increases in data center server density. D2C removes heat from CPUs, GPUs, and memory modules within servers using water, eliminating the need for chilling to cool these primary sources for overheating of computers and servers. About AsetekAsetek is the world leading provider of energy efficient liquid cooling systems for data centers, servers, workstations, gaming and high performance PCs. Its products are used for reducing power and greenhouse emissions, lowering acoustic noise, and achieving maximum performance by leading OEMs and channel partners around the globe. Asetek’s products are based upon its patented all-in-one liquid cooling technology with more than 2 million liquid cooling units deployed in the field. Founded in 2000, Asetek is headquartered in Denmark with offices in California, China and Taiwan. For more information, visit  For further information, please contact:Andre S. Eriksen, Chief Executive OfficerMobile: +45 2125 7076, e-mail:

Three out of ten young Europeans lack money and urge for more home economics educations

A great many young people around Europe have little confidence in their financial wellbeing, according to a new study from credit management company Intrum Justitia. Only one in five in the 15 to 24 age group believe that their particular age group can manage their money successfully. And the further south you move in Europe, the greater the money management problem being articulated by younger Europeans. With approximately three out of ten young Europeans (32%) saying they cannot make their money go round, youngsters in southern European countries are clearly struggling the most. As many as two out of three young people in Greece (66%) and Portugal (62%) say they are often broke. The consequences are potentially dire: Many young people in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy say the situation has reached a point where they are actively considering moving to another country due to the financial straits in their home country. Changes in patterns of consumption Close to four out of ten (38%) young people in Europe say they regularly spend money online and about one in four (24%) are spending more money online than in physical stores. The country where young people spend the most money online are Germany, closely followed by Austria and Ireland. The lowest proportion is found in Greece, Portugal and Slovakia. - Education is a key step towards reducing the upsurge in Europe in personal debt. It has become increasingly more common to shop online compared to shopping in physical stores. This creates a consumption behavior where you can shop anytime and anywhere. Young people need to be taught money management at an early stage and better understand the consequences of falling into debt, Lars Wollung continues. +-------------------------------------------+---+|Lack of money have resulted in not being |35%||able to pay a bill during the past six | ||months | |+-------------------------------------------+---+|After paying bills, I have no money left at|25%||all | |+-------------------------------------------+---+|It often happens that I don't make my money|29%||go round | |+-------------------------------------------+---+|Base: All respondents in European Consumer | ||Payment Report 2014 | |+-------------------------------------------+---+ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+---+|I would need more education to handle my money/monthly budget better |29%|+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+---+|At the moment I do not have enough money for a dignified existence |29%|+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+---+|It often happens that I don't make my money go round |32%|+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+---+|Base: Young Europeans (15-24 years) in European Consumer Payment Report 2014| |+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+---+ In the report Intrum Justitia lists what measures consumers can take in order to keep their household cash flow healthy: 1. Work out your spending to spend within your means. Get a handle on your household expenses by listing every expense you have each month with the aim of not spending money you don’t have. And follow up on what you have spent. 2. Think twice before buying something, do you really need it? 3. Always read the small print and avoid extra costs by always paying on time. 4. By keeping communication going and striving to reach a solution, you may be able to find ways of solving your debt problem. 5. Don’t avoid any money problems you may have, get advice as soon as possible and work to get a firm grip on your economic situation. To request the full report, please visit About Intrum JustitiaIntrum Justitia is Europe’s leading Credit Management Services (CMS) group and offers services designed to measurably improve clients’ cash flows and long-term profitability, including purchase of receivables. Founded in 1923, Intrum Justitia has some 3,600 employees in 20 countries. Consolidated revenues amounted to around SEK 4.6 billion in 2013. Intrum Justitia AB has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since 2002. For further information, please visit About Intrum Justitia Consumer Payment ReportThe first European Consumer Payment Report was launched in 2013. As ‘catalysts for a sound economy’, Intrum Justitia see the need to regularly take the pulse of more than 21.000 of consumers in Europe. The aim is to better understand the realities of life driving consumer behavior when it comes to paying for products and services. The data in the European Consumer Payment Report is based on external self-completion online research, done by strategic research company Trendbox. For further information, please contact: Madeleine Bosch, Head of ECPR, Intrum JustitiaMobile: +31 64 6212 579E-mail: Annika Narling, Acting Communications DirectorMobile: + 46 76 789 24 04E-mail:

SCA and WSSCC Partner to Break Silence around Menstruation

“A majority of adolescent girls and women in the world do not have access to adequate information about menstruation nor access to sanitation or hygiene products,” said Jan Johansson, President and CEO of SCA. “With the WSSCC partnership SCA aims to break the menstrual taboos that jeopardize the health of millions of women every day, raise the awareness of menstrual hygiene and empower women and communities to take action, as menstruation should not hold women back to participate fully in society socially, educationally and professionally.” The parties announced the partnership in Cape Town, South Africa, in connection with Team SCA’s first stop-over in the Volvo Ocean Race round the world competition. During the Cape Town stop-over, Team SCA attended a menstrual hygiene workshop with girls and women from Khayelitsha and Gugulethu townships, where experts from WSSCC, the Volunteer Center (a Cape Town NGO), and SCA led a training session and discussion of the challenges that women face in managing their periods. “Safe and hygienic menstruation is a basic human right and fundamental to women’s equality,” said Chris Williams, executive director of WSSCC. “Securing this right requires action at every level of society, from the girls and women of Khayelitsha and Gugulethu to multinational companies like SCA. I am proud that SCA has stepped up to the challenge, and I look forward to working closely with them to continue breaking the silence around menstruation.” In many developing countries, millions of women and girls are left to manage their periods with solutions at hand, such as cloth, paper or clay and no access to private toilets, water or soap. Sanitary products like pads are unaffordable or simply unavailable, and urinary or reproductive tract infections are common. As a result, girls miss valuable days in school, and women are unable to work, stifling productivity and advancement. For example, a recent study of three high schools in South Africa found that a third of girls had missed school due to menstruation, while in Bangladesh, most employed women miss about six days of work each month. Watch: · Attached pictures from SCA and WSSCC menstrual hygiene workshop with girls and women from Khayelitsha and Gugulethu townships, Cape Town, South Africa. · UN TV shows an example on how WSSCC work with the Indian government to change the curriculum in India on Managing Menstrual Hygiene.  ( About WSSCC The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council is at the heart of the global movement to improve sanitation and hygiene, so that all people can enjoy healthy and productive lives. Established in 1990, WSSCC is the only United Nations body devoted solely to the sanitation needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized people. In collaboration with our members in 150 countries, WSSCC advocates for the billions of people worldwide who lack access to good sanitation, shares solutions that empower communities, and operates the Global Sanitation Fund, which since 2008 has committed $97 million to transform lives in developing countries. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @WatSanCollabCou (http://file///C:/Users/seqmasa/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.Outlook/1K58L13F/ and Facebook at (

The 2014 Silver Audience Award goes to Xavier Dolan’s Mommy

In collaboration with the film channel Silver, the Stockholm Film Festival lets the audience choose their favorite film. This year’s Silver Audience Award goes to Xavier Dolan’s Mommy. Dolan visited the festival during its first week, and met the audience in an exclusive Face2Face. The Silver Audience Award was granted for the first time in 2009, when The Cove, by Louie Psihoyos received the most votes. Other award winning films include Jonathan Levine’s 50/50, and Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. There are three ways for the audience to vote: at the theatre after a film has been screened, at the festival website, or through the festival voting app. Each film in the festival program has been in the running, and votes were cast until the last day of the festival, Sunday November 16. This year, a record number of audience members voted - almost 8000. Mommy premieres in Swedish cinemas January 9, 2015. Swedish distributor: NonStop Entertainment. The following 10 films received the most votes: 1. Mommy by Xavier Dolan 2. Birdman by Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu               3. The Salt of The Earth by Juliano Ribeiro Salgado och Wim Wenders 4. Whiplash by Damien Chazelle 5. Red Army by Gabe Polsky 6. The Good Lie by Philippe Falardeau 7. The Imitation Game by Morten Tyldum 8. Girlhood by Céline Sciamma 9. A Girl at My Door by July Jung 10. Trash by Stephen Daldry This year’s most watched films: Birdman by Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu The Imitation Game by Morten Tyldum Dear White People by Justin Simien Gentlemen by Mikael Marcimain Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy Wild by Jean-Marc Vallée Girlhood by Céline Sciamma Mr. Turner by Mike Leigh Foxcatcher by Bennet Miller A Pigeon sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence by Roy Andersson Maps To the Stars by David Cronenberg Dyke Hard by Bitte Andersson The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby by Ned Benson Young Sophie Bell by Amanda Adolfsson Whiplash by Damien Chazelle Trash by Stephen Daldry The Tribe by Myroslav Slaboshpitskiy Black Coal, Thin by Ice Yi’nan Dao Red Army by Gabe Polsky Winter Sleep by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

New scheduled flights from Finnair for winter 2015/2016: Ho Chi Minh City, Eilat, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Madeira

Finnair is offering new scheduled flights to popular holiday destinations for next winter season, including Ho Chi Minh City, Eilat, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Madeira. Several of these destinations have previously been served with flights chartered by tour operators, but by now offering scheduled services, Finnair is catering to increasing demand from travelers who prefer to tailor their own holiday experience. · Flights to Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City are operated once a week between 10 December 2015 and 24 March 2016. Ho Chi Minh City, previously named Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam, with 9 million people living in the metropolitan area. · Finnair operates to Eilat from Helsinki once a week between 28 October 2015 and 23 March 2016. Located where the Negev Desert meets the northern tip of the Red Sea, Eilat averages 360 sunny days per year and is well regarded for its beaches, water sports and nightlife. · Finnair flies to Lanzarote once a week between 31 October 2015 and 26 March 2016. Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is known for its volcanic origin and unique nature, charming beaches and small beautiful villages. · Finnair flies to Fuerteventura once weekly between 25 October 2015 and 20 March 2016. Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and is a magnet for surfers, sailors and kayakers. · Finnair starts scheduled flights to Madeira already in summer 2015, and flies to the island on Mondays all year starting 27.4.2015. Madeira is a popular year-around holiday destination that combines beautiful landscapes, hiking opportunities and the many attractions of the busy harbour city Funchal. Tickets for these and other destinations for winter 2015/2016 are now available at

Pandox Operations signs lease agreement for Grand Hotel Oslo

Pandox Operations has signed a lease agreement with Norwegian property company Eiendomsspar AS, who also owns 50% of Pandox AB, to take over operations at Grand Hotel Oslo from March 1st, 2015. Pandox Operations are already running operations at 16 Pandox owned hotels, but is now taking its first step into becoming an operator of hotels owned by external parties. – It’s a great honour to obtain the prestigious assignment of running operations at the historical Grand Hotel Oslo. The deal is in line with Pandox Operation’s strategy to sign lease agreements with other parties than Pandox and now we look forward to several more opportunities like this one, says Anders Nissen, CEO at Pandox. The Grand Hotel Oslo is located at the centre of Karl Johan, the main parade street in Oslo, and is the most famous and classical hotel in Norway. The hotel was inaugurated in 1874 and has gone through a number of renovations and modernisations since. The Grand Hotel Oslo hosts 292 rooms, including 54 suites, a large conference area and an exclusive Spa. Pandox Operations: · Number of hotels: 17 · Countries: Norway, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Canada and the Bahamas · Total number of rooms: 5 245 · Employees: ca 1 600 · Turnover: ca SEK 2 billion (ca 220m€) ________________________________________________________ For further information: Anders Nissen                                                                                         CEO, Pandox AB                 +46 (0)708 46 02 02

Cybercom provides digital signature services to Swedish Tax Agency

"Winning this security business is highly significant. It confirms our strong position in Connected Identity, a field with excellent growth potential. These federated and enabling security concepts create new opportunities for collaboration and Connectivity in the broadest sense within the community. The time has therefore passed when security solutions were an obstacle to the digital development of business activities," says Bo Strömqvist, Head of Sales at Cybercom Group. The signature service works with both the current system for e-identification (BankID and Telia) and with the new "Federation services for Swedish e-identification", provided for the public sector by the E-identification Board and enabled by Cybercom. "We are very proud of the confidence shown in us by the Tax Agency. This is a unique assignment in the industry, and demonstrates once again our leading expertise and delivery capabilities in the field of security and federation. We delivered the new Swedish public e-identification system to the E-identification Board last year. Together with the signature system for the Tax Agency, this gives us a fantastic opportunity to enable other public-sector organisations to gradually migrate their e-services into the new federation-based electronic identification system," says Björn Lindeberg, Business Manager at Cybercom. Delivery will take place under the e-management support services framework agreement, and includes complete service delivery for digital signatures to which the Tax Agency will link all of its e-services for Swedish citizens. A very high level of security is required.

Fleet Evolution Places High Emphasis on Promotion to Employees

The UK’s leading salary sacrifice car scheme specialist is urging employers to choose a supplier which goes the extra mile to increase employee take up rates. According to Fleet Evolution Director Andrew Leech, few salary sacrifice suppliers really put in the effort to explain the benefits and promote the scheme to staff, which is crucial in the first year. With Fleet Evolution’s promotion methods, launch events, email communication and on-site meetings with employees, it can record an average benefit adoption rate of 10%. Leech said, “If a supplier is given the privileged opportunity to supply vehicles to a client’s employees, they have a responsibility to proactively promote the benefits and ensure that every participant is maximising the value of the scheme. At Fleet Evolution, we’re committed to helping each and every customer get the most out of our service. That’s why we clock in a 10% first year benefits adoption rate which is unprecedented.” Despite the fantastic savings on offer, car salary sacrifice schemes are not widely understood by a large number of employers and employees. This means it is up to supplier to push the benefits and help participants take full advantage of what’s on offer. Fleet Evolution is advocating for change and sees it as a supplier’s fundamental duty to do everything they can to promote the scheme and ensure a healthy adoption rate. Fleet Evolution is the UK’s number one car salary sacrifice scheme offering its customers flexible plans that deliver tax efficiency, low administration and maximum value. As well as handing employees the chance to make significant on-road savings, a Fleet Evolution car salary sacrifice scheme increases staff retention, boosts company reputation and enhances employee satisfaction. Every customer enjoys a tailor made approach which ensures that they receive a plan that suits their individual needs. With a huge range of cars that are cost neutral to employers and offer employees and the chance to save up to 30% in motoring costs, Fleet Evolution is inherently advantageous. And with current clients ranging in size from 15 employees to 10,000, every business can enjoy the benefits. Mr Leech added, “At Fleet Evolution we have the time and passion for the subject matter, offering quarterly catch ups with new employees to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits on offer. Promotion is key and that’s what we excel in, which is why we are the supplier of choice for hundreds of businesses nationwide.” To find out more about Fleet Evolution and how the company is helping every client maximise the benefits of a car salary sacrifice scheme, visit the website at:  Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn:

Public Health England Report Reveals 20% of all Legionnaires’ Disease Cases Affect Londoners

The world’s leading legionella risk management experts are urging London organisations to be more aware of the risk of legionella after a recent report shows the number of cases rising year on year in the capital. The new report published by Public Health England titled “Legionnaires' disease in England and Wales 2013” has highlighted the disproportionate number of cases of this potentially fatal disease affecting Londoners.In 2013, there were a total of 384 cases of legionellosis reported in England and Wales, with 284 of them classified as confirmed cases of Legionnaires' disease. Of this number, 58 were in the London area, which represents just over 20% of all Legionnaires' cases. Worryingly, this is up on recent years, with 26 cases in the capital in 2011 and 40 in 2012. This is not the first time in recent years that the threat of Legionnaires’ disease has been highlighted in London. The potential for a problematic outbreak of the disease in the city has been stressed before in 2012, when a leaked report from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) said that London was at risk from a “catastrophic” outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. The reason for this, the report stated, was a poor management of evaporative condensers and cooling towers near the then forthcoming London Olympic venues and busy transport hubs. The HSE report contained details of its inspections in the area at 62 sites around the city, which were completed as part of London’s preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games. Staggeringly, at over 70% of the sites inspected, the health and safety measures were found to be of an insufficient standard - meaning that they were not being effective as they could be in preventing an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. According to the new study published in October 2014, things still aren’t improving in London in regards to controlling legionella bacteria. The report doesn’t make any conclusions as to the reasons why people in London are at a higher risk of contracting the disease, however it seems that compliance with the law is still a problem in the London area. Legionella Control International offer an independent and impartial risk management service to clients who need to effectively manage the risk in commercial environments. Experienced legionella specialist, Rob Boon, heads Legionella Control International’s London and South East team and is horrified by these figures which have come to light. He explains, “The findings of the latest Public Health England report highlights the fact that there is still work to be done to protect Londoners from the effects of Legionnaires' disease. Although outbreaks are fortunately fairly rare, the ramifications are real and can be devastating to those involved. It is essential that business owners, landlords, property owners and those responsible for managing properties satisfy their legal obligations to ensure that legionella is not ignored and left unmanaged within their properties. “Fortunately, it is relatively easy to implement risk management controls to ensure that the bacteria does not get a hold. UK tenants and businesses require complete compliance in this area which is why those that fail to observe the law can face hefty fines and civil action.” Legionella Control International, as part of its ambitious expansion plans now have a central London office to serve clients in the London and South East areas. With a dedicated team of experts, the specialists offer the capital the very best legionella risk management and compliance services, encompassing risk assessments, training, compliance auditing, expert witness and litigation support, water testing, facilities management services and more. To find out more about Legionella Control International visit the website at: Twitter: LinkedIn:

DABmotion sounds like perfect car gift

Celsus say the DABmotion ROLA car digital radio conversion kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to give someone their favourite choice of DAB stations this Christmas. Distributors Celsus hope to see orders flowing following new government marketing initiatives, underway as part of the UK’s migration to digital radio. 40 million tax disc reminders are raising awareness of the new DAB tick mark, ahead of a Christmas campaign featuring Formula 1 presenter Suzi Perry. DABmotion ROLA is a government tick mark approved in car DAB kit. Contents include a ‘black box’ interface, digital radio antenna and handy ROLA wheel remote control. It can be fitted to any car, without the need to change the radio, to deliver the full range of DAB audio choice on the move. You’ll get all your favourite stations thanks to a glass mount antenna that captures the DAB signal, which the ‘black box’ converts to FM, and then broadcasts wirelessly back through your existing FM radio. Controlling the choice of station is easy too thanks to the intuitive palm-sized ROLA wheel remote control. The tick mark approval proves DABmotion ROLA uses the latest technology, including automatic retuning, to maintain clear listening as you drive. Text information, like track, artist and station, will even appear on the existing radio display. The ‘black box’ is small enough to locate in the glovebox, or behind the dashboard. DABmotion ROLA retails at just £149.99 inc VAT. It can be self-installed and powered from the 12V socket, but professional installation for that fully integrated solution is quick and easy too. To find out more, or to buy online, please visit or follow @DABmotion on Twitter.

Notorious Tantric Love Guru – Stella Ralfini – seeks additional participants for Channel 5 documentary…

Stella Ralfini, qualified couples therapist and tantric love guru, writer of Omtopia and Three Faces of Sex amongst other titles (, will be conducting a Tantric Workshop filmed by Channel 5 where couples and singles seek relationship renewal and lovemaking advice under the able guidance of Stella. Stella comments: “After a tumultuous year during which began for me with enough negative publicity to sink the Titanic, I’m back to prove that with tough skin, perseverance and determination, the tide can turn. My error was a misjudged marketing campaign that was sadly misunderstood. However, like all pioneers I carried on and am pleased to report that Tantra is due for a comeback in a world sadly lacking in love. “For some months I’ve had a weekly guest spot on popular Irish radio show The Crackedi ( I’m in talks with a Greek TV channel to do a Tantra dating show series and next week I’m doing a documentary for Channel 5 which will see Tantra on mainstream TV in the UK. “This Channel 5 doc presents me with a delicious challenge because I shall be teaching a workshop in London on Saturday 22ndNovember (2 hours) for over 60s.  These are people who know little or nothing about Tantra (totally new for me!) but are willing to see whether the workshop can bring them closer in love and renew the spark between them. “So far I have a couple and two singles but would love to add another couple – And please know that whilst we touch on the subjects of lovemaking and sex, there is nothing in the workshop’s content to embarrass anyone.  I have actually created a brand new workshop for this Channel 5 doc to give a modern take on Tantra – so they can expect to rock n’roll and have a lot of fun as well as participating in traditional Tantra exercises.” Participants will have their travelling expenses paid, plus they will receive signed copies of popular relationship books – Omtopia (The 7 steps to enlightenment) and lovemaking manual Three Faces of Sex. 

Architects build the latest collaborative platform with the Threads® app

· pilot tests available for free to a limited number of practices · Webinar this Thursday 20th November Innovation award winning Threads® software ( has won interest from architects' practices seeking to speed up file sharing amongst project teams. It allows fast and easy searching across all a project's digital communications such as emails, texts and phone calls. Threads won a global Innovation award ( last month, when the Chairman of the judging panel described it as "an intelligent software product that makes sense of the multitude of digital communications. It is a godsend to productivity and will change the way we work.” Architects are being invited to find out more in a webinar this Thursday 20th November (, starting at 4pm. "A project team can generate hundreds, if not thousands of emails both between themselves and with external contractors, consultants, suppliers and other contacts." Explains John Yardley, the managing director of JPY, the developers of Threads. "Attachments maybe copied to all relevant personnel, but it doesn't take long for even the most sophisticated project management system to start to lose track of information as it is so dependent on people remembering to post the right files appropriately." "Threads does away with the need to cc all the parties you think might be interested. All messages are automatically backed up off site, together with key attachments, so it’s never a problem to find a file or even recover a message that is deleted.” John says. Quentin Cooper, science journalist, presenter of BBC Radio 4's Material World ( says "Threads combines, refines and mines all a company's isolated digital data. It weaves all a company's messages together, helping ensure it’s unrivalled, not unravelled." A webinar ( this Thursday, 20th November, 3pm-3.30pm GMT, provides a glimpse into its ease of use; contact for more information or register here ( ENDS Editor’s notes  JPY Plc is one of the most established software companies in the UK, starting in 1982. When it migrated its customer records from steel cabinets to digital disks, staff noticed that the gains made in digitisation were matched by a loss in collaboration. With a filing cabinet, staff had access to a physical, paper customer file - and it was obvious when someone else was working on it. The replacement digital versions mostly ended up hidden in private user emails. Worse, despite the phenomenal searching power of computers, users still had trouble finding documents or messages. As computer scientists working in the field of high-performance workflow, JPY were ideally placed to find a solution and the result is a software service called Threads®.   

Sandvik’s Capital Markets Day focused on execution and growth

As part of his presentation, Olof Faxander, Sandvik’s President and CEO, reaffirmed the company’s portfolio that also going forward will consist of five business areas. At the same time, he made it clear that Sandvik will evaluate further divestments within the business areas – as well as investigate acquisitions, all as part of the company’s continuous strategy to strengthen profitable growth. “Within this framework, Sandvik will focus on its core business by pursuing an active portfolio management model,” said Olof Faxander, pointing to the successful development of Sandvik Materials Technology as an example. “My colleagues at Sandvik Materials Technology have accomplished a tremendous turnaround and improved performance as a result of the Step Change program. They have streamlined production flows, reduced staff and removed managerial layers. Nevertheless, we can see the potential to make further improvements to performance through a continued focus on core operations at Sandvik Materials Technology, thereby supporting higher total returns for Sandvik,” said Olof Faxander. In his presentation, Olof Faxander outlined the way forward covering the growth potential in attractive segments and emerging markets. He emphasized the importance of innovative solutions and underlined how strong customer relations will drive aftermarket sales. Supply chain optimization, capital allocation and active portfolio management will be even more in focus. Active portfolio management and the execution of supply chain optimization are the drivers that will structurally improve profitability at Sandvik Mining and Sandvik Construction in the future. Sandvik Machining Solutions is well positioned in key segments with favorable growth opportunities, supported by important product launches in the years ahead. Strategic progress has been noted for Sandvik Venture’s portfolio: “The recent acquisition of Varel International Energy Services strengthens us in our efforts to build a solid platform in the oil and gas segment,” said Olof Faxander. During the Capital Markets Day, Sandvik reconfirmed its view from the third quarter on the current market conditions and updated its guidance on currency effects. The remaining guidance provided in the third quarter report for 2014 was left unchanged: Capex:                     Estimated at less than 5 billion SEK for 2014. Currency effects:      Taking into account currency rates during October, it is estimated that operating profit for the fourth quarter of 2014 will be positively affected by about 300 million SEK compared with the fourth quarter of 2013. Metal price effects:   Taking into account currency rates, stock levels and metal prices during October, it is estimated that operating profit for the fourth quarter of 2014 will be adversely affected by close to 50 million SEK. Net financial items:   Estimated at between -1.8 billion SEK and -2.0 billion SEK in 2014. Tax rate:                  Estimated at about 25-27% for 2014. At the Capital Markets Day, updates were provided on Sandvik’s long-term prospects. Information was provided on Sandvik’s US operations and a tour was arranged of the Aerospace Application Center in the new Sandvik facility in Fair Lawn, N.J. Innovation will play a key role in the future, and Sandvik’s R&D activities formed the cornerstones of the Capital Markets Day. Stockholm and Fair Lawn, 17 November 2014 Sandvik AB Sandvik AB discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at 12.30 on 17 November 2014. For further information, contact Ann-Sofie Nordh,, Vice President Investor Relations, tel +46 8 456 14 94, Oskar Lindberg, Investor Relations Officer, tel +46 8 456 12 30, Pär Altan, Vice President External Communication, tel +46 456 12 37 or Jessica Alm, Executive Vice President Group Communications, tel +46 8 456 12 88. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandvik GroupSandvik is a global industrial group with advanced products and world-leading positions in selected areas – tools for metal cutting, equipment and tools for the mining and construction industries, stainless materials, special alloys, metallic and ceramic resistance materials as well as process systems. In 2013 the Group had about 47,000 employees and representation in 130 countries, with annual sales of about 87,000 million SEK.

Cost-saving point of sale technology firm supply UK’s first Canadian Coffee chain

The Canadian coffee café franchise originated in 1975 in Toronto. Second Cup’s international expansion started in 2003 and now Second Cup cafes are located in 26 regions worldwide. Second Cup opted to fit its flagship UK shop with intelligentpos® technology to keep pace with the growing demands of its fast moving business. intelligentpos® technology is used on iPads which are pre-loaded with the cloud-based point of sale application. The portable system allows operators greater flexibility to process transactions wherever they occur. The flexible system is the next generation in EPOS technology, offering increased capability while retaining the fundamental features expected of a traditional EPOS system. Robin Knox, Director at Intelligent Point of Sale Limited, said: “We are delighted to work with Second Cup, a global operator offering world-class products to its customers, and to support their first UK operation. “As the coffee shop will cater to such a large volume of consumers, we know that intelligentpos® will allow the operation to work flexibly and efficiently.” intelligentpos® significantly cuts point-of-sale set-up costs. Robin added: “intelligentpos® is an affordable, flexible and easy to install point of sale business solution. “Our product allows business owners to remotely monitor their commercial activity and with no contracts or hidden costs and software updates and tech support included, our customers feel assured that they are maximising their own profitability when trading.” Second Cup’s first UK cafe is in the Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre, the largest inner-city shopping centre in Britain and Second Cup’s franchise partner for Manchester is expected to generate around 100 jobs over the coming years. Second cup have also installed intelligentpos® technology into its outlets in Ghana, Lithuania  and Yemen. Jim Ragas, President Second Cup International, said: "Second Cup cafés are designed to be a second home – where our valued customers can relax or work. Creating an efficient and straightforward experience for them when ordering and paying is an essential part of our service “intelligentpos® enables our staff greater functionality and flexibility when taking customer orders and communicating with other staff. “With such an intuitive product, designed by those who know the industry, Intelligent Point of Sale Limited has created a dynamic and cost-effective technology which, together with our fabulous coffee, will help us to remain ahead of the competition.” Notes to editors: Intelligent Point of Sale Limited 1. Edinburgh-based Intelligent Point of Sale Limited supplies computerised cash register software and hardware to small and large businesses through the UK. 1. The product – intelligentpos® - is an iPad and cloud-based point of sale application which allows businesses to process transactions with portable and flexible hardware and software. 1. intelligentpos® allows business owners to remotely monitor their commercial activity, manage staffing levels and alter products and offers. 1. intelligentpos®  is a hybrid cloud system, meaning that it is not internet reliant. 1. Founded in October 2012 by business partners Robin Knox and Paul Walton, Intelligent Point of Sale Limited employs 11 full-time members of staff in Edinburgh. 1. intelligentpos® packages start from £39 plus VAT per month for independent businesses. 1. Second Cup The Second Cup coffee café concept originated in 1975 in Toronto, Canada.  Second Cup’s international expansion started in 2003. Second Cup café operators are committed to serving the best and highest quality coffees in the world in an inviting ambience with uncompromising standards of customer service, product quality and freshness.  As a specialty coffee retailer, Second Cup has become a second home to hundreds of thousands of guests every day. 1. Second Cup cafés are located in 26 regions worldwide with over 130 operating internationally.  Second Cup cafés offer a variety of innovative and exclusive blends, espresso-based beverages and iced drinks, Whole Leaf Premium Teas, All Natural Frozen Yogurt, signature foods, indulgent treats and premium beverages in a warm and comfortable setting. 2. For further information, please contact: Rory Brown 0131 554 9150

Castellum sells the property portfolio in Värnamo and Växjö and one property in Gothenburg for SEKm 1,946

Castellum AB (publ) has, through the wholly owned subsidiary Fastighets AB Corallen, sold the company’s 53 properties in Värnamo and Växjö totaling 271,500 sq.m. The transaction also includes a property of 10,500 sq.m. in Gothenburg owned by the wholly owned subsidiary Eklandia Fastighets AB. The buyer is Hemfosa Fastigheter. The sales price amounted to SEKm 1,946 after reduction for assessed deferred tax and transaction costs of SEKm 98 in total. Hence, underlying property price amounted to SEKm 2,044, which was in line with latest valuation. In addition a rental guarantee is submitted of approx. SEKm 20, for which provision has been made. The change of possession will take place in December, 2014. With the acquisition 15 employees in Corallen’s property management organization in Värnamo and Växjö transfer to Hemfosa Fastigheter. “This is our largest single sale since Castellum’s IPO 1997. Now we continue to be a net investor, both through acquisitions and – above all – by new constructions, extensions and reconstructions”, says Castellum’s CEO Henrik Saxborn in a comment. “For example we have created the conditions by the land acquisition at the central railway station in Örebro city and on Lindholmen in Gothenburg, totalling SEKm 96.” “The transaction will strengthen the company and gives us better conditions to continue to deliver growth in income from property management – and hence create shareholder value to low risk”, Saxborn adds. Castellum AB (publ) discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. For further information, please contact Henrik Saxborn, CEO, phone +46 31-60 74 50 Castellum is one of the major listed real estate companies in Sweden. The fair value of the real estate portfolio amounts to approx. SEK 40 billion, and comprises premises for office, retail, warehouse and industrial purposes with a total lettable area of approx 3.7 million sq.m. The real estate portfolio is owned and managed by six wholly owned subsidiaries with strong local roots in five growth regions: Greater Gothenburg, the Öresund Region, Greater Stockholm, Mälardalen and Eastern Götaland. Castellum AB (publ), Box 2269, SE-403 14 Göteborg | Org nr/Corp Id no SE 556075-5550 | Phone +46 31 60 74 00 Fax +46 31 13 17 55 Castellum is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap.

Positive Thoughts and Card Access at your Fingertips: The Camsa Clip Inventor Jennifer An to Debut Product Release on Kickstarter

November 17, 2014 – Founder and Inventor Jennifer An is poised to launch her latest product, the Camsa Clip via Kickstarter on Monday, November 17 ( ).  The Camsa Clip is a simple and innovative tool that helps users pull cards out of wallets.  It can also be used as a card organizer, identifier and accessory.  Imagine something like a guitar pick, but smaller, that adheres flush to the edge of an ID card in your wallet.  It’s easy to use – each Camsa Clip comes with an adhesive backing; all you would have to do is peel the adhesive backing and stick the clip onto your favorite card.  As a socially conscious company, the Camsa Clip is made in the USA with eco-friendly materials. Jennifer, a second generation Korean American thought of the Camsa Clip in 2007 when she accidentally ruined her newly manicured nails as she attempted to pull her ID card out from her wallet.  She decided to go all in with her invention when she got her utility patent in the summer of 2013.  The creation of the clip began when she experienced positive changes in her life; she became thankful in all circumstances.  This gave her the idea of her company and product name, Camsa, which means “thank you” in Korean.  To infuse positivity, each Camsa Clip features a love inspired affirmation to remind users of their true selves (“I am love, fearless, gorgeous inside”).  Jennifer thought of this creative idea when she linked her life practice of posting positive affirmations with her invention, the Camsa Clip.  Jennifer added, “I’ve always wanted to use my invention as a way to give back to our community, but I didn’t know how until I infused my life purpose with my invention.  The Camsa Clip is not just a simple tool; it’s a lifestyle, movement and most importantly you.”  There is a sense of community and love each time the Camsa Clip is used. Thanks to the Camsa Clip’s original design, it is now possible for anyone to clear the clutter and easily access their favorite card.  Most people who have seen the Camsa Clip in action have stated something along the lines of, “That’s clever.  Why didn’t I think of that?”  Watch the YouTube demonstration video ( ).  In regards to her idea, inventor Jennifer explained, “I was tired of ruining my nails, misplacing and losing cards in my purse, and holding up the line at grocery stores.  The Camsa Clip solves that problem in an easy and effective manner.  It’s easy, you just stick the Camsa Clip onto your favorite card.  No more struggles and nail smudges.”  The unique design of the Camsa Clip allows you to place them on multiple cards, which makes it perfect for wallet organization.

What the Ruck Is Up With Reading?

Reading has been ranked second only to London for the number of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) per person. Not only that, but it's seen a growth of 5.2% in just two years, according to the Centre for Cities ( Reading's SMEs should not feel bad for coming second to London, nor should they feel London is taking business away. Instead, they should try tapping in to the London markets. Reading's big brother contributes 22% of UK GDP, representing a buoyant market ripe for our SMEs to target. Whether it's people or businesses, located or working in London; the best way Reading SMEs can bridge the economic gap, and even the playing field, is to target this market. And that's exactly what Reading-based entrepreneur Sarah Giblin has done with her invention the 'Riut Bag'. An acronym for Revolution In User Thinking, Reading based designer and entrepreneur Sarah Giblin said “I noticed in the commuter crush one day that there’s a problem with the conventional rucksack: the person behind you can access your belongings better than you. That’s an unnerving design problem in our densely populated cities." Rather than joining the commuters on their daily crush to the city, Sarah decided to target them for her start-up business. Reading's own RiutBag is designed to discreetly secure commuters' belongings in a stylish rucksack designed with the traveller's needs in mind. Commuters are big business; with companies such as Doddle cropping up just in time to launch for Christmas. Network Rail plan to invest a respectable 24m in getting shops fitted into station to help with parcel delivery at affordable rates. ( This bag is formed with the commuter in mind: zips to the rear of the rucksack against the wearers back, thereby preventing access unless it's removed; discrete pockets for travel tickets sewn into the shoulder-straps. Giblin also ensured the design was neutral, not geared towards male or female stereotypes. The RiutBag combines form and functionality. Designed to appear professional yet not ostentatious; it is equally ideal for the daily commute or for taking as a day-bag on holidays. It has the all-important 15" laptop carrying capacity, as well as compartments for an A4 notepad and separate pouch for your smaller personal belongings. Constructed to be fully waterproof and hard-wearing, built from Kevlar and foam-lined Cordura, the Riutbag is also ideal for those having a walk or cycle as part of their daily commute or holidaying experience. Funded using the crowd-sharing platform Kickstarter, the opportunity to purchase the bag via Kickstarter for £45 (including UK P&P) ends on 26 November 2014.

Prins Autogas Dieselblend 2.0 system chosen for 38 John Lewis Partnership trucks to achieve carbon footprint reduction targets

Prins Autogas UK is helping the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) achieve a reduction in the carbon footprint of the distribution fleet for its John Lewis and Waitrose retail businesses by converting 38 of its DAF CF HGVs to dual fuel vehicles using the Prins Dieselblend 2.0 CNG system. As a worldwide market leader in alternative fuel systems, Prins Autogassytemen B.V. Eindhoven was able to use its specialist knowledge to achieve JLP’s strict efficiency targets to reduce CO2e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) emissions, and also that its Dieselblend 2.0 system had to have less than eight per cent Eslip (Efficiency Slip) when fitted to the diesel engines of its DAF CF distribution fleet. The Prins Dieselblend 2.0 system is suitable for all diesel engines and works by using a fully computer controlled injection system to efficiently replace an optimum amount of diesel with gas (either CNG or LPG). It communicates directly with the vehicle’s ECU (via CAN-bus) and complies with strict regulations and all certifications required. With the Prins Dieselblend 2.0 system fitted, the JLP DAF CF’s are each expected to have a range of between 600 to 700 miles using the gas tanks, and once this supply is used up, the engine automatically and smoothly switches to using 100 per cent diesel for around another 200 miles. With an annual mileage in excess of 100,000 miles each, by using less diesel JLP will also be able to recover its investment in dual fuel technology as CNG is significantly cheaper than diesel. Justin Laney from JLP said: “We have big ambitions to reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet, and the use of low carbon fuels, especially bio-methane, is fundamental to this. We see dual-fuel CNG as a good pathway to using greater quantities of biomethane in our heavy truck feet. The Prins conversion met our performance criteria, and we now have 38 trucks running this system, delivering to both John Lewis and Waitrose branches. Commenting on the JLP order, Will Putter, Commercial Director, Prins Autogas UK said: “We are delighted to have been able to achieve the parameters and operating efficiencies JLP set us for its HGV fleet and to reduce its carbon footprint. The Prins Autogas Dieselblend 2.0 system has been developed to be used in a variety of vehicles and engines as a practical way to achieve emissions reductions for an existing fleet.” Prins Autogas UK specialises in diesel HGV dual fuel conversions (LNG/CNG/LPG) and provides high quality installations for private and fleet vehicles at its own conversion centre in Southampton, Hampshire, as well as via a national network of Prins installers. There are full details of the Prins Autogas UK systems available at, by emailing or by calling 02380 446467. Ends For further information please contact: Martin Hayes/John Rawlings, Automotive PR           t: +44 (0)20 7952 1070           e:

Core Spreads Offers Generous Bonus For New Traders

Traders signing up with financial spread betting provider, Core Spreads, can enjoy a bonus of up to £10,000 depending on their first month’s deposits, as the low-cost spread betting provider strives to provide the best trading platform for experienced traders. The bonus, which is one of the best in the spread betting industry, increases the first month’s net deposit by 10% for all new users, up to a maximum of £10,000, ensuring fantastic value for those who bring their trading expertise to the streamlined platform. This beats the bonuses of many established providers. A spokesman for Core Spreads says, “Our welcome bonus demonstrates that we’re committed to giving new users a generous start to their trading experience with Core Spreads. While many companies offer prizes like iPads or deposit-match bonuses up to certain amounts, our substantial bonus shows that we’re serious about giving experienced traders an advantage in the market.” There are a number of different types of bonuses on offer across the market, from first deposit bonuses to margin cuts. However, they all come with their downsides – first deposit bonuses often come with a defined amount that needs to be deposited before the user is eligible for the bonus. Margin cuts are a relatively new type of bonus, where brokers are willing to cut their margin so that clients can enjoy lower interest rates – and while this lowers interest rates, it also pushes up the risk. The bonus option offered by Core Spreads is flexible. Whatever a client deposits in the first month of trading with Core Spreads, they’ll get 10% extra, up to a maximum of £10,000. So someone who deposits £20,000 net over their first month with the independent spread betting provider would receive an extra £2,000 to trade, representing excellent value and a fantastic offer for experienced traders that know how to leverage those funds to their advantage.  The spokesman adds, “At Core Spreads we have a number of features in place to ensure that we’re considered one of the spread betting providers for experienced traders. Our website is noise-free and streamlined so that our members can get down to business, and we offer a range of credit options to reduce transaction costs for clients. The bonus is just another example of the way in which we prioritise our clients’ potential success in trading, and anyone who registers with us is eligible to receive this great incentive.” To learn more, try a one click demo or start trading go to * Terms and Conditions apply

ForgeFix adds advanced lubricant

As part of its commitment to offering a complete range of fixing and fastening solutions, ForgeFix has made another new addition to its product portfolio. The business - which already offers a diverse range of products including not only screws, nuts, nails and bolts but related items like telescopic ladders and drill bits - will now carry a high performance and technically advanced multi-purpose lubricant. Known as Q20, the lubricant is new to the European market but enjoys strong popularity across the wider world and market share of over 70% in its native South Africa. It owes much of its success directly to its impressive capabilities as well as its immensely innovative nature. First launched in 1950, Q20 can repel and remove water, act as a release agent and serve as a light duty lubricant. It can also be used as a cleaning fluid and to prevent rust on exposed metal surfaces. Q20 is so versatile in fact that it can be used for a huge range of applications from loosening stubborn fastenings, locks and catches to oiling chains, ball-bearings and other moving mechanical parts. It can also be used to displace moisture in ignition systems or power tool electrical motors, to remove corrosion and restore connectivity in electrical circuits, and even to extend the life of exterior light bulbs by as much as 30%. Aside from its enormous versatility, Q20 delivers the added benefit of exceptional penetrating power. As the product is denser than water, it can effectively get underneath any moisture that may already be present on the surface of an item being treated. Q20 is supplied in 150g and 300g aerosol cans with both can sizes featuring a 360º ball-bearing valve below the nozzle. This enables the cans to be used completely inverted with no loss of spraying performance and makes Q20 particularly suited to treating hard to reach areas. Five litre bottles and 25ltr drums are also available and are supplied with trigger spray bottles. ForgeFix is supporting the introduction of Q20 with a range of marketing collateral. This includes information leaflets as well as merchandising solutions for merchants and other stockists. Commenting on the addition of Q20 to the ForgeFix range, Mike Smith, marketing director at the company, said: “From the very first demonstrations of Q20 by the product’s manufacturers, it became clear that this multi-purpose lubricant is something special. We were astounded by its versatility and its performance. We’re also confident our customers and end-user will be equally impressed.” He continues: “Q20’s innovative nature makes it a perfect fit with the wider ForgeFix product portfolio and with our commitment to offering value-adding products that frequently make common trade tasks quicker, easier or more profitable.” More information on Q20 can be found at - ENDS -

Get the Office Christmas-ready with Engineered Cardboard Displays

With the festive season just around the corner, businesses up and down the nation will be drawing their attention to the office Christmas display.  While many employers and members of staff waste time decorating traditional trees, Printdesigns is offering a modern alternative in its Yuletide range of engineered cardboard displays. With five different version of Christmas trees made out of Re-board® and other festive shapes to choose from, companies can bring the office to life in an instant.  The cardboard displays include a bespoke artwork print, giving organisations the opportunity to create branded Christmas trees or creative snowmen! Mark Thompson, Sales Director at exhibition stand manufacturer Printdesigns said, “There is no better way to boost staff morale at the busy time of year than decorating the office.  We know some offices even have a competition to see who can best decorate their desk! For modern companies, our range of Christmas Themed Engineered Cardboard Displays are a great alternative to a more conventional approach to festive decorations.  The display stands can be placed in public areas, receptions, staff rooms or in meeting rooms and are sure to become the talking point of the building.” Manufactured in Sweden using innovative Re-board®, the cardboard displays are ideal for offices as they are cost effective and can be recycled along with other conventional paper and card items.  The Re-board®, is lightweight yet incredibly strong – it’s the strongest card available on the market.  Each festive display arrives flat-packed and allows for very easy and fast self-assembly. Many of the designs also feature incorporated shelving, making them perfect for retail settings or any other environment which calls for displaying products or work. Mark added, “It can be quite easy to go overboard on spending for the office decorations at Christmas time. When you add up all the separate components such as the tree, lights, tinsel, baubles, individual decorations, nativity scenes; the list goes on and on and budget is forgotten about. Now companies can buy everything they need to make the office warm and festive, and little extras can be added if budget allows.” Clients are urged to order fast with Christmas just around the corner, as Printdesigns expect a rush in the coming weeks. The Staffordshire based company is one of few in the UK who complete all printing in-house rather than outsourcing abroad. For more information about Printdesigns’ range of Christmas display stands and other portable solutions, please visit  

Cambridgeshire school students to cook and serve Michelin star menu

School students from Arthur Mellows Village College will be working with their school catering company Cucina Restaurants to cook and serve Michelin Star meal creations at a public Bistro Evening on Thursday November 20, 2014. Working with school Head Chef Simon Pollendine of Cucina, the students will prepare and serve three Cucina dishes of their choice from ten ‘British Classics’ created by double Michelin Star chef Phil Howard of The Square Restaurant in Mayfair. Set up by the College in conjunction with Cucina to provide an opportunity for students to work in a professional restaurant environment, this will be the 17th of the College's tri-annual bistro evenings which have been operating successfully for since 2009.  Commenting on the event, organiser Sally Nash said: “The bistro evenings are always popular with the public - tables tend to get booked very quickly. This is a fantastic educational experience for the students involved, as well as a great dining experience for local people. The students gain invaluable experience working in a proper restaurant kitchen.” School chef Simon Pollendine added: “This particular Bistro event will be a little more special, with students preparing Michelin dishes created for Cucina by one of the greatest living chefs – an amazing experience for any cook, let alone school students. Students will be working with me to cook the recipes created especially for us by one of my foodie heroes - Phil Howard of The Square in Mayfair.” (Pictured: Cucina Head Chef Simon Pollendine with ) Notes for editors: · Cucina, the first school caterer to install high calibre chefs into school kitchens, operates 47 school restaurants across the UK, serving a wide range of daily meal options cooked on site from fresh, locally sourced ingredients: · The Cucina Bistro Evening is held tri-annually at Arthur Mellows Village College · Cucina Restaurants recently presented 10 British Classic dishes created by Michelin Star chef Phil Howard to more than 50,000 UK secondary school students.

Launch Of New Transcend Jet Drives For MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air Revolutionise Data Storage

MacBook users, rejoice – a pioneering new collection of SSDs are set to offer unrivalled data storage and protection for the Pro Retina and Air models. Leading US supplier of computer memory solutions, Data Memory Systems, has launched a dynamic new selection of Transcend JetDrives specifically for MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air devices. Tech fans and Apple-lovers can now supercharge their Mac devices to the fullest extent with the highest quality memory on the market, thanks to this ultra-slick range of storage solutions, which offers both speed and stability. The brand new JetDrive SSDs come with a full upgrade kit complete with tools and instructions– so installing the new drive is a total breeze for all users. There are four different models available with different capacities ranging from 240GB all the way up to a fantastic 960GB - allowing JetDrive SSD allows users to stop scrabbling around for extra space and shuffling their files to manufacture some room on their device. Whether users are avid gamers, video editors or simply power users, all music, photos, videos, games and other files can be stored and accessed easily on their brand new drive. The JetDrives are also highly durable, ideal for carrying around and transporting files. Ideal for Mac users that travel regularly for work, the solid aluminium construction provides unrivalled protection for cherished files and important documents, ensuring that transporting data is a hassle-free experience. When considering an upgrade of this magnitude, many people wonder exactly what they’re going to do with their old SSD – and Transcend have solved this problem too. The JetDrive is delivered with additional external enclosure made from sturdy and hardwearing aluminum. When users have replaced their old SSD with a JetDrive, they can slot the older device into this extra enclosure for sleek, portable storage that can be used on-the-go. Not only do users get the benefit of having a powerful JetDrive installed on their computer, they can also convert their old SSD into an external storage device for free! For the stat-freaks and tech-heads out there, the Transcend JetDrives are also supplied with a unique innovation – the JetDrive Toolbox. Exclusively developed by Transcend, this software uses cutting-edge technology to monitor the status of the drive, so users can attain optimum write speeds and maximise the lifespan of their brand new SSD. Prices start at just $189.99 for one of the 240GB drives, and all of the Transcend JetDrive SSDs available from Data Memory Systems are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty – so users can be assured that they’re getting great value and lasting quality. For more information about Data Memory Systems and to browse the collection of memory and storage solutions in preparation for the 2014/15 school year, visit the website at: Facebook: Twitter:

VPS, the vacant property specialists, acquires CCTV and ATM security provider Camwatch

VPS is delighted to announce the acquisition of Camwatch, a specialist security provider to a wide range of sectors in the United Kingdom. The transaction completed today, Monday 17th November 2014. Based in Greater Manchester, Camwatch has over 10 years’ experience in developing security products. Over the last few years, Camwatch has developed an innovative CCTV solution that supports the security of construction and remote sites.  In addition to this Camwatch’s ATM locking bar is currently deployed in over 4,000 cash machines in the UK for a range of blue chip customers. Camwatch has its own accredited alarm and video Monitoring Centre. “Camwatch is a great business which offers innovative solutions and excellent customer service – two things that VPS also prides itself on. The Camwatch CCTV solution will provide us with technology to support our current manned guarding business as well as help us develop into new segments” says Mark Silver, CEO of VPS. “Camwatch’s 10 year experience fits well with our expertise in the security of managing problematic vacant properties and sites.” Phil Bunting, Director Sales and Technology from Camwatch said:  “We are looking forward to working with VPS to grow our business.  VPS offers both the investment and management support that we need to take Camwatch to the next level.  Camwatch has an excellent reputation for providing outstanding customer service and we will of course be continuing that.  From a customer perspective, it will be business as usual.” VPS’ core services cover the vacant, unoccupied and void property lifecycle from an initial risk assessment, to security, including monitoring, clearing, security, maintenance, manned guarding, cleaning and preparation.  These combined services protect properties or areas against unauthorised access and a variety of hazards such as arson, theft, squatting and unauthorised occupation.  --ENDS-- About VPS VPS ( secures more than 50,000 properties and employ over 900 staff in locations across the UK and mainland Europe. They specialise in securing, maintaining and managing vacant property across a wide range of customer and industry sectors including retail, pubs, social housing, commercial property and construction sites. Core building services cover the vacant, unoccupied and void property lifecycle from an initial risk assessment, to security, including guarding, CCTV monitoring, clearing, cleaning, maintenance and preparation.  These services protect properties against unauthorised access and a variety of hazards such as arson, theft, squatting and unauthorised occupation. About Camwatch Camwatch is a leading pioneer in specialist CCTV monitoring. Established in 1993, it currently monitors in excess of 20,000 cameras through its national monitoring station. This is manned 24 hours per day, every day of the year by highly trained personnel. With services that include CCTV monitoring, CCTV installation and maintenance, ATM locking bars, fire and intruder alarm monitoring, keyholding and response, lone worker protection, manned security guarding Camwatch has excelled in the remote response CCTV market for over 20 years. Additionally, Camwatch provides monitoring capabilities protecting all manner of remote sites, businesses, their assets and their staff by monitoring images from CCTV cameras and electronic devices installed all over the United Kingdom. Camwatch is a member of the SIA approved contractors scheme for security guarding, keyholding and public space surveillance (CCTV)

Liverpool John Moores University Honorary Fellowships November 2014

Liverpool John Moores University has released details of the Honorary Fellowships to be conferred during its graduation ceremonies this November.Recipients include the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, the Chief Executive of Liverpool’s oldest manufacturer, RS Clare & Co Ltd, and the Managing Director of Classic FM.The Fellowships are given in recognition of outstanding achievement by an individual in a given field or profession and to those who exemplify the University’s ethos to ‘dream, plan and achieve’.LJMU Vice-Chancellor Professor Nigel Weatherill said:“The Honorary Fellows each represent a different profession but they have all played a central and important role in making Liverpool a vibrant city for its citizens, visitors and businesses. Their passion and commitment reflects the ethos of LJMU in using teaching, research, knowledge transfer and outreach initiatives to impact on the way we live. I am delighted to formally welcome such inspirational role models to the University.”The following Fellowships will be conferred during LJMU’s graduation ceremonies at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 27th and 28th November 2014.Sir Jon Murphy QPM receives his Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his exceptional services to policing and community relations. Jon is the present Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, playing a key role in the continued delivery of local policing and meeting the needs of the community. He has been commended on fourteen occasions and was awarded the Queen's Police Medal in 2007 and knighted in the 2014 Birthday Honours for services to policing. He has a LLB (Hons) in Law from the University of Liverpool and a diploma in Applied Criminology from the University of Cambridge. He has worked with the University to develop the annual LJMU Chief Constable Lecture series, providing a fly-on-the-wall account of life as a Chief Constable running one of the UK’s largest and most diverse police forces.Darren Henley OBE receives his Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his outstanding contribution to arts and culture. Darren is the Managing Director of Classic FM. His two independent government reviews into music and cultural education resulted in the creation of England’s first National Plan for Music Education, new networks of Music Education Hubs and Heritage Schools, the BFI Film Academy and the new National Youth Dance Company. He is currently the chair of the government’s Cultural Education Board. His 27 books about classical music and musicians include the first official history of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Darren has worked with LJMU through its partnership with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to broadcast Classic FM live from the University, as part of the Liverpool International Music Festival, opening up exciting cultural experiences for its students and the city. Ian Meadows OBE DL in recognition of his outstanding contribution to business and the civic life of the city. Ian is the Chairman and Chief Executive of R S Clare & Co Ltd, Liverpool’s oldest manufacturer, founded in 1748. Over a career of 40 years in Liverpool, Ian has been involved in crime prevention, regeneration, trade associations and community affairs. He has received a number of accolades including an OBE for services to industry and a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. He was Deputy Lieutenant for Merseyside in 2003 and Honorary Colonel in 2006. He has also been awarded for setting up a facility for would-be entrepreneurs in deprived areas of Liverpool. Ian was the High Sheriff of Merseyside for the year 2013-2014.Press enquiries:Siobhan Coghlan/Clare Coombes: 0151 231 3369, 07929 999 394, to EditorsThe Honorary Fellowship is the highest award the University can bestow. Fellowships are typically conferred during the graduation ceremonies. Recipients are selected for outstanding achievements in their particular professional fields and for their association with the city and/or the University. Fellows of the University become closely associated with Faculty staff and students in their professional areas and often return to give seminars, masterclasses and guest lectures.

Libby Rector Snipe Joins Operation Lifesaver, Inc. as Director of Communications

See the release online: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            Libby Rector Snipe Joins Operation Lifesaver, Inc. as Director of Communications WASHINGTON, DC, November 17, 2014 – Libby Rector Snipe has been named director of communications for Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI,, OLI President and CEO Joyce Rose announced today. “Libby is a savvy strategic communications professional with extensive non-profit experience developing and executing integrated marketing campaigns,” said Rose. “Those skills, along with her expertise in content creation and branding, will help Operation Lifesaver, Inc. in its ongoing mission to increase public awareness of the need for caution near tracks and trains.” Rector Snipe has been with Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts since 2000, where she has served in a number of creative and marketing roles, including communications and marketing associate, copywriter/graphic artist, and assistant creative director.  Her talents include writing and public relations, designing and producing annual reports, marketing collateral, and email blast campaigns to increase exposure of Wolf Trap’s programs and mission. Most recently, she was communications/creative director for Wolf Trap, where she led a team of professionals in the development and execution of creative campaigns. She also created content for digital and print marketing campaigns, education materials, and executive communications, increased brand consistency for the web and social media, and planned social media strategy. An arts advocate, Rector Snipe serves on the board of Bowen McCauley Dance company in Arlington, Virginia, and previously was a press associate with the Madcap Players in Washington, DC. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana. Tweetables! · Libby Rector Snipe is Operation Lifesaver’s new Director of Communications! #seetracksthinktrain ( · Please help us welcome Libby Rector Snipe, our new Director of Communications! #railsafety ( About Operation Lifesaver Operation Lifesaver's mission is to end collisions, deaths and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and along railroad rights of way. A national network of trained volunteers provides free presentations on rail safety. Learn more at; follow OLI on Facebook (, Twitter (, Pinterest ( and Instagram ( ###

IAR Systems reveals support for RZ/T1 factory automation network solution from Renesas Electronics

Tokyo, Japan / Uppsala, Sweden—November 18, 2014—IAR Systems® announces support for the new RZ/T1 group from Renesas® Electronics Corporation. The RZ/T1 group is a factory automation solution with built-in industrial network functionality for use in industrial control equipment. Thanks to a close relationship with Renesas, IAR Systems supports RZ/T1 on an early stage through the world-leading C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench®. IAR Systems is the only tools vendor to provide development tools for the entire line-up of Renesas MCUs. In total, more than 4,000 Renesas devices are supported. The new RZ/T1 group is targeted for industry solutions with a focus on factory automation, control systems and industrial equipment. The tightly coupled memory of 544 KB enables high-speed real-time application execution without disruptions. The group includes hardware support for several industrial Ethernet protocols, enabling customers to achieve high-speed, high-precision processing with one single chip, increasing productivity and potentially reducing costs. “We are very glad that IAR Systems provides early support for our new RZ/T1 group,” says Akira Denda, General Manager of Industry & Appliance Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “IAR Systems' high-performance development tools will help our customers to reduce product development time and deliver real-time control and network connectivity to the industrial market in a timely manner.” “Renesas’ new RZ/T1 group is a true representation of a solution for the IoT era, providing not only improved real-time performance to factory automation, but also improved connectivity through industrial Ethernet,” says Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems. “Developers using IAR Embedded Workbench will be able to maximize the benefits of this technology. In addition, IAR Embedded Workbench supports not only all of the ARM cores, but also all Renesas MCU families. This means our customers can work with the whole line-up of Renesas MCUs using the same development toolchain.” IAR Embedded Workbench incorporates a compiler, an assembler, a linker and a debugger into one user–friendly integrated development environment. In addition to highly optimizing build tools, the toolchain offers extensive debugging features such as complex code and data breakpoints, runtime stack analysis, call stack visualization, code coverage analysis and power consumption monitoring. The toolchain is integrated with leading RTOS and middleware products. IAR Systems also offer a range of integrated in-circuit debugging probes, providing a simple, seamless and flexible development workflow. Support for the RZ/T1 group will be available in the next version of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM®. More information about the toolchain is available at ### Ends Editor's Note: IAR Systems, IAR Embedded Workbench, C-SPY, C-RUN, visualSTATE, Focus on Your Code, IAR KickStart Kit, IAR Experiment!, I-jet, I-scope, IAR Academy, IAR, and the logotype of IAR Systems are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by IAR Systems AB. All other products names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Terms for CDON Group’s rights issue set

Terms for CDON Group’s rights issue set · Shareholders in CDON Group have preferential rights to subscribe for one (1) new share per two (2) existing shares · The subscription price is SEK 13 per share, which represents total rights issue proceeds of approximately SEK 647 million before transaction costs · The rights issue is subject to approval by an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 21 November 2014 · The subscription period is 28 November – 12 December 2014 · Investment AB Kinnevik (”Kinnevik”), representing approximately 27 per cent of the capital in CDON Group, has through a subscription undertaking committed to subscribe for its shareholding in the rights issue. In addition, Kinnevik has committed to guarantee the remainder of the rights issue The rights issue The Board of Directors of CDON Group has set the final terms for CDON Group’s rights issue that was resolved on 21 October 2014. Shareholders in CDON Group have preferential rights to subscribe for 1 new share per 2 existing shares. Every existing share in CDON Group entitles the holder to 1 subscription right, and 2 subscription rights entitle to subscription for 1 new share. The subscription price has been set at SEK 13 per new share. This corresponds to a discount of approximately 26 per cent to the theoretical ex-rights price, based on the closing price on 17 November 2014 for CDON Group’s share listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Up to 49,756,593 new shares will be issued, which will increase the share capital with up to SEK 99,513,186, at full subscription. The total proceeds will, at full subscription, amount to approximately SEK 647 million before transaction costs. The rights issue is subject to approval by the shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 21 November 2014 at 10.00 CET at the offices of Advokatfirman Cederquist at Hovslagargatan 3 in Stockholm. The record date at Euroclear for the right to receive preferential rights is on 25 November 2014. The subscription period is 28 November – 12 December 2014 with the possibility for the Board to extend the subscription period. Subscription commitment and guarantee undertaking Kinnevik, representing approximately 27 per cent of the capital and votes in CDON Group, has through a subscription commitment undertaken to subscribe for shares in the rights issue corresponding to its shareholding in CDON Group. In addition, Kinnevik has through a guarantee undertaking committed to subscribe for the shares in the rights issue which potentially have not been subscribed for with or without subscription rights. Preliminary timetable 21 November 2014, Extraordinary General Meeting resolves on approval of the Board of Director’s rights issue resolution 24 November 2014, First day of trading in the CDON Group share excluding subscription rights 25 November 2014, Record date for allotment of subscription rights 27 November 2014, Estimated date for publication of prospectus 28 November - 10 December 2014, Trading in subscription rights 28 November - 12 December 2014, Subscription period 18 December 2014, Announcement of the preliminary result of the rights issue 30 December 2014, Date of announcement of the final result of the rights issue Financial and legal advisers SEB Corporate Finance is acting as financial adviser to CDON Group in the rights issue and Cederquist is acting as legal adviser to CDON Group. For further information, please visit or, contact: Paul Fischbein, President and CEOTel: +46 (0) 10 703 20 00 Questions from investors and research analysts: Nicolas Adlercreutz, CFOTel: +46 (0) 70 587 44 88E-mail: Questions from media: Fredrik Bengtsson, Head of Communications                                                        Tel: +46 (0) 700 80 75 04E-mail: The information in this announcement is such that CDON Group AB (publ) is required to disclose under the Securities Markets Act. This information was released for publication at 08:00am CET on 18 November 2014. About CDON Group CDON Group is the leading e-commerce group in the Nordic region. Since the start in 1999, the Group has expanded and broadened its product portfolio and is now a leading e‐commerce player in consumer goods and lifestyle products through, Lekmer, Nelly (,,, Gymgrossisten (,, and Tretti. The group also comprises the payment solution Qliro. In 2013, the group generated 4.4 billion SEK in revenue. CDON Group’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Mid-cap list under short name “CDON”. Important information This press release does not contain or constitute an invitation or an offer to acquire, sell, subscribe for or otherwise trade in shares, subscription rights or other securities in CDON Group. Invitation to the persons concerned to subscribe for shares in CDON Group will only be made through the prospectus that CDON Group intends to publish at CDON Group’s website, following the approval and registration by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen). The prospectus will contain, among other things, financial statements as well as information regarding CDON Group's Board of Directors. This press release has not been approved by any regulatory authority and is not a prospectus, accordingly investors should not subscribe for or purchase any securities referred to in this press release except on the basis of information provided in the prospectus to be published by CDON Group. In certain jurisdictions, the publication or distribution of this press release may be subject to restrictions according to law and persons in those jurisdictions where this press release has been published or distributed should inform themselves about and abide by such restrictions. This press release is not directed at persons located in the United States (including its territories and possessions, any state of the United States and the District of Columbia) (the ("United States"), Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan or in any other country where the offer or sale of the subscription rights, interim shares (Sw. betalda tecknade aktier) or new shares is not permitted. This press release may not be announced, published or distributed, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan or any other country where such action is wholly or partially subject to legal restrictions or where such action would require additional prospectuses, other offer documentation, registrations or other actions in addition to what follows from Swedish law. Nor may the information in this press release be forwarded, reproduced or disclosed in such a manner that contravenes such restrictions or would require such additional prospectuses, other offer documentation, registrations or other actions. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in a violation of the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") or laws applicable in other jurisdictions. In addition, if and to the extent that this press release is communicated in any European Economic Area member state that has implemented Directive 2003/71/EC (together with any applicable implementing measures, including Directive 2010/73/EC, in any member state, the "Prospectus Directive"), this press release is only addressed to and directed at persons in that member state who are "qualified investors" within the meaning of the Prospectus Directive and must not be acted on or relied on by other persons in that member state. This press release does not constitute a prospectus within the meaning of the Prospectus Directive or an offer to the public. In the United Kingdom, this press release is being distributed only to, and is directed only at (i) persons who have professional experience in matters relating to investments falling within Article 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005, as amended (the "Financial Promotion Order"), (ii) persons falling within Article 49(2)(a) to (d) (high net worth companies, unincorporated associations, etc.) of the Financial Promotion Order, or (iii) other persons to whom it may otherwise be lawfully communicated (all such persons together being referred to as "relevant persons"). This press release is directed only at relevant persons and must not be acted on or relied on by anyone who is not a relevant person. No subscription rights, interim shares or new shares have been or will be registered under the Securities Act, or with any other securities regulatory authority of any state or other jurisdiction of the United States and no subscription rights, interim shares or new shares may be offered, sold, resold, transferred, delivered or distributed, directly or indirectly, into or within the United States or on account of such persons other than pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to the registration requirements of the Securities Act, and in compliance with any applicable securities laws of any state or jurisdiction of the United States. There are no plans to register any securities mentioned in this press release in the United States or make an offer to the public in the United States.

Lighter and safer farm trailer wins Swedish Steel Prize University Challenge 2014

With the winning solution chassis weight could be reduced by over 20 percent – from 522 kg to 410 kg, and the chassis was safer. The two trailer prototypes that were built for the end customer have shown good performance and received positive reviews. The winning chassis solution was developed by Manuel Genzor, a civil engineer from Spain. The trailer chassis was originally developed by the Spanish trailer manufacturer Beguer, which in turn contacted the University of Zaragoza in northern Spain for help in testing the chassis performance. Genzor, who was studying for a degree in civil engineering, became interested in the project and used it for his thesis. With Sergio Sanchez from Beguer as his mentor, Genzor tested replacing mild steel parts in the chassis with the high-strength steel, Domex 700 MC. Beguer has even built and sold three more trailers since the project was completed. “This is a good example for both Beguer and SSAB of how a student project can develop into real business development projects,” said Luis Antunano, area sales manager for SSAB Specials Steels in Spain. The jury’s justification for Manuel Genzor winning the Swedish Steel Prize University Challenge 2014 is: In his master work, the winner has skillfully introduced advanced high-strength steel into an industrial product. He has demonstrated a holistic understanding of structural design, production and end-users requirements. The exemplary learning process starts with a straightforward computation of a reference layout, and continues with phased optimizations for different steel grades, geometries and attachments. Finally, the manufacturer’s successful test of the prototype and the launch of the product to the end-users have proven that this former student is now an innovative and competent engineer. For pictures, please visit SSAB’s image bank  ( For more information, please contact

NMG: Share capital increase registered

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by Nickel Mountain Group AB (the "Company") on 7 November 2014 regarding the result of the NOK 68 million Rights Issue. The share capital increase pertaining to the 68,107,020 new shares issued in the Rights Issue has now been registered with the Swedish Companies Register. The Company's new registered share capital is SEK 45,404,680, corresponding to a total of 90,809,360 shares with a nominal value of SEK 0.50 per share. This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Nickel Mountain Group AB: Torbjörn RantaManaging Director For more information, please contact: Torbjörn RantaManaging DirectorTel: +46 8 402 28 00Mobile: +46 708 855504E-mail: Cautionary Statement: Statements and assumptions made in this document with respect to Nickel Mountain Group AB’s (“NMG”) current plans, estimates, strategies and beliefs, and other statements that are not historical facts, are forward-looking statements about the future performance of NMG. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, those using words such as "may", "might", "seeks", "expects", "anticipates", "estimates", "believes", "projects", "plans", strategy", "forecast" and similar expressions. These statements reflect management's expectations and assumptions in light of currently available information. They are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, (i) changes in the economic, regulatory and political environments in the countries where NMG operates; (ii) changes relating to the geological information available in respect of the various projects undertaken; (iii) NMG’s continued ability to secure enough financing to carry on its operations as a going concern; (iv) the success of its potential joint ventures and alliances, if any; (v) metal prices, particularly as regards nickel. In the light of the many risks and uncertainties surrounding any mineral project at an early stage of its development, the actual results could differ materially from those presented and forecast in this document. NMG assumes no unconditional obligation to immediately update any such statements and/or forecasts.

CuckooMondo Launches Free App to Teach Children to Go Green and Slash Energy Bills

CuckooMondo has launched a free gamified app to teach children through the medium of story how to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. The energy saving app is set to be a hit with parents as it offers the potential of a £75 saving on electricity bills – all while the kids play and learn. The app, PolarXS, revolves around the engaging storyworld of ‘The Pearl’ consisting of a series of six books available in eBook or audiobook format.  With an initial saving of up to £75 per home using the first app, focusing on light and appliance energy saving, CuckooMondo plan to release further apps encouraging savings on water and heating bills and reducing waste. John McConnon, the founder of CuckooMondo said, “Polar XS is in testing at the moment but we’re expecting our first app to be extremely successful, and after that plan to bring out a range of green apps for children and adults to enjoy together.  Total savings from the use of our energy saving apps will be £350 per household, which is an amazing reduction!” Having worked with a plethora of local schools and clubs, the resource has gleaned promising statistics, with children reducing their use of lights and appliances by 39% after engaging with CuckooMondo. Children also saved an average of 10 litres of water per household per day, increased recycling by 20% and reduced their use of plastic bags. The empirical findings motivated CuckooMondo to utilise all of their data onto an app, honing it in one accessible place and hoping to expand its reach. The engagement of children nationwide has been flourishing, with students from Shiney Row Primary school in Sunderland making a host of successful savings due to their activities with CuckooMondo. The pupils were so keen, they wrote directly to David Cameron to share their findings and enquired regarding the Government’s intentions to go green, which received a response from Cameron’s environment office. John said, “CuckooMondo’s goal is to introduce children to lasting sustainable habits. We aim to become the number one “go-to” resource for primary aged children when it comes to learning about and implementing eco-friendly practices. Children learn through stories about sustainability issues and what they can do about them, practice it directly, make savings and share what they find with others. It’s interactive, engaging and fun whilst also being highly informative.  We’ve already made huge stepping stones, with some schools changing their curriculum after seeing students’ reactions to our activities and receiving communication from Number 10.” The company’s website has an array of resources to use to teach children about sustainability and the environment, suitable for schools, youth clubs, cubs, brownies or any community group or parent. With ebooks, cartoons, blogs and now the new PolarXS app, children can achieve amazing things and share those achievements on the online platform. Signing up to CuckooMondo is completely free, and anyone signing up before Christmas will receive a free audiobook too. Book one of ‘The Pearl’ series will be sent as an audiobook  as a thank you for registering. To find out more about CuckooMondo and register for your free audiobook visit To find out more about the new app coming soon, visit

Ericouture Launches Campaign to Increase Nationwide Awareness of Universal Children’s Day 2014

20/11/14 marks the 60th year of Universal Children’s Day. A day which is celebrated in over 90 countries worldwide – but not in the UK. Ericouture, a London-based luxury fashion brand that celebrates culture through design, is launching Universal Children's Day in the UK and encourages other leading UK brands to join in the celebration by participating in the social media-driven Universal Children’s Day Challenge. Furthermore, Ericouture is aiming to raise money for Make-A-Wish® UK by donating 50% of the profit from its Presidential Collection. To recognise the day and raise its profile in the UK from the 20thNovember, Ericouture will be calling on all children both locally and globally to partake in the Universal Children’s Day Challenge (for 60 days).  This includes answering questions to get an insight into the life of children in 2014; What is the best thing about being a kid? If you could be President for the day what would you do or change? All children and adults are urged to spread their messages through popular social media channels, using the bespoke campaign hashtags #UniversalChildrensDay, #kidsfashion and #ericouture. Ericouture has already produced a video which is set to go viral, to kick off the campaign asking kids a simpler question: What is fashion? Amusing, heart-warming answers ensue, with some very interesting perspectives from all the children involved! Yordie Kidane, Creative Director of Ericouture says, “As a brand we really aim to inspire positive change through design, and increasing public awareness of Universal Children’s Day is a great way to do so. Participating in Universal Children’s Day, kids across the UK will develop a mutual understanding and respect for children of different cultures around the world. By wearing a piece of clothing from our Presidential range, they will also be making a difference to the lives of seriously ill children through donations to Make-A-Wish." Yordie added, “We're encouraging everyone in the UK to participate in celebrating these wonderful human beings, who add so much laughter and light to our world. Our celebration starts on 20 November 2014 and ends on 18 January 2015 – 60 days to commemorate 60 years of the global UN inspired festivity. This will enable us to increase awareness, inspire children and raise money for Make-A-Wish.” The Presidential collection from Ericouture features hoodies and tees with a simple slogan branded across each item in children’s handwriting: president. Purchasing any item from the range will directly help the Make-A-Wish®Foundation support young people with serious illnesses. Amanda Williams, Director of Fundraising (Make-A-Wish) said, “We are really excited about this wonderful partnership – Ericouture is a positive and inspirational brand interested in children’s perspectives and their fashion dreams. This year Make-A-Wish hopes to grant 900 wishes to seriously ill children and young people in the UK, and we need to raise £7 million to continue granting wishes in the future. Sales from Ericouture’s Presidential range will help us grant these magical wishes to very deserving children.” The charity’s CEO Neil Jones said, "This is great news. I think Make-A-Wish is a really good fit for Ericouture and their desire to celebrate Universal Children's Day and raise funds.” To find out more about Ericouture and the Presidential Collection, visit To watch the full Universal Children’s Day campaign video, visit: YouTube: Twitter:


LAS CRUCES, NM. (Nov 17, 2014) Focused Sun of Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA ( is planning to shake up the solar industry with an inexpensive module that captures four times more energy than a conventional solar panel of the same size. The module, called FourFold, produces both electricity and hot water. It can pay for itself in as little as two years, bringing local jobs plus cheap, clean energy. For every dollar spent, you capture four fold more solar energy. A FourFold covers most of modern energy needs: its electricity powers lights, refrigerators and air cooling, while its heat can warm a home or drive boilers. In the developing world, the module is needed in village clinics where it can sterilize water and refrigerate vaccines. The fabrication technology to make FourFold solar modules in small local factories can be licensed from Focused Sun. A town as small as 5,000 can support a solar factory. These aren’t short term jobs: most towns and small cities will take decades to solarize. Costs of the module’s collector are similar to a same-sized conventional PV panel because sandwich fabrication is used for the module’s mirrors. Sandwich fabrication is the most efficient structure for resisting the wind, the highest force a solar panel must withstand. Conventional PV solar panels capture 20% of the sun’s energy as electricity. In the FourFold module, four mirrors concentrate the sunlight into a narrow strip of overhead PV cells, capturing just as much electricity. More important, coolant pumped through the absorber captures an additional 55% of the sun’s energy as heat. Altogether, the FourFold collects 75% of the sun’s energy, 500 W of electricity and 1500 W of heat for 2000 W total. The attached shed stores energy overnight: heat in an insulated tank and electricity in batteries. With low costs and high efficiency solar capture, payback can be as low as 2 years. Focused Sun founder Rene Francis (Hallsberg, Sweden) said, “This solar technology can outperform anything else you could find in the world. And the best part is it can be built locally.” Referring to Princeton University’s eight stabilization wedges needed to avoid global warming, he adds, “If PV solar is one Princeton wedge, then this technology is four wedges. That’s half the global warming problem.” Shawn Buckley, 460 Avis Rd., Las Cruces, NM 88007; PH +1-408-806-2299 Focused-Sun Logo: ( Shawn: Mirror: 1a Mirror: 2a Mirror 3a Mirror 4a ( wedges: High resolution pictures are available on request

The IKEA Group Makes Largest Wind Farm Investment to Date

[Conshohocken, PA – November 18, 2014] The IKEA Group announced today that it has purchased its second wind farm in the United States from Apex Clean Energy: a 165-megawatt wind farm in Cameron County, Texas. This represents the single largest renewable energy investment made by the IKEA Group globally to date. The wind farm will contribute significantly to the IKEA Group 2020 goal of producing as much renewable energy as the total energy the company consumes globally. The Cameron Wind farm is expected to be fully operational in late 2015. Earlier this year IKEA Group announced its first U.S. wind farm purchase located in Hoopeston, Illinois. The Cameron Wind farm will be more than one-and-a-half times the size of the Hoopeston project. Together, the IKEA Hoopeston and Cameron wind farms are expected to generate nearly 1,000 gigawatt hours of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of around 90,000 American households.[1] (http://#_ftn1) “IKEA believes that the climate challenge requires bold commitment and action,” says Rob Olson, IKEA US Acting President and CFO. “We invest in renewable energy to become more sustainable as a business and also because it makes good business sense. And as a home furnishings retailer with sustainability in our roots, we are committed to providing products and solutions that help our customers be more sustainable in their everyday lives.” IKEA Group has now committed to own and operate 279 wind turbines in nine countries, and will invest a total of $1.9 billion[2] (http://#_ftn2) in wind and solar power up to the end of 2015. IKEA has also taken steps to further the development of a low-carbon economy by supporting key initiatives including the People’s Climate March (, UN Climate Summit (, RE100 (, and the Climate Declaration ( Mark Kenber, CEO of the non-profit organization The Climate Group, said: “IKEA was one of the first major companies to recognize that tackling climate change makes good business sense. IKEA has set commendable renewable energy targets for its own company, and its actions are positively influencing business practices and the energy market. It has played an instrumental role in setting up ‘RE100’, The Climate Group’s global initiative to support businesses in switching to 100% renewable power.” IKEA renewable energy investments in the U.S. to date now include: 104 wind turbines located on wind farms in Hoopeston and Cameron; 165,000 solar panels installed on 90% of IKEA buildings across the U.S., providing an additional 38 megawatts installed capacity; and geothermal integrated into the heating and cooling systems of two U.S. store locations, in Centennial, Colorado, and Merriam, Kansas. Cameron Wind is located in a particularly favorable wind area in the south of Texas, which is the leading state in the U.S. for wind energy production. The wind farm will be fully owned by the IKEA Group and will be constructed and managed by renewable energy company Apex Clean Energy. The project will use 55 Acciona Windpower 3-megawatt turbines. “Apex is excited to partner with IKEA once again to bring clean, renewable energy from wind to market in the U.S.,” added Apex President, Mark Goodwin. “Both companies understand that this abundant resource is great for the planet, great for our business and great for our shared future.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] (http://#_ftnref1) Calculated using the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s ‘Average Residential Monthly Bill by Census Division and State’: [2] (http://#_ftnref2) Calculated at 11/17/14 exchange rate (€1=$1.25). IKEA Group made the €1.5 billion commitment in 2009.

Notificaton to AGM

The shareholders of RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS AB are hereby summoned to the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the Company’s offices at Regeringsgatan 29 in Stockholm. Participation, etc To be entitled to participate in the Meeting, shareholders must be recorded in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB no later than on Friday, December 12, 2014 notify the Company of their intention to attend the Meeting no later than Monday December 15, 2014, under the address RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS AB, Box 161 42, SE-103 23 Stockholm, or by calling +46 (0)8-410 520 00 or by emailing: When notifying the Company, information concerning the number of shares, name, personal registration number, address, telephone number and any attending advisors must be included. Trustee-registered shares To be eligible to participate in the Annual General Meeting, shareholders whose shares are registered in the name of a trustee must request that their shares be temporarily re-registered in their own names in the register of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB. Shareholders desiring such re-registration must inform their trustees of this well in advance of December 11, 2014, the date at which such re-registration must be completed. Number of shares and votes The Company has a total of 33 912 176 shares carrying one vote each. Proposed agenda 1 Opening of the Meeting. 2 Election of Chairman of the Meeting. 3 Preparation and approval of the voting list. 4 Approval of the agenda. 5 Election of one or two minute-checkers to sign the minutes. 6 Determination of whether the Meeting has been duly convened. 7 Address by the President. 8 Presentation of the Annual Report and the Auditors’ Report as well as the Consolidated Accounts and the Auditors’ Report on the Consolidated Accounts for the September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014 fiscal year. 9 Adoption of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet and the Consolidated Income Statement and Consolidated Balance Sheet. 10 Resolution concerning disposition of the Company’s profits in accordance with the adopted balance sheet. 11 Resolution concerning discharge from liability of the Board of Directors and of the President. 12 Determination of the number of Board members and the number of auditors and deputy auditors. 13 Determination of the remuneration to be paid to the Board of Directors and auditors. 14 Election of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board. 15 Election of Auditors. 16 Proposal regarding principles for remuneration and other conditions of employment for company management. 17 Motion regarding resolution on the principles for appointing the Nomination Committee. 18 Closing of the Meeting. Draft resolutions Election of Chairman of the Meeting (Item 2)The Annual General Meeting on January 16, 2014 passed a resolution on the principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee, etc. The Nomination Committee’s proposal below is supported by shareholders representing approximately 52.9 percent of the share capital and votes in the company.The Nomination Committee proposes that Laszlo Kriss be elected Chairman of the Meeting. Resolution concerning the disposition of the Company’s profit/loss in accordance with the adopted balance sheet (Item 10)The Board of Directors proposes that no dividend be paid for the September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014 fiscal year, and that the unappropriated earnings at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting be carried forward. Election of Board members, remuneration, etc (Items 12, 13 and 14) The Nomination Committee proposes:- that the Board of Directors comprise six members,- that the number of auditors be one without any deputy auditors,- that fees totaling SEK 1,275,000 be paid to the Board of Directors as follows: SEK 350,000 to the Chairman of the Board, SEK 160 000 to each non-executive Board member, with a special fee of SEK 75,000 to be paid to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and SEK 25,000 to each of the other two members of the Audit Committee,- that Auditor’s fees be paid in accordance with approved invoices,- that Laszlo Kriss, Ann-Sofie Danielsson, Per Thunell, Ivar Fransson, Michael Lemner and Monika Elling be re-elected as Board members. Election of Auditor (Item 15)The Nomination Committee proposes that Ernst & Young be elected as the Company’s auditor for the period ending at the close of the 2014/2015 fiscal year. The auditing firm intends to appoint Authorized Public Accountant Johan Eklund as the Auditor in Charge. Proposal regarding principles for remuneration and other conditions of employment for company management (Item 16)The board proposes that the AGM resolves to follow the guidelines for remuneration and other conditions of employment for company management stipulated in the appended proposal. Proposal concerning principles for appointing the Nomination Committee (Item 17)The Board proposes that the AGM resolve to comply with the principles for appointing the Nomination Committee stipulated in the appended proposal. ___________________________________________ The Annual Report documentation according to Item 8 above, including the Auditors’ Report pursuant to Chapter 8, Section 54 of the Swedish Companies Act, will be available at the company’s offices at Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm and on the Company’s website no later than November 27, 2014 and will be sent to shareholders who so request and who submit their postal address. Shareholders are reminded of their right pursuant to Chapter 7, Section 32 of the Swedish Companies Act to request information from the Board of Directors and President. Information on all the members nominated to RNB’s Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee’s statement supporting the proposal concerning the election of Board members is available on the Company’s website as of November 20, 2014. The form for power of attorney is available for downloading at: RNB RETAIL AND BRANDS AB (publ) Stockholm, November 2014 Board of Directors


Click to Tweet: ( .@AllegiantTravel announces its arrival at @NO_Airport with fares from $45 and free flights for a year giveaway FOR DOWNLOADABLE BROADCAST QUALITY VIDEO VISIT: •Allegiant B-roll footage NEW ORLEANS. Nov.18, 2014 — Allegiant (NASDAQ: ALGT ( today announces new non-stop, jet service to New Orleans, the carrier’s newest destination. Seasonal service between New Orleans and Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis, and year-round service between Orlando, will begin in early February, just in time for travelers to celebrate Mardi Gras. In celebration of its arrival in New Orleans, Allegiant, known for its affordable and convenient travel deals, will offer introductory one-way fares as low as $45*. In commemoration of Allegiant’s debut in New Orleans, the carrier is also offering local travelers the opportunity to win free** Allegiant flights for an entire year. One lucky winner and a friend will fly free from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport as frequently as once a month for a year. To enter, visit ( “We are very excited to announce New Orleans as our newest destination city and to offer Allegiant travelers the option of vacationing in New Orleans for less,” said Jude Bricker, Allegiant Travel Company senior vice president of planning. “Over 75 percent of New Orleans visitors are here for vacation, making the city a perfect fit for Allegiant’s brand of low-cost leisure travel. With four routes and eight flights a week, we expect to bring a significant number of new visitors to experience all that NOLA has to offer.” New routes announced include: Seasonal service to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) from: 1.     Cincinnati, Ohio – begins Feb. 4, 2015 through May 5, 2015 with fares as low as $85* one way.2.     Columbus, Ohio – begins Feb. 5, 2015 through April 8, 2015 with fares as low as $85* one way.3.     Indianapolis – begins Feb. 5, 2015 through May 5, 2015 with fares as low as $85* one way. Year-round service to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) from: 1.     Orlando, Fla. – begins Feb. 5, 2015 through Aug. 17, 2015 with fares as low as $45* one way. The new flights will all operate twice weekly. Flight days and times and the lowest fares can be found only at (                  “We have been in discussions with Allegiant Air since I came to New Orleans, and I am very pleased to announce our efforts have paid off,” said Iftikhar Ahmad, Airport director of aviation. “This service creates new non-stop destinations for New Orleans and incremental tourism passengers who otherwise would not have had direct access to our great city. With ultra-low fares and non-stop, all-jet service, Allegiant provides a complete travel experience with great value.” Allegiant brings with it a unique travel option to the New Orleans community. Focusing on low-cost leisure travel, the company provides customers with low base fares averaging nearly half of the cost of the average domestic round-trip fare. The innovative business model has allowed the company to grow from one aircraft and one route just over a decade ago, to offering access to convenient, affordable service in over 90 communities nationwide. *About the introductory one-way fares:Seats are limited. Price includes taxes and fees. Fares are one-way and not available on all flights. Must be purchased by Nov. 20, 2014, for travel by May 5, 2015. Price reflects debit card discount; credit card price higher. For optional services and baggage fees, please visit ( Additional restrictions may apply. **About the free flight giveaway: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, 18 and older. Void elsewhere and where prohibited. Sweepstakes ends Nov. 26, 2014. Subject to complete official rules at (

Alfa Laval wins SEK 115 million energy-efficiency order in Canada

The Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers will be used for heat recovery, providing reused heat in the oil production process, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. “This is our sixth large oil and gas-related order in a three-month period,” says Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group. “It confirms our position as a strong supplier of equipment for the demanding applications seen in this industry.” Did you know that… Canada is one of the world's five largest energy producers and the principal source of U.S. energy imports? About Alfa Laval                                                                                                         Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialized products and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. The company’s equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. The solutions help them to heat, cool, separate and transport products in industries that produce food and beverages, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, starch, sugar and ethanol. Alfa Laval’s products are also used in power plants, aboard ships, oil and gas exploration, in the mechanical engineering industry, in the mining industry and for wastewater treatment, as well as for comfort climate and refrigeration applications. Alfa Laval’s worldwide organization works closely with customers in nearly 100 countries to help them stay ahead in the global arena. Alfa Laval is listed on Nasdaq OMX, and, in 2013, posted annual sales of about SEK 29.8 billion (approx. 3.5 billion Euros). The company has today, after the acquisition of Frank Mohn AS about 17 500 employees.  For more information please contact:Peter TorstenssonSenior Vice President, CommunicationsAlfa LavalTel: + 46 46 36 72 31Mobile: +46 709 33 72 31Gabriella GrotteInvestor Relations ManagerAlfa LavalTel: +46 46 36 74 82Mobile: +46 709 78 74 82

NeuroVive: Interim Report 1 Jan. 2014 to 30 Sep. 2014

Third Quarter (1 Jul. 2014 – 30 Sep. 2014) · Net revenues were SEK 7,152,000 (0) and other operating income was SEK 2,000 (201,000). · Loss before tax was SEK -3,761,000 (-6,751,000). · Earnings per share* were SEK -0.18 (-0.33). · Diluted earnings per share** were SEK -0.18 (-0.33). Nine months (1 Jan. 2014 – 30 Sep. 2014) · Net revenues were SEK 7,152,000 (5,335,000) and other operating income was SEK 1,173,000 (1,586,000). · Loss before tax was SEK -27,328,000 (-12,957,000). · Earnings per share* were SEK -1.07 (-0.72). · Diluted earnings per share** were SEK -1.07 (-0.72). * Profit/loss for the period divided by the average number of shares before dilution at the end of the period.**Profit/loss for the period divided by the average number of shares after dilution at the end of the period. Business highlights in the third quarter of 2014 NeuroVive signed a global outlicensing agreement with US biotechnology company OnCore Biopharma relating to the development and commercialization of NeuroVive’s drug candidate NVP018 for oral treatment of chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection. The licensing agreement provides OnCore with exclusive global rights to develop oral formulations of NVP018 for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B-infection. The agreement can give NeuroVive $150 million (SEK 1 Bn) in conditional milestone payments plus royalties on future sales. The payments covered by the licensing agreement are conditional upon the occurrence of uncertain future events. This means that if these events fail to occur, for example because of the insufficient efficacy or safety of the product, payments that are dependent on such events will not be made. For more information about the agreement and associated risks, please refer to the press releases dated 9 and 11 September on NeuroVive’s website. Read the interim report attached below NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) is obligated to publish the information contained in this press release in accordance with the Swedish Securities Market Act. This information was provided to the media for publication at 8:30 CEST on November 19, 2014.

Truck deliveries in October 2014

Volvo Group Deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in October 2014 amounted to 22,244 vehicles. This was a decrease of 5% compared with the year-earlier month. On a regional basis October deliveries declined by 14% in South America, primarily due to lower deliveries in Brazil. Deliveries in Europe declined by 22%, mainly as a result of high deliveries in 2013 during the pre-buy ahead of the EU6 emission legislation and lower deliveries in France due to general slow economic development in 2014. Deliveries in North America increased by 21% in October. Total deliveries by market for all brands (Volvo, Mack, Renault Trucks, UD Trucks and Eicher): +---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Delivered Units |October |Change|Year-to date |Change|+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Volvo Group |2014 |2013 | |2014 |2013 | |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Europe |7,536 |9,655 |-22% |59,189 |62,821 |-6% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|   Western Europe |6,077 |7,494 |-19% |46,291 |49,036 |-6% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|   Eastern Europe |1,459 |2,161 |-32% |12,898 |13,785 |-6% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|North America |5,891 |4,857 |21% |47,847 |36,839 |30% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|South America |1,868 |2,167 |-14% |19,432 |23,814 |-18% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Asia |2,911 |2,847 |2% |26,372 |23,054 |14% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Other markets |1,545 |1,371 |13% |13,918 |13,030 |7% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Total Volvo Group |19,751|20,897|-5% |166,758|159,558|5% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+| | | | | | | |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Light duty (< 7t) |1,492 |1,448 |3% |11,969 |10,717 |12% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Medium duty (7-16t) |1,485 |1,567 |-5% |12,338 |13,497 |-9% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Heavy duty (>16t) |16,774|17,882|-6% |142,451|135,344|5% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Total Volvo Group |19,751|20,897|-5% |166,758|159,558|5% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+| | | | | | | |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Non-consolidated operations| | | | | | |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Eicher (100%) |2,486 |2,614 |-5% |25,257 |27,250 |-7% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|DVT (100%) |7 |4 |75% |65 |185 |-65% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+|Total Volumes |22,244|23,515|-5% |192,080|186,993|3% |+---------------------------+------+------+------+-------+-------+------+ Volvo In October 11,460 Volvo trucks were delivered, a decrease of 5% compared with the same month last year. In Europe 4,377 vehicles were delivered during October, down by 21% compared with October 2013. The decline was mainly a result of high deliveries in 2013 during the pre-buy ahead of the EU6 emission legislation. Demand in North America continued to be good and deliveries increased by 23% to 3,544 vehicles in comparison with the same period last year. Deliveries in South America decreased to 1,783 trucks in October, a decrease of 7% compared with October 2013. Deliveries by market area: +-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Delivered Units |October |Change|Year-to-date |Change|+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Volvo |2014 |2013 |  |2014 |2013 | |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Europe |4,377 |5,552 |-21% |34,632|35,181|-2% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|   Western Europe |3,192 |3,764 |-15% |24,305|23,717|2% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|   Eastern Europe |1,185 |1,788 |-34% |10,327|11,464|-10% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|North America |3,544 |2,880 |23% |28,202|20,966|35% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|South America |1,783 |1,921 |-7% |18,004|21,277|-15% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Asia |1,312 |1,335 |-2% |10,365|9,792 |6% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Other markets |444 |436 |2% |4,884 |4,474 |9% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Total Volvo |11,460|12,124|-5% |96,087|91,690|5% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+| | | | | | | |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Medium duty (7-16t)|151 |220 |-31% |1,637 |1,385 |18% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Heavy duty (>16t) |11,309|11,904|-5% |94,450|90,305|5% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+|Total Volvo |11,460|12,124|-5% |96,087|91,690|5% |+-------------------+------+------+------+------+------+------+  Mack Deliveries for Mack in October totaled 2,421 vehicles, a 11% increase compared with October 2013. Deliveries by market area: +-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Delivered Units |October |Change|Year-to-date |Change|+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Mack |2014 |2013 | |2014 |2013 | |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Europe | | | | |1 |-100% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|   Western Europe| | | | |1 |-100% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|   Eastern Europe| | | | | | |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|North America |2,290|1,931|19% |19,426|15,479|25% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|South America |41 |163 |-75% |592 |1,686 |-65% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Asia | | | |9 |14 |-36% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Other markets |90 |84 |7% |871 |793 |10% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total Mack |2,421|2,178|11% |20,898|17,973|16% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+| | | | | | | |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Heavy duty (>16t)|2,421|2,178|11% |20,898|17,973|16% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total Mack |2,421|2,178|11% |20,898|17,973|16% |+-----------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+  Renault Trucks In October 3,917 trucks were delivered by Renault Trucks. The deliveries of heavy duty trucks declined by 30% to 2,014 trucks in October compared with the year-earlier month. The decline was mainly a result of high deliveries in 2013 during the pre-buy ahead of the EU6 emission legislation and lower deliveries in France due to general slow economic development. Deliveries of light duty trucks increased to 1,360 trucks, up by 5%. Deliveries by market area: +--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Delivered Units |October |Change|Year-to-date |Change|+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Renault Trucks |2014 |2013 |  |2014 |2013 | |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Europe |3,159|4,103|-23% |24,557|27,639|-11% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|   Western Europe |2,885|3,730|-23% |21,986|25,318|-13% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|   Eastern Europe |274 |373 |-27% |2,571 |2,321 |11% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|North America |31 |34 |-9% |134 |158 |-15% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|South America |30 |80 |-63% |554 |713 |-22% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Asia |183 |154 |19% |2,646 |1,705 |55% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Other markets |514 |426 |21% |3,981 |4,021 |-1% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total Renault Trucks|3,917|4,797|-18% |31,872|34,236|-7% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+| | | | | | | |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Light duty (< 7t) |1,360|1,297|5% |10,665|9,497 |12% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Medium duty (7-16t) |543 |611 |-11% |3,468 |5,462 |-37% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Heavy duty (>16t) |2,014|2,889|-30% |17,739|19,277|-8% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total Renault Trucks|3,917|4,797|-18% |31,872|34,236|-7% |+--------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+  UD Trucks In October 2014, UD Trucks delivered 1,958 trucks, which was an increase by 9% compared to October last year. Deliveries by market area: +-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Delivered Units |October |Change|Year-to-date |Change|+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|UD Trucks |2014 |2013 | |2014 |2013 | |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|North America |26 |12 |117% |85 |236 |-64% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|South America |14 |3 |367% |282 |138 |104% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Asia |1,414|1,358|4% |13,348|11,543|16% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Other markets |497 |425 |17% |4,182 |3,742 |12% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total UD Trucks |1,951|1,798|9% |17,897|15,659|14% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+| | | | | | | |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Light duty (< 7t) |132 |151 |-13% |1,304 |1,220 |7% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Medium duty (7-16t)|791 |736 |7% |7,233 |6,650 |9% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Heavy duty (>16t) |1,028|911 |13% |9,360 |7,789 |20% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total UD |1,951|1,798|9% |17,897|15,659|14% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+| | | | |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Non-consolidated operations | | | |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|DVT (100%) |7 |4 |75% |65 |185 |-65% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total volumes |1,958|1,802|9% |17,962|15,844|13% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+  Eicher* Eicher delivered 2,486 trucks in October which is a decrease by 5% compared to the amount of trucks delivered in October 2013. Deliveries by market area: +-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Delivered Units |October |Change|Year-to-date |Change|+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Eicher (100%) |2014 |2013 | |2014 |2013 | |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Asia |2,486|2,614|-5% |25,257|27,250|-7% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total Eicher |2,486|2,614|-5% |25,257|27,250|-7% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+| | | | | | | |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Light duty (< 7t) |316 |437 |-28% |4,046 |3,798 |7% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Medium duty (7-16t)|1,567|1,718|-9% |14,891|17,451|-15% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Heavy duty (>16t) |603 |459 |31% |6,320 |6,001 |5% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+|Total Eicher |2,486|2,614|-5% |25,257|27,250|-7% |+-------------------+-----+-----+------+------+------+------+ *As of 2013 Eicher is reported under the equity method and consequently sales and deliveries are not consolidated in to the Volvo Group. November 19, 2014 Reporters, who would like more information, please contact: Volvo Group Media Relations:Kina Wileke, +46 31 323 72 29 Truck brands:Renault Trucks, Fabrice Piombo, +33 472961220Mack, Kim Pupillo, +1 336 393 2640Volvo, Anders Vilhelmsson, +46 31 322 38 79UD Trucks, Mansoor Ahmed, +86 10 65829122 Investor Relations:Christer Johansson, AB Volvo +46 31 661334Patrik Stenberg, AB Volvo +46 31 661336Anders Christensson, AB Volvo +46 31 661191John Hartwell.  +1 201-252-8844 For more stories from the Volvo Group, please visit The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 110,000 people, has production facilities in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2014 the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to about SEK 270 billion. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm. For more information, please visit or if you are using your mobile phone. AB Volvo (publ) may be required to disclose the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at 08.30 a.m November 19, 2014.

Cortendo Appoints Ruth Thieroff-Ekerdt as Chief Medical Officer

November 19, 2014 -- Göteborg, Sweden and Radnor, Penn., U.S. -- Cortendo AB [ticker: CORT on NOTC-A], a global biopharmaceutical company focused on orphan endocrine disorders, today announced the appointment of Ruth Thieroff-Ekerdt, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer effective December 15, 2014.  Dr. Thieroff-Ekerdt brings more than 25 years experience across diverse therapeutic areas and orphan diseases in all aspects of drug discovery, development and regulatory approval. She will oversee Cortendo’s Phase 3 SONICS trial for COR-003 (levoketoconazole) in Cushing’s syndrome and all other Cortendo R&D programs.  “Ruth’s strong background in managing the drug development process from the lab to global regulatory approval along with her experience in orphan diseases makes her a valuable addition to the Cortendo leadership team,” said Matthew Pauls, President and CEO of Cortendo. “We are rapidly advancing our pipeline, with one Phase 3 trial underway and a Phase 1 trial expected to begin during 2015. We know Ruth is well-suited to keep these important trials moving forward, while advancing our efforts to identify new drug candidates for orphan endocrine diseases.” “I look forward to joining the team and using my expertise to further advance the important work Cortendo is doing for people with rare endocrine diseases,” said Dr. Thieroff-Ekerdt. “I am passionate about ensuring that good science drives clinical decision-making, a belief shared by the entire management team at Cortendo.” Most recently, Dr. Thieroff-Ekerdt was Chief Medical Officer at Aptalis Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired in February 2014 by Forest Laboratories for $2.9 billion. Prior to joining Aptalis, Dr. Thieroff-Ekerdt was Chief Medical Officer at Eurand Pharmaceuticals, and she held positions of increasing leadership in clinical and research functions at Bayer Consumer Care, Berlex Inc., and Schering AG. Dr. Thieroff-Ekerdt received her M.D. as well as a Dr. med degree from the Free University Berlin in Germany. She has pursued additional specialization in pharmacology and toxicology, including training in clinical pharmacology. About CortendoCortendo AB is a global biopharmaceutical company incorporated in Sweden and based in the United States. The Company’s strategic focus is to be the global leader in commercializing innovative medicines for orphan endocrine disorders. Cortendo is leading the way in the field of cortisol inhibition through the investigational drug, COR-003 (levoketoconazole) currently being studied in the Phase 3 global SONICS trial for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome. The company’s intent is to independently commercialize its Orphan/Endocrine assets in key global markets, and partner non-strategic product opportunities, such as diabetes, at relevant development stages.Cortendo’s lead drug candidate is being evaluated in a global Phase 3 trial for treatment of Cushing’s syndrome. COR-003 (levoketoconazole) has received orphan designation from both the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Risk and UncertaintyThe development of pharmaceuticals carries significant risk. Failure may occur at any stage during development and commercialization due to safety or clinical efficacy issues.  Delays may occur due to requirements from regulatory authorities, difficulties in recruiting patients into clinical trials due to physician or patient preferences or competing products, not anticipated by the company. There is no assurance that Cortendo will receive marketing and regulatory approvals necessary to commercialize or produce COR-003 or other products. Regulatory approvals may be denied, delayed, limited or revoked.The commercial success of COR-003, if approved in a territory, cannot be predicted with certainty. In addition, Cortendo may face the risk of interrupted supply of COR-003 for clinical or commercial use from the subcontractors Cortendo has contracted. Cortendo Forward-looking StatementsThis press release contains forward-looking statements concerning Cortendo that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. All statements other than statements of historical facts included in this press release, including, without limitation, statements regarding the Company’s future financial position, strategy, anticipated investments, costs and results, plans, projects to enhance efficiency, outcomes of products development, future capital expenditures, liquidity requirements and objectives of management for future operations, may be deemed to be forward looking statements. These forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company’s actual results, performance or achievements or industry results to be materially different from those contemplated, projected, forecasted, estimated or budgeted, whether expressed or implied, by these forward looking statements. Given these risks and uncertainties, investors should not place any undue reliance on forward-looking statements as a prediction of actual results. None of these forward-looking statements constitutes a guarantee of the future occurrence of such facts and data or of actual results.  These statements are based on data, assumptions and estimates that the Company believes are reasonable. The forward-looking statements contained in this document are made only as of the date hereof. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates of any forward-looking statements contained in this press release to reflect any change in its actual results, assumptions, expectations or any change in events, factors, conditions or circumstances on which any forward looking statement contained in this press release is based. Investor and Media Contacts: Alexander LindströmChief Financial Officer, Cortendo ABOffice : +1 610 254 9200Mobile : +1 917 349 7210E-mail : LaVoie Health ScienceDavid Connolly or Kristina ________________________________ Cortendo AB (publ) Sweden: Box 47SE-433 21 PartilleTel. / Fax. +46 (0)31-263010 USA: 555 East Lancaster Ave.Suite 510Radnor, PA 19087Tel. +1 610-254-9200Fax. +1 610-254-8005

Samuli Naamanka’s impressive Kimono pattern rejuvenates the Semba Center Building in Osaka

Just a couple of years ago the Semba Center Building ( in Osaka, Japan, was an unsightly bazaar-like complex of ten buildings housing textile companies in the city centre, dividing Osaka in two. Originally built in the 17th century, and now partially located beneath a motorway flyover, the Semba Center Building had reached such an age that the officials demanded its renovation to reinforce its brick façade against the possibility of earthquakes and to prevent the bricks from cracking and falling. Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, Inc ( was selected to carry out the project. The architects at Ishimoto were assigned the task of rejuvenating the urban image while at the same time highlighting the textile activities that take place within the Semba Center Building. This inspired the poetic idea of somehow incorporating a traditional Kimono pattern. Selecting the materials and agreeing to the renovation solution proved to be a lengthy process due to the variety of opinions and concerns of the merchants’ association representing the 800 tenants. Fortuitously, the fibre concrete manufacturer AGB ( presented the graphic concrete technique to Ishimoto’s architects just at the right time, shortly before the chief architect Mr. Tada’s private visit to Finland. Mr. Tada was very interested in the technology, so AGB and Graphic Concrete’s distributor in Japan arranged for Samuli Naamanka (, founder of Graphic Concrete, to show Mr. Tada examples of how graphic concrete has been used in Finland. It only took one day with Samuli Naamanka to convince Mr. Tada that graphic concrete was the right choice for the new façade of the Semba Center Building. Ishimoto’s architects designed their own sketch of a Kimono pattern, but for the final version they wanted a more artistic touch. Following the visit of Mr. Tada to Finland, it seemed natural to ask Samuli Naamanka to design the final pattern. “The assignment of designing the Kimono pattern was an extremely interesting challenge, as the kimono is a very traditional Japanese form of clothing. In my subsequent research I learned a lot about kimonos and their different varieties, such as Nami and Asanoha kimonos. I found out that each designer creates his or her own variation on the theme and that there is no one standard design,” says Samuli Naamanka. Originally the plan was to create a different design for each of the ten buildings at the Semba Center Building. To reduce costs, seven patterns were eventually chosen. The patterns were created using graphic concrete and perforated aluminium panels. “Combining the two materials supports both techniques and allows the patterns to be repeated and varied in an interesting way. The first three patterns have already been completed and can be seen on the façade of the Semba Center Building, while the remaining patterns will be completed by the end of next summer,” Naamanka adds. Naamanka enjoyed extremely smooth collaboration with Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, Inc, and all the details of the project plan have been very successful. The biggest obstacle to the implementation of the project has been the central location of the Semba Center Building, due to which the construction work has had to take place partially at night. “From a designer’s perspective, it has been wonderful to see the look of surprise and delight on the faces of passersby when they notice the new look of the Semba Center Building. Ishimoto’s architects have also told us that the textile merchants themselves are very happy with the end result, and some of the construction workers have even asked them for their autographs,” Naamanka says with a smile.

SKF invests in new lubrication systems factory in the Czech Republic

Gothenburg, Sweden, 19 November 2014: SKF is today inaugurating its expanded lubrication systems manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. The expanded factory has been designed with a focus on reducing the building’s overall environmental impact, including more efficient energy and water usage and choice of more sustainable building materials. This has contributed to the building being awarded the US Green Building Association’s highest possible LEED Platinum rating. “We see substantial potential for future growth within our automated lubrication systems business. These systems, including the Quicklub family of products manufactured in Chodov, use up to 30% less grease than manual systems and our new facility here ensures we will be able to continue to meet the needs of our customers,” says Tom Johnstone, SKF President and CEO.  Commenting on the Group’s commitment to the environment, he says, “Since the decision was taken to invest in our Chodov factory, achieving as high a LEED rating as possible has been one of our top priorities. As part of our commitment to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and reducing operating costs of our facilities, under the SKF BeyondZero umbrella, our ambition is for every new manufacturing facility to be designed and certified pursuant to the LEED standard.” SKF has made significant investments in expanding its lubrication systems business in recent years, since the acquisitions and integrations of Willy Vogel AG and Lincoln International in 2004 and 2010, respectively. The Group now offers the lubrication industry’s broadest range of products and services, under two leading brands: Lincoln and SKF. Aktiebolaget SKF       (publ)

RiutBag: Seemingly Rubbish Name for a Remarkable Sack

Huh? The first thing tech lovers ask when reading about RiutBag is "how do I pronounce that?" - before manoeuvring their mouths to sound Roo-It, Ree-Ut or another of the possible pronunciations. It's a different scene altogether when they see the RiutBag. Then the question is: "Where are all the zips, and how can I get inside?” It turns out there are no zips on the outer shell; they are all the rear of the bag, neatly protected by the wearer's back. I predict a Riut According to the RiutBag inventor Riut is pronounced "riot". It's not only the name of her company, it's her positive and disruptive design philosophy. She has revolved the body of the backpack to make our city travel calmer, clear our minds of suspicion with the goal of letting us better adapt to urban life. Sarah insists this is for the hardy-commuter or as intrepid explorer's day-bag - though it would do pretty well in a pre-apocalyptic riot too... Even the easily-accessibly bottle holders that sit flush within the bag's design could aid survival - on the commute or a worst case scenario. Revolution So, why make it so hard for the rest of us to say the name? It turns out Riut isn't such a bad name after all. It's Sarah's mantra for everything the company does: an acronym for Revolution In User Thinking. Not only has the body of the backpack been revolved to suit the urban user, Sarah revolves all her thinking around the urban user and hopes the RiutBag user will be able to free up users' minds to come up with the next new innovation on their commute of travel. So Riut - of Revolution in user thinking - is fundamental, explanatory and promises a lot for future RiutBag users. Another Apple? Designed to discreetly secure commuters' belongings in a stylish backpack, it's also pleasing to see the bag doesn't pander to gender stereotypes: the MacBook pro of backpacks, the RiutBag is minimalistic, comes in one colour and is unisex in design. Riut has other similarities to Apple. Sarah sees the backpack as the perfect canvas for future innovation. Having now turned the backpack the "Riut" way round, she wants to start making bigger steps. Get ready for flexible solar, light weight tech, chargers run on solar and kinetic energy and programmable or 4D materials. On BBC radio this week, Sarah confirmed: "Right up until the day that teleportation becomes accessible to all making bags a thing of the past, Riut will be revolving simple and effective design around the urban user." Functionality The RiutBag combines form and functionality but especially in the context of the city. Designed to appear professional yet not ostentatious; it has the all-important 15" laptop and tablet holder, 20 litre carrying capacity, as well as compartments for an A4 notepad and separate pouch for your smaller personal belongings. RiutBag is constructed to be fully waterproof and hard-wearing, thanks to its Kevlar shell and inner foam-lining of Cordura. The RiutBag answers our desire for a smart yet discrete and theft-deterring backpack to protect data-laden tech and valuables on a daily basis. As well as hiding the zips, the design includes discrete pockets on the shoulder-straps for keeping travel tickets and other small items close-to-hand. Kickstarter hit Will we all start wearing our bags the Riut way round? Riut looks set for bigger things for sure. It's on Kickstarter in its final week, currently 172% funded with over 800 backers. With its official online launch coming in summer 2015, look out for more from Riut, the RiutBag and Sarah Giblin!

Stena Line drastically reduces emissions with the world’s first methanol ship

Stena Line has decided to convert one of its ships sailing between Gothenburg and Kiel to methanol propulsion. The 240 meter long ferry Stena Germanica will be the first ship in the world to run on methanol in early 2015. The project is done in co-operation with the leading engine manufacturer Wärtsilä, the port of Gothenburg, the port of Kiel and the world’s largest methanol producer and supplier Methanex Corporation. Stena Germanica will be converted at Remontova Shipyard in Poland starting January 2015, the process is expected to take six weeks and is financially supported by the EU “Motorways of the Seas” initiative. Total project cost is about Euro 22 million. "At Stena Line we are extremely proud of contributing to the development of our industry. Our focus has always been on innovation for the benefit of both customers and society at large and this is a prime example when this goes hand in hand. We are constantly evaluating different fuels for the future and to be first in the world with a methanol conversion is a big step towards sustainable transportation. The project has been possible thanks to the great teamwork and collaboration between our technical staff, Wärtsilä and Methanex”, says Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO of Stena Line. Wärtsilä has developed the new engine conversion kit and ship application in co-operation with Stena Teknik. The engine will be dual fuel using methanol as the vessels main fuel grade but with the ability to use MGO (Marine Gas Oil) as backup. Methanol is a clear, colorless biodegradable fuel that can be produced from natural gas, coal, “biomass” or even CO2. Methanol plays a key role in the energy sector as a clean and cost competitive alternative fuel and energy resource. By using methanol the emissions of sulphur (SOx) will be reduced about 99%, nitrogen (NOx) 60%, particles (PM) 95% and carbon dioxide (CO2) 25% compared with today’s fuel. From early 2015, vessels in the area around the Baltic and North Sea, known as the SECA area, will have to use fuel with very low sulphur content of 0.1% (today the fuel restriction is 1.0%). Most common is MGO which will be about 40-50% higher in price compared to HFO (heavy fuel oil) which is being used today. In parallel with the change to low-sulphur oils, Stena Line is running a number of projects to look at other alternative fuels and different techniques for emission purification such as LNG, electric propulsion and scrubbers. "Due to our size we have a broad perspective on handling the new sulphur regulations and it is likely we will use some different types of solutions in the coming years. However, based on the results of the methanol project we are intending to convert additional ferries, says Stena Line CEO Carl-Johan Hagman. Methanol has the potential to be an important fuel for the shipping industry in the future.  The emissions are similar to using LNG but the need for infrastructure is much less and handling is simpler. Since 2005 Stena Line has worked to reduce its environmental impact within its Energy Saving Programme, which has successfully reduced vessel energy consumption by on average 2,5 % every year. "It is a project that involved several companies in the Stena Sphere, which makes it very special for us. Stena Line, Stena Teknik, Stena Bulk, Stena RoRo and Stena Oil have all been involved with their respective areas of expertise. This internal collaboration made this possible. Naturally, adapting and converting Stena Lines fleet of some 40 ferries to the new regulations in the near future is a very tough task which will both take time, effort and money", says Carl-Johan Hagman. Stena Germanica LOA: 240 meter       Built: 2001 Cars:300                 Passengers:1 500 Lanemeters: 4 000  Engine: Wärtsilä 8ZAL 40S MD with 32 000 horsepower

Atlas Copco’s Capital Markets Day 2014

Ronnie Leten, President and CEO, confirms Atlas Copco’s most recent outlook statement, that the overall demand for the Group’s products and services is expected to increase somewhat in the near term. “The market has been mixed this year, with healthy demand from industrial manufacturing customers and softer activities in the mining and construction segments,” said Ronnie Leten. “We are continuing to adapt wherever needed. We remain highly focused on providing our customers with innovative products and service to enhance their productivity and competitiveness.” The capital markets day begins with presentations by Ronnie Leten; Hans Ola Meyer, Chief Financial Officer; and the Business Area Presidents: Nico Delvaux, Compressor Technique; Mats Rahmström, Industrial Technique; Johan Halling, Mining and Rock Excavation Technique; and Andrew Walker, Construction Technique. Special focus will be on innovation and Atlas Copco’s business in the United States, and the day includes an exhibition at the company’s factory in Rock Hill, South Carolina.Innovative features to be discussed include: · Assembly technologies for lightweight materials in the automotive and other industries. · The enormous energy savings realized with the variable-speed drive compressors championed by Atlas Copco. The company will also present breakthrough energy effective vacuum pumps with variable-speed drive technology that are not yet in the market. · Automation in the mining industry, a key feature for increased productivity and safety. · New energy efficient and productive products for the construction industry, such as diesel-driven pumps.

New product reduces newsprint capacity

Intensive preparations are under way on PM 53 at Braviken Paper Mill outside Norrköping, Sweden, for the conversion work that is scheduled to begin at the end of January next year. PM 53 is Braviken’s largest machine, with an annual capacity of 310 000 tonnes for the current product mix. The machine produces Holmen NEWS (newsprint) and Holmen XLNT – the uncoated magazine paper that makes up Holmen Paper’s single biggest product family. It is the production of newsprint for export outside the Nordic region that is going to be reduced when the new product is introduced next year. “We are predicting a rapid rise in volumes for the new product,” says Karolina Svensson. “The aim is to achieve an annualised running rate for production and sales of more than 100 000 tonnes by the end of 2015. “We’ll be reducing the production of newsprint at a corresponding rate, and in the longer term we’ll only keep the volumes to supply our local markets in Scandinavia.” Holmen Paper judges that its own measures, combined with previously announced capacity closures elsewhere in the market, will considerably improve capacity utilisation for newsprint in 2015. For more information, please contact:Jonas Lindell, Communications Manager, tel. +46 (0)70-323 20 13E-mail This is information that Holmen AB is obliged to disclose under the Swedish Securities Market Act and the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication on 19 November 2014 at 14.00 CET.

DIO announces shortlisted bidders for construction frameworks

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has announced two shortlists of 12 bidders each of whom have expressed interest in bidding for a range of construction projects as part of the South East and the South West Capital Works Frameworks. These frameworks are two of seven Capital Works Frameworks under DIO’s Next Generation of Estate Contracts (NGEC) programme and will be used for the design and build of MOD construction projects individually valued up to £12 million. Projects valued up to £50 million will be procured through the National Capital Works Framework, which operates alongside the Regional Frameworks. The total estimated value of the South East Framework is up to £250 million and the South West Framework is up to £400 million. They can be used at any site within the framework boundaries across the south of England. The shortlisted bidders are: South   East Framework South   West Framework      · Babcock Support · Balfour Beatty Group LtdServices Ltd      · Balfour Beatty · BAM Construction LtdGroup Ltd      · John Graham · John Graham Construction LtdConstruction Ltd      · Henry Brothers · HBDW SPV(Magherafelt)       Ltd      · Interserve · Interserve Construction LtdConstruction Ltd      · Kier Construction · Kier Construction LtdLtd      · Lend Lease · Lend Lease Construction (EMEA)        LtdConstruction (EMEA)       Ltd      · Miller · Midas Construction LtdConstruction (UK) Ltd      · Morgan Sindall PLC · Miller Construction (UK) Ltd      · Shepherd · Morgan Sindall PLCConstruction Ltd      · VINCI Construction · VINCI Construction UK LtdUK Ltd      · Volker Fitzpatrick · Volker Fitzpatrick LtdLtd During the evaluation process the NGEC team rigorously assessed individual bidders’ responses to the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) to establish their capability and capacity, which included quality assurance, technical, environmental management, health and safety, financial standing and equal opportunity and diversity criteria.   John Jones, the Frameworks project manager, said: “On this occasion we ran both competitions concurrently and received a total of 46 valid submissions as part of the PQQ process. The competition was strong and the bidders faced a rigorous evaluation process to be able to go forward to the tender stage. “The shortlisted bidders have one final opportunity to demonstrate their ability to compete for and deliver future build and design projects across the defence estate as part of the South East and the South West England Capital Works Frameworks. We positively encourage smaller suppliers and subcontractors to approach shortlisted bidders about their products and services by accessing the bidders’ directory online.” Later this week the shortlisted bidders will be invited to submit tenders in order to finalise the list of four or five companies for inclusion on each of the South East Capital Works Framework and the South West Capital Works Framework. The contracts are due to be awarded in summer 2015 and each will run for an initial four year period, with the potential to extend for up to three years. As part of this process, bidders will be evaluated on a range of commercial and technical matters, ranging from supply chain management to issues relating to the Government Construction Strategy. They will also be provided with an example of a construction project the MOD may require to be delivered through the frameworks, and bidders will be evaluated on their approach to its delivery. The bidders have been invited to attend a conference at RAF Wyton on 26 November 2014 where delegates will be taken through the tendering process and have explained any applicable MOD statutory requirements associated with the Framework. The NGEC Framework procurement process offers an opportunity for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify potential supply chain and subcontracting opportunities through the “Bidders Directory” which will soon be published on the NGEC website at: Ends

Fashions Finest Look Ahead to Forthcoming Fashion Events in 2015

For those who love fashion, Fashions Finest ( event company encapsulates the glitz, glamour and professionalism of this exciting industry. With its finger firmly on the fashion pulse, the prestigious platform is leading a wave of fashion events taking place in 2015. Fashion lovers and designers are urged not to miss the London Fashion Week Off-Schedule Show and Britain’s Top Designer Competition, a contest to unearth Britain’s next number one designer. On 21st-22ndFebruary 2015, the Off-Schedule London Fashion Week Show kicks off for its 9thseason and remains the capital’s most sought after fashion foray. Held at Great Queen Street’s Grand Connaught Rooms, the show is renowned for discovering promising new talent and providing opportunities for those priced out of London Fashion Week. Attracting a plethora of fashionistas, press and buyers from all over the world, the most tantalising trends and flashest fashions from cutting edge designers will be on display. UK and international designers can apply online to showcase and exhibit their works with former entrants gaining coverage on many mediums including the BBC, Daily Mail, Fashion TV and Asos. Followed by a glam after party, revellers can mingle and talk fashion with industry insiders. Designers are currently booking on to the show and the full line up will be announced in January. Designers looking to reach the top of the fashion ladder can also enter the cutting edge Britain’s Top Designer Competition ( which takes place during London Fashion Week. Previous winners include Matthew Obrien and Zeeno Dee. This year’s judging panel consists of head designer at Kosiba Yemi Osunkoya and Fashions Finest managing director Deborah St. Louis, with more to be announced in the coming months. Any designer who fancies their chances can sign up to flaunt their innovative and fashionable creations. Managing Director Deborah St. Louis said, “Fashions Finest focuses on equality and innovation. We’re looking for cutting-edge trends, designs and fashions offered by designers both home grown and globally. For us, fashion is a way of life. London Fashion Week is one of the world’s most esteemed fashion events and the off-schedule event is perfect for those who can’t get involved directly. Our Top Designer competition is a way to honour British talent. There are so many fabulous British designers who reflect the heritage and international appeal of the country. Britain has always been the home of fashion with a wink to futuristic styles which is why we are so proud to promote and manage both events. They are simply unmissable for any fashion forward fashionista.” An industry mainstay, Fashions Finest is an award winning fashion platform that allows up and coming designers and creatives of all backgrounds to contribute to Britain’s thriving fashion industry. With a regularly updated fashion oriented publication, an extensive free directory for casting professionals, endless events and a series of awards dedicated to honouring fashionistas, the company is an endless resource for style lovers. Deborah added, “Fashion is an amazing industry to work in. We are always excited to find and work with new talent.” To find out more about the series of 2015 events visit

Gut microbiota influences blood-brain barrier permeability

The blood-brain barrier is a highly selective barrier that prevents unwanted molecules and cells from entering the brain from the bloodstream. In the current study, being published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the international interdisciplinary research team demonstrates that the transport of molecules across the blood-brain barrier can be modulated by gut microbes – which therefore play an important role in the protection of the brain. The investigators reached this conclusion by comparing the integrity and development of the blood-brain barrier between two groups of mice: the first group was raised in an environment where they were exposed to normal bacteria, and the second (called germ-free mice) was kept in a sterile environment without any bacteria.“We showed that the presence of the maternal gut microbiota during late pregnancy blocked the passage of labeled antibodies from the circulation into the brain parenchyma of the growing fetus”, says first author Dr. Viorica Braniste at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet. ”In contrast, in age-matched fetuses from germ-free mothers, these labeled antibodies easily crossed the blood-brain barrier and was detected within the brain parenchyma.”The team also showed that the increased ‘leakiness’ of the blood-brain barrier, observed in germ-free mice from early life, was maintained into adulthood. Interestingly, this ‘leakiness’ could be abrogated if the mice were exposed to fecal transplantation of normal gut microbes. The precise molecular mechanisms remain to be identified. However, the team was able to show that so-called tight junction proteins, which are known to be important for the blood-brain barrier permeability, did undergo structural changes and had altered levels of expression in the absence of bacteria.According to the researchers, the findings provide experimental evidence that alterations of our indigenous microbiota may have far-reaching consequences for the blood-brain barrier function throughout life.“These findings further underscore the importance of the maternal microbes during early life and that our bacteria are an integrated component of our body physiology”, says Professor Sven Pettersson, the principal investigator at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology. “Given that the microbiome composition and diversity change over time, it is tempting to speculate that the blood-brain barrier integrity also may fluctuate depending on the microbiome. This knowledge may be used to develop new ways for opening the blood-brain-barrier to increase the efficacy of the brain cancer drugs and for the design of treatment regimes that strengthens the integrity of the blood-brain barrier”.The study was funded with grants from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Brain Foundation, the research consortium TORNADO within the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, Merieux Foundation, Wenner-Gren Foundation, Singapore Millenium foundation, and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Professor Sven Pettersson is also affiliated to the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, The National Cancer Centre in Singapore, and the Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering at NTU.Publication: ‘The gut microbiota influences the blood brain barrier permeability in mice’, Viorica Braniste, Maha Al-Asmakh, Czeslawa Kowa, Farhana Anuar, Afrouz Abbaspour, Miklos Toth, Agata Korecka, Nadja Bakocevic, Ng Lai Guan, Parag Kundu, Balazs Gulyas, Christer Halldin, Kjell Hultenby, Harriet Nilsson, Hans Hebert, Bruce T. Volpe, Betty Diamond, Sven Pettersson, Science Translational Medicine (, online 19th November 2014.

NMG: Adjusted delivery date for shares in Rights Issue

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcements by Nickel Mountain Group AB (the "Company") on 21 October 2014 and 7 November 2014 regarding the Company's NOK 68 million Rights Issue. The previously announced expected date for listing and delivery of the new shares was on or about 18 November 2014. Due to technical reasons the adjusted expected date for listing and delivery of the new shares is on or about 1 December 2014. This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. Important information: The release is not for publication or distribution, in whole or in part directly or indirectly, in or into Australia, Canada, Japan or the United States (including its territories and possessions, any state of the United States and the District of Columbia). This release is an announcement issued pursuant to legal information obligations, and is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. It is issued for information purposes only, and does not constitute or form part of any offer or solicitation to purchase or subscribe for securities, in the United States or in any other jurisdiction. The securities mentioned herein have not been, and will not be, registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act"). The securities may not be offered or sold in the United States except pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act. The Company does not intend to register any portion of the offering of the securities in the United States or to conduct a public offering of the securities in the United States. Copies of this announcement are not being made and may not be distributed or sent into Australia, Canada, Japan or the United States. The subscription or purchase of shares in the Company is subject to specific legal or regulatory restrictions in certain jurisdictions. Neither the Company nor the Manager assumes any responsibility in the event there is a violation by any person of such restrictions. The distribution of this release may in certain jurisdictions be restricted by law. Persons into whose possession this release comes should inform themselves about and observe any such restrictions. Any failure to comply with these restrictions may constitute a violation of the securities laws of any such jurisdiction. The Manager is acting for the Company and no one else in connection with the Rights Issue and will not be responsible to anyone other than the Company for providing the protections afforded to their respective clients or for providing advice in relation to any other matter referred to in this release. Forward-looking statements: This release and any materials distributed in connection with this release may contain certain forward-looking statements. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty because they reflect the Company's current expectations and assumptions as to future events and circumstances that may not prove accurate. A number of material factors could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Nickel Mountain Group AB: Torbjörn RantaManaging Director For more information, please contact: Torbjörn RantaManaging DirectorTel: +46 8 402 28 00Mobile: +46 708 855504E-mail:

Interim Report, January – September 2014

Financial summary for the third quarter* July to September 2014 (2013) · Net turnover totalled SEK 617.8 million (SEK 80.2 m), SEK 516.4 million (SEK 0 m) of which comprised royalties for simeprevir. · Revenues from Medivir’s own pharmaceutical sales totalled SEK 100.8 million (SEK 36.6 m), SEK 61.6 million (SEK 0 m) of which derived from sales of Olysio® and SEK 39.2 million (SEK 36.6 m) from sales of other pharmaceuticals. · The profit/loss after tax was SEK 373.7 million (SEK -11.0 m). · Basic earnings per share totalled SEK 11.95 (SEK -0.35). · Diluted earnings per share totalled SEK 11.83 (SEK -0.35). · The cash flow from operating activities amounted to SEK 473.0 million (SEK -5.2 m). January to September 2014 (2013) · Net turnover totalled SEK 1,390.0 million (SEK 299.0 m), SEK 1,178.7 million (SEK 0 m) of which comprised royalties for simeprevir. · Revenues from Medivir’s own pharmaceutical sales totalled SEK 210.2 million (SEK 128.5 m), SEK 83.3 million (SEK 0 m) of which derived from sales of Olysio® and SEK 126.9 million (SEK 128.5 m) from sales of other pharmaceuticals. · The profit/loss after tax was SEK 985.4 million (SEK -40.5 m). · Basic earnings per share totalled SEK 31.52 (SEK -1.30). · Diluted earnings per share totalled SEK 31.21 (SEK -1.30). · The cash flow from operating activities amounted to SEK 504.0 million (SEK -32.5 m). · Liquid assets and short-term investments at the period end totalled SEK 896.4 million (SEK 337.7 m). Significant operational events During Q3 2014 · Continued strong market uptake and sales for Olysio®. · The FDA granted a Priority Review of the supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) for treatment with Olysio® in combination with sofosbuvir. · Medivir in-licensed an RS virus drug programme from Boehringer Ingelheim. · Niklas Prager was appointed President & CEO of Medivir, effective as of 1 September. After the end of Q3 · Medivir organised a Capital Markets Meeting on 16 October 2014, to provide updates on the company’s status and strategy, along with details of the upcoming voluntary share redemption programme for a total of ca. SEK 625 million. · Medivir presented data from the cathepsin S inhibitor programme, including MIV-247, for the treatment of neuropathic pain at the 15th World Congress on Pain. · The launch of the phase II study, IMPACT, for the evaluation of simeprevir in combination with sofosbuvir and daclatasvir was announced. · Medivir entered into an agreement with Swedish county councils regarding risk sharing in connection with the treatment of hepatitis C using Olysio®. The agreement offers the county councils and Medivir an increased degree of predictability with regard to treatment costs and the use of Olysio®. · The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Olysio® (simeprevir) in combination with sofosbuvir as an all-oral, interferon- and ribavirin-free treatment option after review of the supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA). · Medivir convened an Extraordinary General Meeting for 20 November 2014 at 10.00 (CET) in Stockholm. · Medivir’s Nomination Committee for the 2015 Annual General Meeting has been appointed. * All figures refer to the Group, unless otherwise stated. Comparisons in the Interim Report are, unless otherwise stated, with the corresponding period in 2013. Cross Pharma was divested from the Group on 30 June 2013. The CEO’s statement Positive quarter with the emphasis on building value across the companyI took over as President & CEO of Medivir on 1 September and it is very stimulating to take up this role in a company that is going through such an exciting developmental phase. The third quarter has seen us focusing strongly on the ongoing launch of our two new specialist pharmaceuticals, Olysio and Adasuve, in the Nordic market. Our research portfolio has also strengthened during the quarter with the in-licensing of an RSVdrug programme from Boehringer Ingelheim. This in-licensing further strengthens our position in the infectious disease area. We are also delighted by the growing revenue streams during the quarter being generated both by our own pharmaceutical sales and by the royalties we receive, even though Olysio can be expected to encounter increasingly tough competition in the international hepatitis C market. The market launch of Olysio (simeprevir) has been a success and the positive responses to Olysio received are clear confirmation of Medivir’s successful research and its innovative technology platform for the development of protease inhibitors. The successful launch is also proof of the extraordinary innovativeness within our organisation and of our ability to progress development in collaboration with our partners, all the way from preclinical research to a finished pharmaceutical product. The fact that we have successfully launched two new products in the Nordic market during the year - Olysio and Adasuve - shows that Medivir has a strong market organisation with the ability to launch innovative products in complex markets with varying regulatory requirements and differentiated health care systems.In October, we presented an update on the company’s strategy. Medivir will continue to be a Nordic, research-based company that exploits our market-leading expertise in the design of protease inhibitors and nucleotide/nucleoside research, with an emphasis on infectious diseases and oncology. We will also continue to build on our commercial operations through the in-licensing of specialist pharmaceuticals for the Nordic market.We have decided together with the Board of Directors and in the wake of a review of the company’s capital structure that the scope exists both for investments in the updated strategy and for a transfer of capital to our shareholders. The transfer will take place in two phases: the first is a voluntary share redemption programme for a total of SEK 625 million (SEK 20/share) after an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 20 November, while the second will be a request for a mandate to buy back shares that will be submitted at the Annual General Meeting in May 2015. The capital structure will be reviewed on a rolling basis.The third quarter saw a number of positive and important events in the hepatitis C area. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted a Priority Review of the supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) that refers to combination treatment with simeprevir and sofosbuvir. In November, the FDA announced that they had approved this interferon- and ribavirin-free combination treatment. The FDA’s Priority Review demonstrates the importance of interferon-free treatment alternatives for the large group of difficult-to-cure patients with hepatitis C. Our partner, Janssen, continues to demonstrate their intense commitment to continuing the development of new and improved treatment options for patients with hepatitis C, as was clearly demonstrated in the phase II IMPACT study announced in October. This is the first phase II study to investigate a combination of simeprevir, sofosbuvir and daclatasvir. We have also taken a number of important developmental steps forward with regard to our cathepsin inhibitor projects. Preclinical data from the cathepsin S inhibitor project were recently presented at a major scientific conference. The data suggest that MIV-247, which is our chosen candidate drug for continued development for the treatment of neuropathic pain, has the potential for use both as a first line use drug in conjunction with monotherapy and as an add-on to current treatments. Preparations are underway, as part of our osteoarthritis project, for the launch of a clinical phase IIa proof of concept study with MIV-711. The launch of any such study requires an expanded preclinical safety programme, and one such has recently been initiated. If everything goes well with this programme, a phase IIa study can be started in late 2015.We can now put an eventful and intensive quarter to rest and look to the future – a future which, in the short term, will entail a strong focus on implementing our strategy and continuing to build value across the company.  Niklas PragerPresident & CEO   For further information, please contact:Rein Piir, EVP Corporate Affairs & IR, +46 (0) 708 537292Niklas Prager, President & CEO, +46 (0) 8 407 64 30 Conference call for investors, analysts and the mediaThe Interim Report for the third quarter of 2014 will be presented by Medivir’s President & CEO, Niklas Prager, and members of the management group.Time: Thursday, 20 November 2014 at 14.00 (CET). Phone numbers for participants from:Sweden +46 (0)8 519 990 30Europe +44 (0)20 766 020 77USA +1 877 788 9023 The conference call will also be streamed via a link on the website: Financial calendar:Extraordinary General Meeting: 20 November 2014.The Financial Statement for January-December will be published on 27 February 2015.The Annual General Meeting will be held on 5 May 2015.

Volvo starts vocational training school in Morocco

“Trained mechanics will have the opportunity to gain work in countries with high unemployment, while Volvo will gain access to the trained personnel that is required in order to expand in Africa. By training local manpower, we will contribute to sustainable growth in the countries in which Volvo operates,” says Niklas Gustavsson, Volvo Group Executive Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Public Affairs. The Volvo Group’s presence in Morocco dates back to the 1950s. The Group’s high share of the truck market in combination with the country’s investments in infrastructure makes Morocco a country where the Volvo Group can grow. Morocco is a country with high unemployment among young people, and where the existing education system places focus on theoretical education, which does not reflect the needs of industry. The consequence is that the shortage of adequate competency is impeding growth in the country. “The distinctive feature of this training academy lies within its ability to produce skills and expertise that can directly be employed in the economic sectors that use heavy duty equipment and that work on the big projects that are undertaken by Morocco”, says Mr. Jamaleddine El Aloua, General Secretary for the Moroccan Department of Vocational Training. The trainee programs will commence in 2015 and the operation will be conducted on the same premises as the existing national vocational school Ecole des Métiers du Bâtiment et Travaux Publics, in the city of Settat.   Last year, the Volvo Group announced that vocational training schools for mechanics and drivers for trucks, buses and construction equipment will be established in ten African countries. In collaboration with national education authorities, the Volvo Group will develop and finance the programs based on the industry’s local competency requirements. The programs will be conducted in the countries that are strategically important in terms of business for the Volvo Group, and also within the strategies for aid from SIDA and USAID. Volvo’s trainee programs in Africa constitute a further strategic development of a pilot project implemented by the Volvo Group through Volvo Construction Equipment in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO and SIDA in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The establishment of the training schools in Morocco is the result of a cooperation between the Volvo Group, the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID), The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the OCP Foundation and the Moroccan Ministry of national education and vocational training. November 20, 2014 Journalists who would like further information, please contact, Karin Wik, tel +46-765-531020 For more stories from the Volvo Group, please visit The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 110,000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2013 the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to about SEK 270 billion. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit or if you are using your mobile phon


Class Adventure, part of World Challenge – the leading global provider of student-led overseas expeditions, currently works with schools, colleges and universities across the UK and offers one to seven-day adventure programmes at a variety of inspiring nationwide locations including the Peak District, the Brecon Beacons, the Lake District, Snowdonia and Condover Hall in Shropshire. One of Class Adventure’s repeat clients is Coventry University’s Business School and they only recently welcomed 130 first year undergraduates to the picturesque Condover Hall for a two-day programme of team-building activities. It is the third year that the University has worked with the company and Undergraduate Course Director Julia Tyrrell believes that the experience is priceless from a student learning and development perspective. She said: “The two-day field trip represented the chance to bond together a new, large group of first years from a multi-cultural and multi-country background, who generally didn’t know one another at the start of the programme. “The students highly valued the team-building activities as well as the chance to meet new people, from the other undergraduate marketing courses, and the chance to build self-confidence completing activities that they hadn’t encountered before. “The students also valued the chance to develop their individual interpersonal communications skills which reinforces the benefits of building course cohesion and personal development. “The Class Adventure experience always exceeds our objectives.” Paul Warrilow is as equally enthused about the relationship and is hopeful that more Universities will now follow Coventry’s lead. He added: “What we offer at Class Adventure is a portfolio of progressive, developmental and experiential programmes for students of all age groups. We are always looking at ways to grow and to contribute to the provision of outdoor education to an increasing client base. “With intensive competition for jobs in the workplace, Class Adventure can help students demonstrate a wider (non-academic) portfolio of interests and experiences as they undergo their application process.” For more information about Class Adventure visit; email: or telephone 0844 463 6581.

Resolutions at the extraordinary general meeting in Medivir on 20 November 2014

Voluntary redemption programmeThe extraordinary general meeting in Medivir Aktiebolag (publ) on 20 November 2014 resolved, in accordance with the board of directors' proposal, on a voluntary redemption programme comprising reduction of the statutory reserve, reduction of the share capital for repayment to the shareholders, and bonus issue without issuance of new shares. The redemption programme will be effected by redemption of a maximum of 4,465,717 shares, whereof 94,285 series A shares and 4,371,432 series B shares. For each share in the company, the shareholder receives one redemption right. Redemption rights received for series A shares entitle the holder to redeem series A shares and redemption rights received for series B shares entitle the holder to redeem series B shares. All holders of redemption rights receive an equal right to redeem shares, regardless of share class. The reduction is made by way of repayment to the shareholders with a maximum amount of SEK 625,200,380. Preliminary record day for receiving redemption rights is 9 February 2015. The application period for redemption will commence on the third trading day after the record day and runs for fourteen calendar days. Customary trading with redemption rights and redemption shares in respect of series B shares will be arranged. For more information, please contact:Rein Piir, EVP Corporate Affairs & IR, mobile: +46 708 537 292 Medivir is required under the Swedish Securities Market Act to make the information in this press release public. The information was submitted for publication at 11.45 CET on 20 November 2014. About MedivirMedivir is an emerging and profitable research‐based pharmaceutical company with an established marketing and sales organisation in the Nordic region with a broad portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals. Medivir receives royalties from Johnson & Johnson on the global sales of the hepatitis C pharmaceutical, Olysio®. In addition, revenues for sales of Olysio in the Nordic region are generated through the company’s own sales and marketing organisation. Medivir’s research and development portfolio of pharmaceuticals is based on the company’s expertise within protease inhibitor design and nucleoside/nucleotide science. The company’s research and development focus is within infectious diseases and oncology and the on-going clinical projects in osteoarthritis and neuropathic pain. Medivir is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap List.

The Volvo Group receives Statement of objections from the European Commission regarding on-going antitrust investigation

In January 2011, the Volvo Group and a number of other companies in the truck industry became part of an investigation by the European Commission regarding a possible violation of EU antitrust rules. The Volvo Group is cooperating fully with the authorities and has previously announced that it is of the view that it is probable that the Group’s financial result and cash flow may be materially adversely affected as a result of the Commission’s investigation. The Statement of objections is a formal step in the Commission’s antitrust investigations, informing the parties concerned in writing of the Commission’s preliminary standpoint. Subsequent to the Statement of objections the parties may examine the documents in the Commission's investigation file and provide a response, before the Commission takes a decision on the matter. Volvo is now evaluating the implications of the Statement of objections and will issue a response in due course. November 20, 2014 Journalists who require further information are requested to please contact Kina Wileke, +46 (0)31-323 7229 or +46 (0) 765-537229. For more stories from the Volvo Group, please visit The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 110,000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2013 the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to about SEK 270 billion. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit or if you are using your mobile phone. AB Volvo (publ) may be required to disclose the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at 12.30 p.m November 20, 2014.

Electrolux Capital Markets Day 2014

The core strategy of Electrolux is based on four pillars: profitable growth, innovation, operational excellence and people and leadership. The presentations cover how Electrolux creates sustainable economic value, through a continuous flow of consumer-focused product innovations, through modularization and through adapting the Group’s manufacturing footprint and cost structure.The presentations include an overview of the current business performance for Electrolux. The operational recovery in Major Appliances EMEA is progressing well through a combination of an active product portfolio management and sustainable cost savings. For Major Appliances North America, the adoption of new energy requirements within refrigeration and freezers has been more complex than anticipated and will continue to have an impact on performance during the final quarter of the year, and into the first half of 2015. The performance within Major Appliances Asia Pacific, Latin America and Professional Products continues to be good.For 2015, total market demand is expected to be slightly positive, with continued growth in North America and stabilized markets in Europe and in Latin America. Electrolux is expecting a continued slowdown in demand in several markets in Asia/Pacific.Other factors affecting Electrolux in 2015 include an expected positive price/mix development for the Group, with a negative price trend in Europe mitigated by a positive product mix. Raw material costs are, in general, trending downwards and are expected to have a positive impact year-over-year. Cost savings are expected to be approximately SEK 1 billion for the full year. Electrolux continues to step up investments in product development, design and marketing to support future product launches, with the aim to reach the vision of being the best appliance company in the world as measured by our customers, employees and shareholders.

Healthcare workers’ occupational stress can be prevented

Prolonged occupational stress can lead to burnout, psychosomatic illnesses, deterioration in quality of life, a lower level of care provision, and eventually even to having to change jobs. Eight per cent of the respondents of the Work and Health in Finland 2012 study had experienced either a fair amount or a great deal of occupational stress. Thirty-two per cent had experienced only a slight amount of stress. Occupational stress is the second most common work-related health problem in Europe, straight after musculoskeletal diseases. About half of workers consider it common at their workplace. Healthcare workers’ experienced occupational stress may be due to an imbalance between the high demands of the profession, and individual skills and support from the community. Cognitive-behavioural techniques moderately alleviate stress Six studies found evidence that CBT decreased stress by 18 per cent compared to no intervention. Follow-up was one month to two years. However, it is unclear whether CBT helps stressed people enough. The results were similar when CBT was combined with relaxation. According to three studies, CBT did not decrease symptoms any more than alternative techniques. Relaxation also helps Seventeen studies found evidence that mental and physical relaxation decreased stress by 23 per cent compared to no intervention. Work shift arrangements somewhat diminish stress Organizational interventions included changes to working conditions, health care content and work shifts, as well as improving social support and communication skills. Stress diminished when work shifts were changed from working throughout the week to weekend breaks or from a four-week to two-week schedule. Other organizational measures did not decrease stress. Further research needed The research evidence to date is mainly of poor quality. In order to determine the effects of different methods on decreasing occupational stress, we need more well-planned and executed studies. This Cochrane review recommends randomized controlled studies, with at least 120 participants, which compare active interventions to placebo-like interventions. Organizational interventions should focus more on the reduction of specific stress-causing factors. Cognitive-behavioural techniques mean new ways of thinking, dealing with feelings, and acting in stressful situations. Mental and physical relaxation in turn can direct attention away from unpleasant, stressful thoughts and feelings. Reorganizing work can help prevent the emergence of stressful situations, and help achieve a better balance between the demands of work and individuals’ skills. Further information on the review: Jani Ruotsalainen, Specialist Researcher, FIOH, +358 30 474 334, jani.ruotsalainen@ttl.fiCochrane Occupational Safety and Health Review Group ( Review: Ruotsalainen JH, Verbeek JH, Mariné A, Serra C. Preventing occupational stress in healthcare workers. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2014, Issue 11. ( Art. No.: CD002892. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD002892.pub3. See also Cochrane library ( network ( Occupational Safety and Health Review Group ( *****************The Cochrane Collaboration was established in 1993 and is an international, independent, non-profit researcher network, with members in over 120 countries. The Collaboration produces syntheses of medical research, called Cochrane reviews. Each review collects and summarizes the best available high quality evidence of a given intervention that aims to address a particular health issue. Cochrane reviews are used in, for example, clinical and health-political decision making. Occupational safety and health reviews are intended to influence guidance and procedures at workplaces and occupational health services so that harmful exposures can be reduced and work-related diseases can be prevented and treated as effectively as possible.

DPx Holdings Appoints Eric M. Sherbet as General Counsel

DPx Holdings B.V. (DPx), owners of pharmaceutical services provider Patheon (, DPx Fine Chemicals ( and Banner Life Sciences (, today announced the appointment of Eric M. Sherbet as the new general counsel and secretary.  Sherbet will report directly to James C. Mullen, chief executive officer for DPx Holdings, and will be based at the company’s Boston offices. “We are happy to have Eric join the organization and expect his previous experience to benefit the organization going forward,” said Mullen. “He has a solid track record of helping a diverse set of companies during periods of rapid growth and serving as a trusted advisor to management and Boards of Directors.” In his new role, Sherbet will be responsible for all global legal affairs, corporate compliance and regulatory matters, and serve as secretary for the company’s Board of Directors.  He brings more than 25 years of experience to the organization, representing global public and private equity backed companies in the pharmaceutical, professional services, engineering and construction and telecommunication sectors. “It is a great time to be joining the senior leadership team at DPx Holdings, an organization focused on providing outstanding service and support to customers and a recognized leader in the global marketplace,” said Sherbet.  Sherbet most recently served as general counsel and secretary for inVentiv Health, Inc., where he built the legal and compliance department to support various business concerns, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), SEC filings, compliance and regulatory issues, and commercial deals.  Prior to his role at inVentiv Health, Sherbet served in senior legal positions with Foster Wheeler, a global engineering and construction organization and  Avaya Inc., a global provider of communications systems, software and services.  Earlier in his career, Sherbet represented both public and private companies in private practice specializing in M&A, debt and equity offerings and compliance and reporting.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in commerce from the University of Virginia and a Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law.

Montgomery College Theatre Professor Receives Top Teaching Award

KenYatta Rogers’ Honor Marks the Sixth Consecutive Year an MC Professor Is Selected as Maryland Professor of the YearKenYatta Rogers, a professor of theatre, has been named the Maryland Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).Since 2000, Rogers has taught classes at Montgomery College in voice and diction, movement for the performer and fundamentals of acting. As a professional actor, Rogers has garnered three Helen Hayes Award nominations for his stage performances. He has more than 50 film, television, radio and voiceover credits including the National Endowment for the Arts’ The Big Read series and PBS’ Standard Deviants.“When Professor Rogers is acting on one of the Washington area stages at night and coming in and teaching the next morning, he is including the students in his process and connecting to them in a very special way,” said Professor Susan Hoffman, who chaired the theatre department until this year.Rogers also advises the Black Box Players, a student theater group on the Rockville Campus, and mentors over 30 students each year. He has also served as a director and coach for more than 15 productions for the College.Rogers says he believes in the “fierce urgency of now. The transaction between me and the person that is in front of me on stage or in the classroom is the most important thing at that time.” He says his work with students is “more of a mission than a job.”Performance major Abhishek Shrestha says Rogers “is a very hands-on teacher and he tailors his teaching student to student.”“[Professor Rogers] nurtures that need to create,” says Shaquille Stewart, another performance major. “He has helped me not only as a theatre student but as a human being.”In addition to teaching and directing, Rogers co-produces WILLPOWER! at the College. Founded in 2003, over 10,000 people have participated in the annual Shakespeare festival. He also co-produces MCSLAM!, an annual poetry festival featuring student work.This is the eighth time in 11 years—and the sixth consecutive year—that a Montgomery College professor has been named Maryland Professor of the Year.Dr. Mary Furgol, a history professor, received the honor in 2003. In 2006, Joan Naake, an English professor, won the award. In 2009, the award went to Chemistry Professor Susan Bontems, followed by Dr. Deborah Stearns, a psychology professor; Music Professor Dawn Avery; Math Professor John Hamman; English Professor, Dr. Greg Wahl, respectively.Rogers was honored at an awards luncheon today at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. followed by an evening reception at the Folger Shakespeare Library.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ###Montgomery College&nbsp;is a public, open admissions community college with campuses in Germantown, Rockville, and Takoma Park/Silver Spring, plus workforce development/continuing education centers and off-site programs throughout Montgomery County, Md. The College serves nearly 60,000 students a year, through both credit and noncredit programs, in more than 130 areas of study.

Work engagement leads to healthy, productive employees

”Work engagement is not to be confused with flow, which is momentary, intense, focused concentration. Work engagement is more permanent and is characterized by vigor, dedication and absorption,” explains Schaufeli. Employees who are enthusiastically absorbed in their work may work long hours, like workaholics. However, according to research, work engagement and workaholism are two different concepts. In contrast to workaholics, employees who are engaged in their work feel well, gain satisfaction from their work and are able to stop when they no longer enjoy it. Workaholism, on the other hand, can be compared to addiction. People who work obsessively constantly set themselves harder targets and are not able to enjoy their work. ”Work engagement can be increased at workplaces through simple methods. On the individual level these may be, for example, friendliness and readiness to help colleagues. On the work community level, the role of management is crucial: attentive, caring leadership increases employees’ commitment,” stresses Schaufeli. Work engagement proven to lead to productivity “This autumn, a FIOH study was one of the first in the world to show a strong positive association between work engagement and productivity. Productivity also led to a higher income level,” confirms Research Director, Jari Hakanen. Previous longitudinal studies at FIOH have shown that work engagement also has long-term positive effects, such as less depression, increased happiness and better balance between work and family life. The second phase of the current Spiral of Inspiration – Innovative and flourishing work communities project searches for management methods with which supervisors and management can help their communities to succeed and feel that their work is meaningful and inspiring, so that employees want to and are able to do their best during the working day. In employee-orientated job crafting projects, workers try out ways with which they themselves can make their work more inspiring, and though which that they can use their own strengths. ”Experiences at workplaces show that even during economically hard times, work can be meaningful, and methods and strengths for maintaining the meaningfulness of work and well-being can be found in the work community. We will have the results of these projects by the end of 2015,” promises Hakanen. FIOH’s Research Day is on Friday 21.11.2014 from 8.30 to 14.00. The programme is in English. Wilmar Schaufeli, Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University will receive the 2014 Jorma Rantanen Certificate of Honour. Read more about FIOH’s Research Day ( Further information Wilmar Schaufeli, Professor, Utrecht University, tel. +31 6514 75784, w.schaufeli[at], Hakanen, Research Director, Helsinki University and Research Professor, FIOH, tel. +358 40 562 5433, jari.hakanen[at] or jari.hakanen[at] Work engagement ( in Wikipedia

Provision for expected credit losses for Volvo CE in China

Following an extended period of declining demand, low machine utilization and lower raw materials prices, profitability for customers and dealers primarily in the Chinese mining industry has declined and their financial position has weakened. The risk for future credit losses has therefore increased and as a consequence Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is provisioning SEK 650 M in the fourth quarter of 2014. The current provision level for expected credit losses is based on the Group’s prevailing best estimate. November 21, 2014 Journalists who would like further information, please contact Kina Wileke +46 (0)31 66 12 32 or +46 (0)765 537229. For more stories from the Volvo Group, please visit The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 110,000 people, has production facilities in 18 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2013 the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to about SEK 270 billion. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit or if you are using your mobile phone. AB Volvo (publ) may be required to disclose the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication at 08.00 a.m November 21, 2014.

ASSA ABLOY acquires Silvana and Metalika in Brazil

ASSA ABLOY has signed an agreement to acquire Silvana, a leading lock company, and has acquired Metalika, a leading steel fire door company, both located in Brazil. The acquisitions significantly increase the Group’s footprint in Brazil. "I am very pleased that Silvana and Metalika are joining the ASSA ABLOY Group. Silvana and Metalika represent the Group’s first major acquisitions in the large Brazilian market. This constitutes an important next step in our strategy to grow market presence in emerging markets,” says Johan Molin, President and CEO of ASSA ABLOY. "With these two important acquisitions, ASSA ABLOY will now offer more comprehensive door opening solutions across the large Brazilian market,” says Thanasis Molokotos, Executive Vice President of ASSA ABLOY and Head of the Americas Division. Silvana established in 1964, is located in Campina Grande, Paraiba, in northeastern Brazil. Metalika, established in 1999, is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Together they double ASSA ABLOY’s existing presence and add approximately 410 employees. Sales for Silvana and Metalika are expected to reach a combined BRL 85 M (approx SEK 250 M) in 2015 with good EBIT margins. The acquisitions will be accretive to EPS from start. The acquisition of Silvana is expected to close during Q4 2014. For more information, please contact:Johan Molin, President and CEO, tel no: +46 8 506 485 42Carolina Dybeck Happe, CFO and Executive Vice President, tel no: +46 8 506 485 72 About ASSA ABLOYASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with about 43,000 employees, operations in more than 70 countries and sales of about SEK 50 billion. In the fast-growing electromechanical security segment, the Group has a leading position in areas such as access control, identification technology, door automation and hotel security.

Afrobeats Phenomenon Fresh P Releases Latest Smash Single ‘Sweet Love’

Peter Ireyefoju, otherwise known by his mainstream pseudonym Fresh P, has gone viral with his latest video for single ‘Sweet Love’ ( ahead of its official release on 1st December. The artist’s 2nd solo single is set to take the UK afrobeats scene by storm, with an authentically fresh sound embracing African vibes and a rich blend of rhythms which makes anyone want to dance. Born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, Fresh P has harboured a passion for music since his childhood years with a dedication that kick-started his musical calling in 2003. Further on in his music career, Fresh P  formed the group ‘Kameleons’ where he performed as the lead singer releasing an afrobeats inspired album entitled ‘Keep on Trying.’ Having moved to England in 2006, he has since collaborated with a range of prestigious artists including Jaynorine of No Time Entertainment, Oggy Beats Music and an assortment of other UK based lyricists. In 2012 he unleashed his mammoth hit ‘It Is You’ directed by Uvi Orogun, which dominated Afro charts owing to its catchy chorus and funky theme. His latest offering ‘Sweet Love’ sees him team up with award winning video director Mr Moe Musa and includes vibrant cityscapes, energetic communal dance scenes and panoramic views of London at night. Shot in various locations across London, music lovers can catch sights of Piccadilly Circus, China town, notable tube stations and Waterloo Bridge. Fresh P said, “For me it’s important to keep music fun and engaging. ‘Sweet Love’ is a song designed to get people dancing and singing and overall just make them happy. Afrobeats is really about embracing the sounds of Nigeria and introducing them to the world. I hope to continue to do that with my music starting with my next release in a couple of weeks, which has already received rave reviews from fans.” Signed to Ever Fresh records, his videos have received a cumulative 11,357 plays on his reverbnation profile. Previous songs unveiled by Fresh P that have had fans dancing along include ‘Emujojo’ with its Arabic enthused backdrop and lulling love song lyrics and the drum beat background of’ Dangerous’ which is reminiscent of Fresh P’s native lands. “Fresh” is exactly what Fresh P is bringing with his new, catchy single. Watch the video directed by award winning director Mr Moe Musa here: To find out more about Fresh P and his Afrobeats inspired musical flavours visit

Changes to Gunnebo’s Group Executive Team

Sacha de La Noë has been appointed Senior Vice President for Region Asia-Pacific as of January 1, 2015. Sacha has been working for Gunnebo since 2005 in the positions as Director Global ATM Safes as well as Finance Director for Region APAC & MEA and Business Area Bank Security & Cash Handling. His current position is Sub-Regional Director for South East Asia. Before joining Gunnebo, Sacha has held leading management positions in Wilson Logistics/TNT Freight Management and Oriflame. Region Asia-Pacific consists of sales companies in 8 countries as well as a number of markets with representative offices and distributors. The Region accounts for 18% of Group sales. In 2013, it showed an organic growth in sales of 20% and an operating margin of 14%. In addition to his role as President and CEO of Gunnebo, Per Borgvall has been acting SVP Region Asia-Pacific. Sacha will now take on this position as of January 1, 2015. He will then also become a member of the Group Executive Team. Gunnebo’s Group Executive Team as of January 1, 2015: · Per Borgvall, President and CEO · Morten Andreasen, SVP Region Europe, Middle East & Africa · Sacha de La Noë, SVP Region Asia-Pacific · Tomas Wängberg, SVP Region Americas · Robert Hermans, SVP Entrance Control · Lars Thorén, SVP Operations · Christian Johansson, CFO and CIO · Magnus Lundbäck, SVP HR & Sustainability · Anna Almlöf, SVP Marketing & Service GUNNEBO AB (publ)Group Communications Gunnebo may be required to disclose the information provided herein pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication at 11.01 CET on November 21, 2014.

Extraordinary General Meeting 2014

CDON Group AB (publ.), the leading e-commerce group in the Nordic region, today announced that the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), held today in Stockholm, approved the company’s preferential rights issue, announced on 22 October 2014, and resolved to amend the Articles of Association including the change of the company name to Qliro Group AB (publ.). The EGM resolved to approve the Board's decision of 21st of October 2014 to increase the company’s share capital through a new issue of ordinary shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders. The rights issue is carried out in accordance with the conditions set by the Board of Directors on 17 November 2014: · Shareholders in CDON Group have preferential rights to subscribe for 1 new share per 2 existing shares. · The subscription price is SEK 13 per new share, which represents total rights issue proceeds of approximately MSEK 647  before transaction costs. · The subscription period is 28 November – 12 December 2014 with the possibility for the Board to extend the subscription period. · Up to 49,756,593 new shares will be issued, which will increase the share capital with up to SEK 99,513,186, at full subscription. · The record date at Euroclear Sweden AB for the right to receive subscription rights is 25 November 2014. The rights issue is fully guaranteed by Investment AB Kinnevik. Detailed terms for the rights issue will be available in the prospectus, expected to be published by CDON Group on or about 27 November 2014. The EGM also resolved to amend the Articles of Association's provisions regarding the company's name (to Qliro Group AB (publ.)), the object of the company’s business (to own and manage real property and movables, primarily through investments in businesses within the areas internet, online, e-commerce and retailing primarily with consumer brands and products as well as financing operations) as well as the minimum and maximum share capital and number of shares. Until the new Articles of Association have been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Sw. Bolagsverket), which will take place around 2 January 2015, the company will use the existing company name CDON Group AB. For further information, please visit or, contact:Paul Fischbein, President and CEOTel: +46 (0) 10 703 20 00 Questions from investors and research analysts:Nicolas Adlercreutz, CFOTel: +46 (0) 70 587 44 88E-mail: Questions from media:Fredrik Bengtsson, Head of CommunicationsTel: +46 (0) 700 80 75 04E-mail: The information in this announcement is such that CDON Group AB (publ) is required to disclose under the Securities Markets Act. This information was released for publication at 11:15 CET on 21 November 2014. About CDON GroupCDON Group is the leading e-commerce group in the Nordic region. Since the start in 1999, the Group has expanded and broadened its product portfolio and is now a leading e‐commerce player in consumer goods and lifestyle products through, Lekmer, Nelly (,,, Gymgrossisten (,, and Tretti. The group also comprises the payment solution Qliro. In 2013, the group generated 4.4 billion SEK in revenue. CDON Group’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Mid-cap list under short name “CDON”. Important informationThis press release does not contain or constitute an invitation or an offer to acquire, sell, subscribe for or otherwise trade in shares, subscription rights or other securities in CDON Group. Invitation to the persons concerned to subscribe for shares in CDON Group will only be made through the prospectus that CDON Group intends to publish at CDON Group’s website, following the approval and registration by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen) around 27 November 2014. The prospectus will contain, among other things, financial statements as well as information regarding CDON Group's Board of Directors. This press release has not been approved by any regulatory authority and is not a prospectus, accordingly investors should not subscribe for or purchase any securities referred to in this press release except on the basis of information provided in the prospectus to be published by CDON Group. In certain jurisdictions, the publication or distribution of this press release may be subject to restrictions according to law and persons in those jurisdictions where this press release has been published or distributed should inform themselves about and abide by such restrictions. This press release is not directed at persons located in the United States (including its territories and possessions, any state of the United States and the District of Columbia) (the ("United States"), Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan or in any other country where the offer or sale of the subscription rights, interim shares (Sw. betalda tecknade aktier) or new shares is not permitted. This press release may not be announced, published or distributed, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan or any other country where such action is wholly or partially subject to legal restrictions or where such action would require additional prospectuses, other offer documentation, registrations or other actions in addition to what follows from Swedish law. Nor may the information in this press release be forwarded, reproduced or disclosed in such a manner that contravenes such restrictions or would require such additional prospectuses, other offer documentation, registrations or other actions. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in a violation of the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") or laws applicable in other jurisdictions. In addition, if and to the extent that this press release is communicated in any European Economic Area member state that has implemented Directive 2003/71/EC (together with any applicable implementing measures, including Directive 2010/73/EC, in any member state, the "Prospectus Directive"), this press release is only addressed to and directed at persons in that member state who are "qualified investors" within the meaning of the Prospectus Directive and must not be acted on or relied on by other persons in that member state. This press release does not constitute a prospectus within the meaning of the Prospectus Directive or an offer to the public. In the United Kingdom, this press release is being distributed only to, and is directed only at (i) persons who have professional experience in matters relating to investments falling within Article 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005, as amended (the "Financial Promotion Order"), (ii) persons falling within Article 49(2)(a) to (d) (high net worth companies, unincorporated associations, etc.) of the Financial Promotion Order, or (iii) other persons to whom it may otherwise be lawfully communicated (all such persons together being referred to as "relevant persons"). This press release is directed only at relevant persons and must not be acted on or relied on by anyone who is not a relevant person. No subscription rights, interim shares or new shares have been or will be registered under the Securities Act, or with any other securities regulatory authority of any state or other jurisdiction of the United States and no subscription rights, interim shares or new shares may be offered, sold, resold, transferred, delivered or distributed, directly or indirectly, into or within the United States or on account of such persons other than pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to the registration requirements of the Securities Act, and in compliance with any applicable securities laws of any state or jurisdiction of the United States. There are no plans to register any securities mentioned in this press release in the United States or make an offer to the public in the United States.