Minister Carla Cannon writes debut novel, "The Power In Waiting" to others on how to not grow weary in their well doing.

Saint Louis, MO (March 1, 2013)- Have you ever felt like giving up? Were there ever times when it seemed as if God’s promise for your life was simply out of reach? Minister Carla Cannon knows what it’s like to be in that situation. She has written her debut novel, “The Power in Waiting” to encourage others not grow weary in their well doing.

In this book, Carla shares key principles on how to:

■ Understand Prophecy

■ Embrace Your Process

■ Discover Your Purpose

■ Learn How to Enjoy Being Single

■ Get Ready for Your Date with Your Destiny & more!

 “I share my struggles to let others know that no matter where they have been or have done, it is all a part of their process and if they will refuse to give up they will meet eye to eye with their destiny,” states Cannon.

 Carla also shares the art of patience and why it is vital in your life. This book is sure to bring about an understanding as it relates to your overall life and how to maintain your joy while waiting on God to fulfill every promise. Be assured that if God said it, He is going to fulfill it.

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About Carla Cannon

 Minister, author and Women of Standard & Men of Standard Magazines' Founder and CEO Carla Cannon, has been called by God for such a time as this, to dismantle the lies of the enemy that have robbed and  plagued the lives of men and women across this nation as it pertains to their true identity. The mandate and call on Carla Cannon's life is global, her assignment to empower, inspire and transform lives will impact nations. Carla is one whom the world will come to know and love because of her tenacity to never give up and encourage others along the way.



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