North Carolina Native Identifies “The Power in Waiting”

Greenville, North Carolina Author Carla Cannon invites you to an exclusive book launch

            (GREENVILLE, NC) March 14, 2013 – Greenville author Carla Cannon has announced that she will hold an exclusive book launch on March 30, 2013 at 7 p.m. to celebrate her debut book “The Power in Waiting”. The event will be held at Villedge Wood Fired Kitchen Bar located at 207 SW Greenville Blvd. from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

            Cannon’s new novel touches on many different Christian concepts such as understanding prophecy, discovering your purpose, embracing the process and much more! “The Power in Waiting” includes an important emphasis on learning the art of patience and why it is vital to activate in our everyday lives. As an Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Publisher and HIScoach (Christian Coach), Cannon’s motivation lies in spreading her thoughts on how to maintain joy while waiting on God to fulfill every promise along the way. Her personal journey remains a major part of the novel as she reveals her previous struggle and deliverance from the bondage of homosexuality, an abusive childhood, and self-esteem issues.

            The event will feature a host to conduct the event, inspirational poem by Author Tarinna Terrell (Washington, DC), Cannon’s discussion of her book, as well as a psalmist that will be available to  guests. Books will be available for purchase during this event and Ms. Cannon will personally sign them as well as take pictures with her guests.

This will be a semi-formal occasion and guests will also have the option of purchasing dinner as well as enjoying the official cutting of the cake which will be topped with Ms. Cannon’s book cover: “The Power in Waiting”!

 If interested in attending, please contact Lindsey via email at  or via phone at 877-493-7323 ext 713  by no later than March 23, 2013.

About Carla Cannon

 Minister, author and Women of Standard & Men of Standard Magazines' Founder and CEO Carla Cannon, has been called by God for such a time as this, to dismantle the lies of the enemy that have robbed and  plagued the lives of men and women across this nation as it pertains to their true identity. The mandate and call on Carla Cannon's life is global, her assignment to empower, inspire and transform lives will impact nations. Carla is one whom the world will come to know and love because of her tenacity to never give up and encourage others along the way.



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