ASEC MANUFACTURING TO BUILD FACILITY IN SOUTH AFRICA, INVEST IN FLORANGE, FRANCE, FACILITY Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma, August 31 - ASEC Manufacturing is investing U.S dollars 5 million to build a new exhaust catalyst manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, according to Guy S. Jones, managing director of ASEC Manufacturing. A catalyst is the key component inside a catalytic converter, which transforms smog-causing hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen to harmless gases. The investment of dlrs 5 million will fund new equipment, engineering and facilities to support the localisation of the catalyst plant in Por Elizabeth. The investment enables ASEC Manufacturing to secure new business and meet existing contracts in the region. ASEC Manufacturing is also investing dlrs 1.2 million in its Florange, France, exhaust catalyst manufacturing facility, Mr Jones said. The investment is for equipment and operations required to expand the Florange plant's catalyst operations. The expansion is necessary to meet the demands of several European vehicle programmes. ''These investments will allow us to better grow the business and supply our global customers,'' Mr Jones said. ''Investing in our facilities, equipment and processes will enable our people to become leaders in the automotive environmental catalyst business on a global basis.'' ASEC is a worldwide producer of catalysts for automotive and motorcycle applications. Headquartered in the Port of Catoosa, Oklahoma, ASEC employs more than 700 men and women worldwide. ASEC has manufacturing facilities in the Port of Catoosa; San Luis Potosi, Mexico; and Florange, France. It has engineering centres in the United States, Luxembourg and Japan, and sales offices in six countries. Contact: Burt Valanty, ASEC Manufacturing, tel Oklahoma +1 918 266 4839


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