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ASTRAZENECA LAUNCHES NEW 'ZOMIG RAPIMELT' A convenient 'Melt in the Mouth' tablet for the treatment of migraine Lisbon, 9 September, 1999 - AstraZeneca today announces the launch of new 'Zomig rapimelt', a convenient 'melt in the mouth' tablet for the acute treatment of migraine. The tablet melts within seconds on the tongue and enables patients to treat their migraine in situations where a drink of water may not be available. "For migraine sufferers, being able to take an effective treatment whenever and wherever a migraine headache starts is a big advantage." said Dr Alex Oldham, 'Zomig' Global Product Director at AstraZeneca. "New 'Zomig rapimelt' is a simple, convenient treatment for migraine. Patients can now have access to the rapid, long-lasting and reliable efficacy of 'Zomig' wherever they are when an attack strikes." Migraine is an extremely distressing, episodic, neurological disease which affects approximately 600 million people worldwide 1,2 and can cause significant disability. It can strike at any time and sufferers may find themselves in situations where finding a glass of water to take a conventional tablet is impossible. "The unpredictability of migraine attacks is one of the most distressing aspects of the disease," said Valerie South of the World Headache Alliance. "Sufferers need to have effective treatments to take control of their lives". Even between attacks, when the migraine patient is symptom free, the fear of the next attack can have a serious impact on the sufferer's life and force them to modify their behaviour accordingly . 3 "Many patients express concern that they might suffer an attack in awkward situations," explains Dr Sverker Nilsson, GP from Falkenberg, Sweden. " It is important that patients have treatments that they trust and find easy to take. The launch of 'Zomig rapimelt' provides doctors with an opportunity to prescribe an easy, convenient migraine treatment for patients." New 'Zomig rapimelt' has been developed with patients' needs in mind. It has a pleasant orange flavour and is a small tablet which research has shown patients like 4. Packaging features also make the product convenient for patients to take. 'Zomig rapimelt' is packed in a peel-back blister which can be carried in a small, discrete case to protect the tablets in a handbag, purse or pocket. Notes to Editors 'Zomig rapimelt' 'Zomig rapimelt is approved in Sweden, the reference member state for European approvals. 1 'Zomig' 'Zomig' (zolmitriptan) is a selective 5HT receptor agonist or triptan 1B/1D that is widely used and highly effective in the acute treatment of migraine headache with or without aura. A recent international study involving over 1,000 migraine patients (n=1046) shows that a single 2.5mg dose of 'Zomig' provides rapid and effective relief from headache. 14.6% of patients in the 5 study reported headache relief at 30 minutes and 26.5% of patients 6 experienced a reduction in non-headache migraine associated symptoms at 30 minutes. 95% of attacks treated with 'Zomig' 2.5 mg have a headache response 7 within 2 hours in the typical patient (as defined by the median response) . One tablet of 'Zomig' 2.5 mg provides relief for up to 24 hours in the 8 majority of responders . Migraine- An Unpredictable Disorder 2 Migraine affects approximately 10-15 per cent of the global population or approximately 600 million people. The prevalence of migraine peaks around the 9 age of 40 affecting sufferers during their most productive years and the condition frequently impacts on sufferers' quality of life. The social and psychological costs of migraine are hard to quantify but it is known that it 3 places considerable strain on relationships and careers . Even between attacks when the migraine patient is symptom free, the fear of the next attack can have a serious impact on the sufferer's life and force them to modify their 2 behaviour . More than half of sufferers say that their migraines interfere 3 with how they get on with family and friends . For further information, please contact :- Alison Horsfield Kirsty Walker / Jason Browning AstraZeneca Burson-Marsteller th From 11 September: Tel : + 44 (0)171 831 6262 Tel: +44 (0)1625 512899 Fax : + 44 (0)171 300 6283 th th Fax: +44(0)1625 516246 On 7 - 11 September: Mobile Tel: + 44 (0) 498 806 098 References; 1 World population projected figure from the US Census Bureau [as of 19/09/96]. 2 B.K Rasmussen, J. Olesen, Epidemiology of Migraine and Tension Headache. Current Opinion in Neurology, 1994; 7:264-271 3 Edmeads et al: Impact of migraine and tension type headache on lifestyle: consulting behaviour and medication use: a Canadian population survey, Can J of Neurol Sci, 1993; 20: 131-137 4 Adelphi International Research 1999 5 AstraZeneca Data on File No.54 6 AstraZeneca Data on File No.41 7 Rapoport AM, Sheftell FD, Purdy RA. Advanced therapy of headache. BC Decker 1999, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 8 AstraZeneca Data on File No 59 9 Lipton, RB; Stewart, WF; Migraine in the United States; A review of epidemiology and health care use. Neurology, 1993; 43: Suppl 3 S6-S10 1 'Zomig' is a trademark of the AstraZeneca Group of Companies. 'Zomig' is also known as zolmitriptan and by its compound number 311C90 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: