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To ensure its continued ability to offer cutting edge products to the world’s horticultural industry, bpi.visqueen is once again sponsoring a PhD student. The business, which ranks as Britain’s only large scale producer of horticultural films, is supporting Eslam Elfadly who is currently at Lancaster University researching what effects differing UV environments have on the growth and production of peppers. Eslam has just returned to Lancaster for the third and final year of his studies, having spent a first year at the University followed by a second year in his native Egypt. During these 12 months in Egypt, Elsam studied under the supervision of internationally renowned plant scientist, Dr Wagdy Sobeih. Dr Sobeih, who also acts as a horticultural consultant to Arid Agritec Ltd (bpi.visqueen’s Turkish and Egyptian distributor) said of Eslam’s work: “The research being undertaken by Elsam will undoubtedly prove beneficial to growers not only in Egypt, but further afield. By further developing our fundamental understanding of how fruit crops respond to altered UV light, his findings will enable us to more effectively manipulate this factor with resultant gains in terms of productivity”. Eslam’s work has also inspired the sponsorship of two other PhD students. Wael Semida and Hasan Bendres, who are currently at Reading University, are being sponsored by the Egyptian and Libyan governments respectively. Both sponsorships were brokered by Dr Sobeih. Wael is studying heat control in relation to the yield, quality and storage ability of lettuce and strawberries whilst Hasan will build on the foundations laid by Eslam and undertake further research into how fruit crops respond to manipulated UV light. Eslam’s sponsorship is just the latest in a series undertaken by bpi.visqueen. To date, the manufacturer has sponsored a total of four PhD students as part of its knowledge sharing partnerships with both Lancaster University and Reading University - two acknowledged centres of excellence in international horticultural research. In all cases, the sponsored students share their findings with bpi.visqueen who then draw on them to help shape new product development. Commenting on the business’ support of Eslam, Roy McAdoo, Commercial Director at bpi.visqueen, said: “We are committed to supporting highly promising PhD students at both Lancaster and Reading Universities as doing so delivers benefits for all involved as well as for the wider horticultural industry.” He continues: “We have built our reputation on offering high quality, technically advanced films that enable growers around the world to create their own climate of success and funding on-going research is instrumental in maintaining that capability. We want to ensure we are harnessing the very latest scientific findings so that people who use our products can most effectively manipulate levels of light, heat and UV and so maximise crop quantity - and quality.” -ENDS- Image: Eslam Elfadly.jpg Caption: The science of success. PhD student Eslam Elfady is being sponsored by bpi.visqueen as part of its commitment to developing cutting edge products.





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