New packaging offers maximum impact on shelf – with minimal impact on the environment.

bpi.films - the UK’s leading manufacturer of pallet stretch, shrink and converter films - has launched a new product that allows users to boost both their Point-of-Sale presence and their green credentials. Known as NOV8, the new shrink film looks set to be especially popular with brewers, soft drink manufacturers and other organisations that regularly employ multi-pack formats. NOV8 owes its environmental advantages to the fact that it’s a downgauged product that can be printed using solvent free plate making technology. Specifically, by drawing on its own advances in polymer science and extrusion technology, bpi.films has been able to engineer NOV8 to offer all the protection and performance of a conventional shrink film but from a thinner film thickness. This means users apply less film by weight to wrap a given pack and consequently, create less packaging waste. Plus, this reduced waste can even be recycled rather than sent to landfill as NOV8, like many other bpi.films’ products, is 100% recyclable. Meanwhile, the use of solvent free plate making technology in the production of NOV8 eliminates ozone damaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the process. This further enhances the film’s green credentials giving it an even bigger environmental edge over conventional alternatives. To ensure maximum on-shelf impact in today’s increasingly competitive retail environments, NOV’s solvent free production capabilities are also complemented by breathtaking optical properties. It has a high gloss finish and can be photo quality printed in up to eight colours for incredible image depth and vibrancy. Aside from its strong green credentials and impressive aesthetics, NOV8 also provides gains in efficiency. Its thinner profile means it is possible to wind more film onto a standard reel in comparison to a conventional thickness product. This greater length per reel not only helps to reduce delivery requirements and associated vehicle emissions, but also allows users to spend less time on ordering film and then dealing with it at goods inward. In addition, it enables more pallets to be wrapped with fewer stoppages for reel changes, maximising machine and operator time. Commenting on the addition of NOV8 to the manufacturer’s range, Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.films, said: “By drawing on the considerable experience, infrastructure and R&D capabilities afforded to us as part of British Polythene Industries plc, Europe’s largest manufacturer of polythene products, bpi.films has become a leader in the development of downgauged films. “NOV8 extends this track record and joins a portfolio of greener products that already includes downgauged stretchfilms, degradable films and compostable films. We are confident it will prove a great success thanks to its more sustainable nature and its ability to deliver superb aesthetics.” - Ends - IMAGES: NOV8.jpg CAPTION: Shrink film gets greener. bpi.films has introduced NOV8, a product that employs downgauging and solvent free production technology to offer a greener alternative to conventional shrink film.





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