Britain’s leading manufacturer of films for the construction industry has launched a new product range to help combat the issue of condensation with buildings. The Vapour Control Layer range from Visqueen Building Products is designed to provide an effective and total solution to this perennial problem which can have devastating consequences such as causing timber to rot and weakening the structural integrity of a property. Consisting of high performance elastomer membranes, the new Vapour Control Layer range works by providing a physical barrier that prevents water vapour created by the occupants of a building and their associated activities coming into contact with the colder air in wall cavities, roof spaces and under floors where it then condenses. The membranes are applied to the warm side of the thermal insulation and both loose laid and self adhesive options are available. To address the differing levels of humidity likely to occur within a property (which can be predicted using the method described in BS 5250), the range is made up of four systems offering differing levels of protection and catering for everything from domestic dwellings to buildings that house wet industrial processes. These four systems in order or performance are: • Visqueen Vapour Check • Visqueen Vapour Barrier • Visqueen High Performance Vapour Barrier • Visqueen High Performance Fully Bonded Vapour Barrier The new range also includes a full array of ancillary products like the high bond strength Vapour Tape, which is puncture, tear and cold weather resistant, and can be used to create an effective seal where the membrane has to be pierced, such as when electrical cables or other building services have to be accommodated. Commenting on the new range, Phil Bull, Technical Sales Director, at Visqueen Building Products, said: “So many day-to-day and commercial activities produce water vapour as a natural by-product that the threat of condensation within buildings is an ever present one. To compound the problem, the advent of thermally efficient buildings means this water vapour has fewer avenues of escape.” “We have developed the Vapour Control Layer range as part of our commitment to adding value to the construction industry in as many ways as possible. It’s an ideal means of protecting both people and property from condensation and its detrimental consequences such as the growth of mould and mildew, the rotting of timber and the corrosion of metal components.” More information on the new range can be found at - ENDS - Images & captions: Vapour control layer.jpg – Keeping condensation under control. Visqueen Building Products’ recently launched Vapour Control Layer provides a new solution to the problem of condensation within buildings.





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