New website promotes greener recycling for packaging sector

A new website is set to help manufacturers and users of polythene packaging dispose of their waste in a greener, more sustainable way.  has been launched by Europe’s largest polythene waste recycler, bpi.recycled products, to outline the impressive breadth of material it can recycle and to highlight the lower carbon footprint nature of its operations and its second life products.

Rachael Barton, marketing communications manager at the business, explains: “Today’s manufacturer and user of polythene packaging enjoy access to a greater range of recycling solutions than ever before. Many people may not fully realise the enormous variety of material that can be recycled or that different recycling options can offer different environmental advantages.”

She continues: “As a European market leader and an organisation with many decades of experience, bpi.recycled products felt it was important to take a lead in communicating this information. We also wanted to make our expertise and considerable infrastructure accessible to as many people as possible.”

Specifically, the new site outlines how bpi.recycled products has the ability to recycle 95,000 tonnes of waste polythene each year, including factory/process scrap, pallet stretchhoods, pallet stretchwrap, garment covers, shrink film, polythene bubble and foam, polymer bags and other polythene films that would otherwise be exported to the Far East. The business uses this waste to create a variety of recycled products including refuse sacks, outdoor furniture, landscaping products and building films.

These impressive capabilities ensure bpi.recycled products is perfectly placed to offer many organisations closed loop recycling solutions whereby it can recycle a customer’s waste before supplying the same customer with new products made from their own waste material.

The new site also outlines the recycling processes used by bpi.recycled products and its staunch commitment to recycling UK waste at UK facilities.

The business feels this approach is essential due to the reduced product miles and carbon footprint of the activity involved and of second life products created - and especially when compared to using offshore recycling capabilities in areas like the Far East. To this end, bpi.recycled products operates a network of strategically located sites across the UK, all with full Environment Agency or Scottish Environment Protection Agency approval.

The new site also makes it easy for people to stay abreast of the latest news, views and opinions from bpi.recycled products thanks to clear links to the business’ presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Rachael Barton concludes: “We’re confident will provide valuable information to organisations throughout the packaging sector, enabling them to recycle more of their polythene waste and in a greener way.

“Plus, its digital nature means it will always provide up the minute information on our offer as we continue to invest into our business and its recycling capabilities in order to keep pace with the sector’s evolving needs.”

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Images & captions:  BPI Recycling website.jpg: Contributing to a greener industry. To help the packaging sector recycle of more of its polythene waste in a greener way, bpi.recycled products has launched a new website outlining its extensive capabilities.

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Editor’s notes:

- bpi.recycled products is a division of BPI (British Polythene Industries) plc, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of polythene films, bags and sacks.

- manufactures a range of essential hospital products such as aprons and clinical waste sacks as well as specialist items like packaging and protective films, all made from polythene.

- During the course of its long and impressive track record in the sector, has become renowned for its expertise, its technical excellence and its ability to supply high performance, high quality film products.

- is a division of British Polythene Industries (BPI) plc, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of polythene film products.




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