About Us

Price Target Media (PTM) is a full-service investor relations agency specializing in retail investor outreach services that span email, direct mail, trade magazines and the media. We are a Top 100 IR Agency and one of only a handful that have been designated a Qualified Media Outlet. PTM works with a syndicate of financial newsletters across Canada and the United States that meet our strict criteria for quality writing, opt-in subscribers and adherence to securities rules and regulations. Every newsletter went through a two-month due diligence process before being selected. Recently, PTM hosted the first-ever financial forum for newsletter publishers in Las Vegas that proved a smashing success with over 50% of our Syndicate participating in the educational forum aimed at improving mail deliverability in order to better serve our clients. To read more about our Agency and the services it offers, please visit out website at: http://pricetargetmedia.com