Mobile ID client from Nerd integrated with EJBCA PKI from PrimeKey

London, UK, Stockholm, Sweden — May 31, 2012 — Nerd Labs, the Research and Development Department of Nerd Group of Services, and PrimeKey Solutions AB, the founder and commercial force behind the most downloaded open source PKI projects, announces the availability of Mobile ID.

PrimeKey, the world leading open source Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) company, and Nerd Group of Services, a multinational company specialized in Mobile Application Development and advanced software solutions, are starting a collaboration within this area.

This collaboration meets both companies’ intentions to deliver products and solutions in mobile identity, which complements the range of services that customer demands.

  • By collaborating with PrimeKey, we are expanding ourselves by offering an open-source mobile application that enables Mobile PKI services on Google's Android through a pure software-based implementation. Opposed to costly hardware security modules, Mobile ID ( utilizes open-source libraries providing on-board secure storage and sensitive data processing. This means that we can meet customers varying needs of different mobile identity solutions for electronic signature that can be integrated with our mobile client says Domna Filippakou, Managing Director of Nerd Group.
  • With PrimeKey’s PKI platform Nerd can deliver safe solutions in the mobile signature area. Business benefits are, reduced administration, secure communications, secure access and electronic identification to access business applications. We find that electronic identification rapidly increases, as customers choose to take the step toward offering their services online, says Konstantin Papaxanthis, CEO of PrimeKey.
  • Through the integration of our mobile identity client with PrimeKey’s PKI technology we offer customers a mobile client, which mainly reduces the administrative burden. The mobile client simplifies and guides the electronic signature in such a way that it becomes easy for the user to sign documents, says Domna Filippakou, CEO of the Nerd.
  • Collaboration with PrimeKey is a natural extension of Nerd's marketing strategy to provide solutions in the mobile signature area that provide clients with added value and benefits that are both cost effective and user-friendly and can be integrated with PrimeKey's PKI platform EJBCA, says finally Konstantin Papaxanthis .
  • For more information:

                Konstantin Papaxanthis, CEO, PrimeKey Solutions AB

                tel: +46 707252033, email:

                Domna Filippakou, CEO, Nerd Group of Services,

                tel: +30  6942011919 , email:

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