PICA Shareholder Collaborative-Activist proposes strategic alliances for Weight Watchers International (WTW) revenue building.

Princeton Ivy Capital Advisors (PICA), on behalf of its clients and its owner Indira Amladi, announces the following with respect to Weight Watchers International Inc. (WTW):


  1. PICA and its Clients are shareholders (or hold long options positions) of Weight Watchers Inc. (WTW).   PICA intends to play a focused and brief shareholder activist role in a friendly / collaborative manner to build revenue and profit.
  2. PICA believes Weight Watchers (WTW) stock is currently undervalued as it does not price in the deals (recently announced by Weight Watchers Inc.) with Humana and corporate employers.
  3. PICA is seeking to approach the Weight Watchers Board with a friendly gesture and seeks to engage directly with the CEO and Board of Weight Watchers in developing strategic alliances and revenue generating deals for the company.  Some of these may include licensing the Weight Watchers Brand and point system to major food companies, and / or introducing a franchising system to improve margins and reduce capital expenditure.
  4. PICA CEO Indira Amladi invites the Chief Executive Officer and members of the Weight Watchers Board to a meeting in May in order to develop strategic alliances for revenue.  PICA intends to focus on significantly improving the value of the Weight Watchers company.  PICA or its officers do not seek any compensation from the company and agrees to collaborate in a non-intrusive manner.
  5. Given that PICA and its Clients currently own shares of Weight Watcher’s Inc. (WTW), PICA will not engage in insider trading by making sure that in case any material non-public information is known in the future: it will be made public via press releases prior to any placement of Weight Watchers (WTW) trades.  This approach will be emphasized upfront in communication with the Board.

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