Priorclave to Launch Autoclave Teach-In Guide at Achema

In addition to a number of laboratory autoclaves on show by Priorclave on stand D37 - Hall 4.2 at the forthcoming Achema1exhibition the company is expected to announce the launch of a new step-by-step guide to choosing the next autoclave purchase.

At Achema (15th - 19th June 2015 Frankfurt, Germany) this British autoclave design and manufacturing company is showing examples from its mid-size front-loading autoclave which has a cylindrical 150 litre capacity chamber, a compact 60 litre top loading vacuum model and another larger top-loading laboratory autoclave.  They typify the consistent build quality that is maintained across the entire Priorclave laboratory autoclave range of benchtop, top and front loading and pass-through models available in a choice of cylindrical and rectangular chamber designs.

Visitors to the Priorclave stand will appreciate the build quality, a construction with frames and panels coated in a tough epoxy finish that is proven to reduce bacterial growth and is highly effective against MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Legionella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and over 50 other species, thus helping to eliminate cross contamination in sterile containment labs.

They will also see first-hand, how, using push-button technology programming of sterilising settings (Temperature and Time) is safe, secure and could not be easier.

For those eagerly awaiting the new free teach-in guide, Achema will be the earliest opportunity for prospective autoclave purchasers to collect their copy; more details will be released just prior to the opening of the exhibition on how copies can be obtained.

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About Us

Priorclave is one of Britain’s most successful laboratory autoclave manufacturers and has been responsible for a number of unique design innovations improving sterilising performance and operator safety. From its UK design, production and calibration centre it has created a standard range of more than 60 models including small benchtop autoclaves to large high capacity steam sterilisers. In addition it also offers a bespoke design and build solution for unique sterilising and installation requirements.Exporting to a worldwide customer base, Priorclave is now firmly established as a global brand and renowned for robust autoclave construction and reliability and supported by a dedicated service support centre.