Hat-trick of prestigious OEM approvals for revolutionary road force balancer

Mercedes-Benz has become the latest vehicle manufacturer to give its worldwide approval for the use of the new Hunter Road Force Touch advanced wheel balancing system in its franchise dealer workshops.

Launched just months ago, the approval is already the third of its kind for the Road Force Touch from a major vehicle manufacturer, following sign-off’s from the Volkswagen Group and BMW. Indeed, such are the potential service and revenue generation opportunities offered by the unique system, that further OEM approvals are also expected.

“To satisfy the ride quality and comfort levels being demanded by modern drivers, vehicle manufacturers are building increasingly sophisticated suspension systems on cars with ever tighter tolerances,” explains Paul Beaurain, managing director of Pro-Align, the sole UK supplier of Hunter wheel servicing equipment. “It’s therefore essential that their franchise networks are capable of replicating those same exacting standards in an aftermarket environment, returning the car to how the manufacturer intended. When it comes to ride quality and vibration issues, the Road Force Touch is the only tool currently available which is fully capable of helping in this quest.”

The Road Force Touch is a unique wheel balancing system that can be used to solve the most difficult wheel vibration and ride quality issues. To simulate a real life road test, a load roller is applied to the wheel and tyre combination as part of the balancing process. Stiff spots in the tyre are identified and matched with any low spots in the wheel rim, cancelling or minimising any wheel vibration issues.

Furthermore, the system can calculate any lateral force variation in the wheel and tyre assemblies and recommend the best on-vehicle position combination to minimise any drift or pull issues.

“Prior to the launch of the Road Force Touch, dealers simply had to rely on guesswork to try and eradicate those challenging vibration issues which can be the source of so many customer complaints,” continues Beaurain. “Thankfully, now this issue can be overcome in a quick and easy manner, using accurate diagnosis to deliver an optimum vehicle solution resulting in total customer satisfaction.”

Dealers investing in the equipment are expected to not only benefit from higher levels of customer satisfaction, but they are also expected to unlock a potentially lucrative new revenue stream by offering the service to other local workshops.

To arrange a demonstration of the revolutionary Road Force Touch system or to find out more about its powerful problem solving and revenue generating capabilities, visit www.pro-align.co.uk or call 01327 323007.

Pro-Align is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of wheel alignment and wheel service equipment. Its advanced systems are used by many vehicle manufacturers, franchised dealer groups, independent workshops, motorsport specialists and vehicle technology consultancies. Pro-Align is the sole UK distributor for the Hunter range of wheel aligners, balancers and tyre changers.

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